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#146 Coaching Options Q. What's the deadline for making coaching moves?
  A. Any coaching decisions must be made by 11:59pm EST for overnight games to ensure that your requested changes are used for the next scheduled game.
#150 Coaching Options Q. How does the depth chart work?

The depth chart allows you to indicate how much action a certain player gets. The SimEngine uses your depth chart to determine who gets on the field for each play. Players at the top of the chart will get into the game in an attempt to get reach their expected number of touches. Players will go out of the game if they are being used more than their Stamina allows or are becoming fatigued from playing. Players lower in the depth chart will come in when the higher depth guys need to come out.

Quarterbacks will typically play the entire game unless they are being overused, and if they do need to come out of the game, it will usually be on a drive change.

Also keep in mind that the offensive formation affects which players are in the game as well.

#152 Coaching Options Q. Can I set up a formation with no RBs to Always Run?

Rushing for WRs, TEs, and QBs is determined by the player's Rushing Stamina rather than your playbook. If you have no one on the field that has a high enough Rush Stamina, you will pass regardless of what the playbook says. Occasionally, you will get a WR or TE rushing, but it will be randomly determined based on game situations and your players' Staminas. Having more WRs with higher Rush Stamina will increase the chances and number of WR rushes, but never above 2 or 3 a game.

If you have a player that ran at RB-type levels, like Bobby Mitchell or Charley Taylor, they will participate in rushing plays. So in the case of a no-RB formation with one of these guys on the field, you could set them up to run. However, it will still limit the rushing if they are going over their pace.

#153 Coaching Options Q. What happens if I do not set my Depth Chart?
  A. If you do not set your depth chart, then players will be picked for each position based on their natural position and salary. It is recommended that you set your depth chart to ensure you get the players you want into the game.
#154 Coaching Options Q. What is Defensive Focus?

The performance of your defense depends mainly on their historical stats. The Defensive Focus is a way that allows you to bend their performance towards rush or pass for certain circumstances.

The defensive stats are an average over many games and many game situations, so it is not unreasonable to expect them to play tougher against the run, or pass, against some teams or for certain plays. The Defensive Focus settings allows you to say when they should be playing tougher.

Keep in mind, that you can't make a weak defense into a strong defense, and if you play tougher against the run, you will give up some against the pass, and vice versa.

#156 Coaching Options Q. What happens if I don't make changes at halftime?
  A. Nothing. Your original settings you made for the first half are carried over and used for the second half.
#158 Coaching Options Q. How do I save and load my own Playbooks?

On the Offensive Playbook page in the Coach's Office, you will find a Load Playbook section and a Save Playbook section at the bottom of the page. After settings a team's Offensive Playbook for all downs, you can then save that Playbook to one of your three User Playbooks. Enter the name for the Playbook and click the Save Playbook button. Select which of your three Playbooks you want to save using the drop down list. If you do not enter a name, it will take the name of the Playbook you are replacing.

To load a Playbook, select the Playbook you wish to load in the drop down list and click the Load Playbook button. You can choose one of the Standard Playbooks or one of your User Playbooks. Once the Playbook is loaded, you may modify it for that team by changing the plays and clicking the Save First Down Plays (or whichever down you are saving) button.

Note that changing a User Playbook from another source after loading it into a team will not change the team's Playbook. You must load the Playbook again for the team to get the updates.

#784 Coaching Options Q. Why did my team use a formation that is not in my playbook?
  A. Sometimes a team will face a situation where the engine is looking for a run or pass play specifically, so the engine is only going to pick a play that is set towards that play call. For instance, if the engine is looking for a running play and you have 2 plays set to "Heavy Pass" and 1 set to "Favor Run", the engine will select the one set to "Favor Run" as the play. If there is a case where all of the plays are set to "Favor Pass" or "Heavy Pass" then the engine will use a default play which may be a formation that is not set in your playbook.

The most common instance of this is when a team is ahead towards the end of the game and the engine flags the team to start running out the clock. It will then start choosing more run oriented plays. If the playbook contains only passing plays, it will use a RB2-WR1-TE2 formation and favor the run.

If you want to have a pass heavy playbook, but want to limit the plays called in these situations, place one play in your playbook for each down and distance that favors the run and is set to "n/a" for the Normal Playbook and set to a formation for the Two-Minute Playbook. This way it will not be called during normal play of the game, but will be available to be chosen when the engine is looking for a running play.

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