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Changes within the last 3003 days...


  • With the latest GD update we have pushed some bug fixes that have been an issue, the following issues have been fixed:

    1. PROBLEM: Advanced Depth charts were using the default depth chart if you had not saved your list. The confusion came because the list appears to be sorted correctly without saving it.
    SOLUTION: The updated login in the engine selection will use the same rating system as on the depth chart page. Now, regardless of what the user does, the depth chart page will correctly represent how the engine will use the depth charts.

    1.a. PROBLEM: Another depth chart issue was on kick returners, it would only select returners from the list of Wide Receivers had the depth chart not be saved.
    SOLUTION: The engine will now select returners as they appear on the depth chart from any position.

    2. PROBLEM: Fumbles appear to be returned for excessive yards on certain plays. The play by play report was misleading, most of these cases occurred during a long play that was fumbled at the end, but the play by play did not specify that. Also, the ball was recovered at a yard line that was not too far from the spot of the fumble.
    SOLUTION: On these plays, just as most other fumbles, they are not recovered closer to the spot of the fumble, and the play by play in these situations is more descriptive.

    3. PROBLEM: At the end of the second half, if the clock was already stopped with short time a team might not call for the Field goal.
    SOLUTION: Regardless of the clock state, the short time logic will choose an appropriate play call. (NOTE: The logic in determining the play call is still applicable. So there may be other reasons that a field goal attempt was not selected including but not limited too, max field goal range, current score, time outs remaining, etc.)


  • Adjusted Job Processing - Job applications do not start processing until 9 hours after the job period has begun.


  • Removed the season reservation requirement for Non-Conference Scheduling, Redshirts, and Rescinding Scholarships


  • Introducing WISCast for Gridiron Dynasty!

    WISCast for Gridiron Dynasty lets you watch a game as it happened.

    - Control the Playback - Click play to start the game, or pause to stop the simulated playback. Control the speed of a game using the speed functions, or jump directly to the second half if you have already watched the first half. In addition there is a next play button that allows you to jump directly to the next play at your own speed.

    - Field View - Watch how each play happened on a field view. The plays are distinguished by different images to represent run plays, pass plays, negative plays or kick plays. Also, each play includes the direction of the play and the down of that play.

    - Play By Play - View the play by play as it is happening in the game playback. The latest play is at the top, and the summary of the drive is included in the title. You can jump to any half to view the information and when clicking on the drive it will align the data in that drive with the view on the field view.

    - Last Play - Learn more about exactly what happened on the play by watching the last play. It will have more detailed information than the Play by Play about what transpired on a play.

    Avoid spoilers with the GameResults page


  • Core Changes
    New DIII Beginner Mode
    Intermediate and Advanced Modes at DII and above


    New Layout
    Added timeline to show status of season
    Added tasks to be performed each day

    Chat has its own page
    Now allows chat between conferences

    All of the Coaching pages have been redone

    Roster Page
    Added Roster View/Options

    Practice Plan
    Added default positional practice distribution categories for each position
    New layout makes it easier to read and increases the ease of access

    Depth Charts
    Added Drag/Drop functionality

    Game Plan
    New layout that makes it easier to read and added table below to summarize game plans easily
    Added current or next game overview to page so you can adjust game plans accordingly

    When creating a new playbook you are taken to a wizard to simplify the process of filling out all fields
    Added sliders and drop downs to page to change all values according very quickly

    New layout
    Added edit and view only modes
    One page to edit and update all of your formations

    Position Roles
    New structure with added view/edit mode

    Slightly reduced the amount of effort SimAI puts into recruits at the DI and DI-AA levels.

    Engine Changes
    Introduced a newer model of Fatigue. Fatigue is critical to how a game is played, and while there is still some refinements to be made over the next couple of weeks the new model will better represent fatigue.

    updated the play by play to include better description of whose covering, which line has the advantage, where the ball is thrown, who the penalty is on, and many more.

    patched an interception bug that made return yardage significantly less than it should be

    Fixed bug of fumbles and interceptions in endzone assinging the wrong score type

    Updated decline penalty logic to be more reliable

    Update 4th quarter decision making and time clock management to be more relevant


  • We're proud to announce the release of Gridiron Dynasty 3.0. The new version of our college football simulation game is a major re-write and is full of significant improvements and additions. Thanks to your suggestions and guidance we have incorporated many new features and improved upon the existing game engine technology.

    There are two parts to the latest update: A refreshed User Interface and a new Game Engine.

    The new User interface allows you to set up your team quickly and easily to get you ready for the season. If you are looking for more, it also provides added depth to allow you to control your team from the personnel on the field for a particular formation to creating or selecting a new game plan for most situations in the game. The new coaching section allows you to control each aspect of your team.

    The new Game Engine has changed the way it processes plays. Rushing and Passing systems have been changed to allow for a more realistic feel on each play. In addition, the expanded play-by-play will give you a better understanding of what occurred on each play. The focus has been placed on minimizing the decision points and allowing for a play to be determined more on the attributes and game planning than on luck.

    For more information, check out the update post on the Critical News forum.

    NOTE: Some UI changes will be noticed immediately. The majority of the changes will not be useable until your world rolls over to version 3.0. This will occur at the start of the coaching sign up for each world. Bryant and Yost will be the first two worlds that will rollover on Oct 23rd.


  • We have turned off the ability for players to declare early for the NFL draft. There are far too many players leaving that should not be leaving under realistic circumstances, so until we can review this feature and implement it better, we are not going to allow anyone to leave early.


  • Gridiron Dynasty has been updated:
    • Rescind unprocessed recruiting actions on recruit's profile History tab
    • Split offensive and defensive playbook selection
    • Display fatigue percentages for Rest Levels on depth chart page
    • Display rush distribution percentages on depth chart page
    • Reduction in pick 6 chances
    • Minimum reward points for DIA National Champion

    Check the forums for more details.


  • Gridiron Dynasty has been updated:
    • Formation IQs for players are now displayed on the Formations tab of the Team Profile.
    • Fixed a bug where Special Teams Rating was not being calculated correctly.
    • Fixed a bug where the engine was not using the Active Playbook's Basic Play Style for 4th Down calls.
    • Improved logic to decline penalties on 3rd down.
    • Fixed a bug that would not allow you to set special positions (e.g. Third Down Back) to None.
    • Improved 4th down logic to call more FGAs when in close range (FAQ update to follow).
    • Increased default Max FG setting from 45 to 54. Mostly affects Sim AI and new coaches.
    • Updated Player's Guide.


  • A new release has been pushed out with many changes, including Formation IQ, updates to the engine, updates to the Job Processing, and more. Please check the forum thread HERE for the details.


  • The Pre-season All-American Report has been updated to correctly show player images and to fix a few other display issues.


  • The recruit tab of the recruit profile has been updated to have a drop down list for campus visits instead of a checkbox. In various places throughout the game where teams and/or players are listed, your team and players on your team are now highlighted. The following new pages have been added: game log on the team profile, national champions (stats menu), player ratings (rankings menu), and team ratings (rankings menu).


  • The game engine will be updated following the conclusion of games today and the changes will take effect beginning with the games tomorrow, 2/18. This update includes the following: modification to the performance of players within the various formations to better represent formation advantages/disadvantages, corrects a bug with attributing starts to kickers and punters who do not play in the first half of the game, modifications to end game clock management, and modifications to turnover (fumbles and interceptions) frequency and determination. In addition to the game engine update, a change has been made to the recruiting framework. Now recruits will wait 72 hours (3 days) before they begin accepting/rejecting scholarship offers instead of 48 hours (2 days). The first cycle remains 24 hours (1 day) long with all subsequent recruiting cycles approximately 3 hours in duration. No change has been made to the overall length of the recruiting period. This change takes effect immediately.


  • The game engine will be updated following the conclusion of games today and the changes will take effect beginning with the games tomorrow, 1/14. This update modifies play duration/timing slightly, takes timeouts remaining more into account when making fourth down decisions to close out a game, updates some penalty accept/decline/enforcement situations, makes defenders more likely to take a touchback when forcing a turnover in their own endzone rather than running the ball out, modifies defensive coverages to get linebackers and safeties involved more frequently for TEs and RBs, and modifies how players are called for penalties to increase the impact of game instinct and technique ratings on these calls.


  • The beginning of the recruiting period has been updated to allow more coaches to make contact with recruits prior to the first round of responses from them. The recruiting period begins at 12:01 PM EST and in the past responses would be received for the first time about 3 hours later. After the update on 11/17, there was a short window that allowed for responses even sooner. This has now been changed. The first responses from recruits will not be received for 24 hours. This gives all coaches 24 hours to get their recruiting actions in prior to the first responses from recruits. No other aspects of recruiting have been changed and everything else will work exactly the same.


  • An update to the game engine is going out today following the completion of the games. It will be in effect for the games starting tomorrow. The update makes some changes in order to even out player performance and therefore reduce the number of major upsets. The changes will slightly increase completion percentage, reduce the number of sacks, reduce the number of QB scrambles, and reduce the number of interceptions in the passing game. These things will combine with a slight modification to receiver run after the catch ability to increase the yards per pass attempt. In the running game, we've made a modification to the distribution of runs based upon player ratings and matchups to better align with real rush numbers. This also serves to increase yards per carry for RBs. To further slow the rate of turnovers, we have also reduced the number of fumbles slightly.


  • The timing for certain game actions has changed due to the update yesterday. Games will still play at 2:30 AM (first half and exhibition games) and 2:30 PM (second half). The time for post game actions (scheduling post-season, practice, etc.) and recruiting actions has been changed. The post game actions will be performed around 3:00 AM and 3:00 PM. When you are recruiting, you will receive responses approximately every 3 hours at 3:00 AM, 6:00 AM, 9:00 AM, 12:00 PM, 3:00 PM, 6:00 PM, 9:00 PM, 12:00 AM. (All times Eastern.)

Please note: Release notes can become stale. Please rely on the product's Rules, FAQ and Player Guide for official details and information.

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