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#134 Leagues Q. Can I change leagues once I have drafted my team and joined a league?
  A. We can move you to a different league ONLY if:
  • The team you want to move is a full-season team
  • The league you're in has not had it's games scheduled already
  • There are openings in the league you want to move to
You'll need to fill out a customer support ticket to be moved (make sure to include the league you are in and the league you want to be moved to).

You may also request to have your team sent back to the Draft Center, at which point you can make roster changes and select a new league. Please note that if you remove your team from a league, there is no guarantee that you can get back into the same league.
#138 Leagues Q. How do I create a private league for my friends and I?

You can create a new Private League when you draft your team. When you start to draft your team, you will be prompted to select a league. One of the options is to create a New Private League. The Private League will have a League Number (e.g. NFL1000) which you will need to give to the people you want to invite.

They will join the Private League in the same manner, except they will select to join an Existing League and enter the League Number. This will allow them to join your Private League.

Please note that Private Leagues are restricted to the $60 million salary cap.

Private Leagues require 24 teams to start. You have 7 days to fill the open spots in your league with your friends. After 7 days, your league will be opened to the public to fill the remaining spots.

#139 Leagues Q. How do I join a private league that a friend of mine has created?
  A. When drafting a team, you will be prompted to join a league. Select the option to join an existing league and enter the League Number of the Private League (provided by the owner of the league). If there are still openings, your team will be added.
#140 Leagues Q. How will I know when my league is ready to start?
  A. As soon as your league is full, all team owners will receive an email notifying them that league play is ready to begin. Please make sure your email address is correct or you won't receive the notification.
#141 Leagues Q. Can I play in more than one league at once?
  A. Yes! While each WhatIfSports member may only participate in one Exhbition SimLeague within a 30 day period, but you may participate in as many full-season SimLeagues as you wish!
#144 Leagues Q. What's the difference between a "Private" league and a "Theme" league?

A Private League can only be joined by owners that are invited, but otherwise has no rules for the league different than an Open League. Theme Leagues may have varying salary caps and owner-created rules for teams. A private league is opened up to the public after 7 days.

Click here for a list of theme leagues

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