Hoops Dynasty Updates

Changes within the last 3090 days...


  • Updated cycle batch processing to run faster, particularly with game simulations.


  • We've released an update that changes the way seasons are handled. Previously seasons were tied to a single world but now users have a pool of available seasons. The pool of seasons is then used for renewing your team. There are two different ways to renew your team - by clicking the action to renew your team it will then set that team as reserved and pull one of your seasons from your pool of available seasons. Additionally, you can set the team to auto renew and when the renewal deadline is reached your team will automatically be renewed as long as you have seasons remaining.


  • Improved the mobile friendly dropdown menus


  • Modified main dropdown menus to work better on mobile. Touching the menu name will now leave the sub items visible instead of going directly to the default page of that menu. This change should not affect desktop behavior.
  • Fixed a bug where users who have not played before were not able to view team profiles.


  • Fixed a bug where anyone could see color-coded potential on the Ratings History tab of the player profile. Now a coach can only see that for his own players.
  • Updated quick jump menu with recent page additions (User Settings, Player Positions, and Draft Big Board).


  • Made the Draft Big Board page sortable
  • Added FT rating to the Ratings History tab of the player profile page.
  • Now showing color-coding for potential on Ratings History tab of the player profile page for both active players and historical players. This will only show up for historical players if they graduate from now on, as the necessary data wasn't being saved before.


  • Fixed a bug where recruited position rank on the player profile was showing the incorrect position for players who had changed position.


  • Added a Player Positions page (under the Coaching menu) that allows a coach to specify players' positions. This feature is available each season up until the day of the first regular season game.


  • Added a new Draft Big Board page (located under the Postseason menu). This page will show the current ranking of draft prospects using mostly the same logic as the actual draft.
    Note: team season success and player national awards can impact draft status and are NOT included in the ranking for this page.
  • Added a minimum win% restriction of .425 for selection into the Postseason Invitational.


  • Moved the "Season End" ratings history line from after offseason changes to before offseason changes.
  • Modified the depth chart page to only save the Substitution Method setting (Fatigue or Target Minutes) when the Save button is clicked. Previously, this setting was saved immediately upon clicking the option, which caused some unintentional changes.


  • Updated the FAQ page to pull information directly from the Knowledge Base. This will prevent that page from becoming out-of-date or no longer applicable.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing some past ratings history records to be overwritten with current ratings when they shouldn't have been. Unfortunately, existing data that had been stored over the past month or so was invalid, so it had to be deleted.


  • Added a tab to the player profile to show ratings history for the player. This will include a snapshot at the start and end of each season as well as current ratings.
  • Changed the Awards tab on the player profile to show by season instead of career totals.
  • Rebuilt the player profile for historical players (not on an active roster). It now includes a tab for ratings, stats (by season instead of just career), awards (by season instead of career totals), and ratings history. Note: season-by-season stats/awards and ratings history has only been saved recently, so older players will still show career totals for stats/awards and will not have any ratings data.


  • Greatly improved loading speed for Scoreboard page.


  • Added a User Settings page (located under the Office menu). Currently, there are two settings available: 1) a setting to turn player potential color-coding on or off on the team profile page, and 2) a setting to specify whether to use the standard "Total" or a player role formula for overall ratings throughout the game.


  • Added color coded potential to the Ratings view of the team profile.
  • Added an opponent stats table to the Game Log view on the team profile.
  • Added a roster view on the main Player Roles page to allow for quick viewing of different player role ratings.


  • Fixed an issue that in certain scenarios would cause recruits to delay signing until the end of recruiting even if only one team was considered.


  • Removed the requirement of a reserved season for redshirting a player for moving seasons among worlds.


  • Removed the ability to withdraw the following actions: Inform of Redshirt, Inform of Non-Redshirt, Promised Start, Promised Minutes. There were situations where submitting these actions had immediate consequences, so withdrawing was causing problems.


  • On the Team Profile - History tab, added SOS rank
  • Rearranged Top 25 rankings page to make it more compact like the RPI page, and also added a column for coach
  • On the conference RPI rankings page, made the conference name a link to that conference's standings page
  • On the Player Profile, added the player's recruiting ranking (by position) next to the name of the coach who signed him
  • Added FG% to the roster listing on the Depth Chart page
  • On the Coach Profile, added Win% next to the coach's overall, home, road, conference, and tournament records
  • On the Team Profile - Records tab, increased number of players to 25


  • Improved the logic to rank players for the NBA draft to provide better balance between the 5 positions. Also some players may be evaluated for a different position than their listed one if their ratings indicate a different natural position.


  • Reorganized some navigation menus. Items under the Archive menu are now under Office. A new Coaching menu has been added. The Forums menu is now a WIS menu and will contain all WIS-related links.
  • Removed the recruit message responses specific to international recruits. They will now pull from the same responses as any other recruit.
  • Added functionality to view past seasons on all of the conference tourney, NT, and PIT brackets and seeds pages.
  • Changed the rule that limits early entries once a team has lost 5 players. The rule will now only kick in if 6 players are lost. Also, transfers who only played one season for the team will not count in that 6.
    Note: This won't take effect until the next season that your world rolls over. For example, if you're in the middle of season 45, it won't take effect until the time of the draft at the end of season 46.
  • Modified the logic for how a player will react to a redshirt. It will be based on the player's class, his recruiting position rank, and how he ranks on his team (so if he's one of the worst on the roster he's more likely to accept it). Also, his reaction to it will always be the same as it was the first try for a given season. So there won't be any benefit to removing and applying it multiple times.
  • Removed booster gifts, psych report, and personality test from the recruiting options. The process to investigate booster gifts will still run normally to account for any actions done prior to this release.
  • Modified the logic that handles whether underclassmen will enter the NBA draft. The odds of a player leaving early will be based on the player's class along with where he's projected to be picked. There will still be a chance a highly projected player will stay in school, but those odds will be much less random.
  • Adding a new feature called "Player Roles". This boils down to a page where you can define any number of custom formulas that produce an overall rating from 0-100. These formulas can then be used on the recruit search page to order players based more on what you as a coach value instead of the standard overall rating. It's also available to use on the Recruit Compare popup page.
  • Changed the logic for determining a team's recent success as applies to prestige so that the weighting of the past 4 seasons will be spread out more evenly, placing less emphasis on the most recent season.
  • Improved the logic that ranks players for the NBA draft to address the issue of big guys being overvalued and also to give more emphasis to players from successful, high prestige schools.
  • Reduced the impact of baseline prestige and conference strength, and increase the impact of actual team success in the logic that adjusts prestige after the season.


  • Fixed a bug where the sidebar table listing conference tournament championships was not showing up-to-date information.


  • Fixed an issue related to job status changes being too harsh. This will only affect worlds going forward from this point. Already affected worlds should correct after next season. Please contact customer support if you were fired and don't believe it was fair.


  • Made the following tweaks to the postseason selection logic:

    - Increased value for winning the game

    - Less weight on opponent rank

    - Less weight on score margin

    - Less weight on last 10 games

    - Less weight on conference tournament results (those games are still included in the normal schedule results evaluation)

    Also, score margin is now being adjusted for the pace of the game, so a 50-30 margin is considered slightly more impressive than a 90-70 margin.

  • Improved new tournament seeding logic to better distribute teams from the same conference, preventing early round matchups.


  • Color coding for potential has changed from green/red to blue/orange to help out our color blind friends.
  • Redesigned tournament bracket pages, most importantly the conference tournament to make it easier to follow.
  • Fixed game dropdown menus to work in iOS 5.
  • Reorganized recruit signings page to allow viewing the top 200 for each division or viewing signings for any conference.
  • Slightly reduced the expected minutes of sophomores and juniors related to complaining about lack of playing time.
  • You'll now be warned when recruiting a player if your team already is at the max for that player's class.
  • Reorganized a few menu items and added a separate Postseason menu. Also added a new Projection Report page, which shows all teams and how they currently rank for the postseason.
  • Improved logic for player awards, both conference and national.
  • Reduced the amount of variance on player grades, so study hall minutes will have more impact on the resulting grades.
  • Improved logic for tournament selection/seeding. The new logic will go through each game and score it based on outcome (win/loss), opponent rank, opponent RPI, margin, and location (home/away/neutral).
  • Color-coded player potentials (like what you see in recruiting) are now displayed on the practice plan page.
  • Players deciding on early entry to the draft will now decide to stay if their team has already lost 5 or more players to graduation and early entry. Does not count walk-ons leaving.
  • Improved the logic for determining loyalty hit for changing jobs, most notably there will be less of a hit for a lateral type move.
  • Improved logic to calculate coach success to include more of a coach's history


  • Closed a loophole where players would not complain about promised minutes even though they should have been.
  • Closed a loophole where players would not complain about promised starts even though they should have been.


  • Reduced the number of time-outs called in a short time span at the very end of games.
  • Further improved logic on outcomes of last second possessions, to include fewer turnovers/fouls at the end of the game.


  • Adjusted assist odds for a team to create more separation between good passing teams and poor passing teams. This does not change the impact of passing on FG%.
  • Added an individual player matchup component to rebounding, so that a mismatch will produce better numbers from the player with the advantage. This will in turn create a little more separation between the truly good rebounding teams and poor rebounding teams.
  • Adjusted the distribution of players available for the different divisions/prestiges to better match the distribution prior to the 5/12/2010 release. In particular there were too many recruits slotted for the DII level and not enough at the lower levels of DI.

    Note: This does not change the actual ratings of the players, it just affects what schools a particular quality of player will consider and so affects also what recruits will show up in the search for a school.
  • Added a small bump to the average max value for most ratings for recruits. This will only affect recruits generated after today's release.
  • Broke up the Scoreboard page by tournament (e.g. DI NT, DI PI, etc.) for postseason games. Also added a note at the bottom of game capsules to indicate the type of game.


  • Engine Changes (applies to games in all worlds starting 2/3/11 PM)
    • Fixed a display bug where a player on the wrong team is listed as running out the clock
    • Minor improvements to some last second logic
    • Improved logic on outcomes of last second possessions, to include fewer turnovers/fouls
    • Slightly lowered FG% on last-second shots
    • Increased steals (does not increase turnovers, just percentage of turnovers that are steals)
    • Fixed a bug where in certain situations centers were being incorrectly favored to get rebounds
    • Lowered 2-point and 3-point FG% across the board
    • Small reduction to fatigue rate
    • Improved timeout logic
    • Double teams are now re-evaluated each possession instead of only on lineup changes to account for the leading scorer changing
    • Assists raised significantly
    • Adjusted distribution of assists by position
    • Fixed a bug where tempo was not reverting back to normal settings at the start of OT if the engine had adjusted it late in regulation
  • Recruit Generation Changes (applies only to recruits created after 2/3/11)
    • Reduced average FT grade for new recruits
    • Increased averages for most individual ratings across the board to raise the overall average
    • Added a fix so that recruits won't be generated with very low start rating and average/high potential
  • On the Conference tab of Player and Team stat Leaders "Only Conference Stats" now defaults to off instead of on


  • Added Team Ratings and Player Ratings pages under the Rankings menu to view player/team ratings with various sort/filter options.
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to save the depth chart with the same player listed as a starter in multiple positions.


  • Player conference awards will now be based on stats compiled during conference games only instead of total season stats.
  • Added the ability to toggle between full-season stats and conference-only stats on the Conference tab of the team leaders page.
  • Made several minor logic fixes/improvements based on tickets/feedback.


  • Added the ability to toggle between full-season stats and conference-only stats on the Conference tab of the player leaders page.
  • Added the ability for a coach to immediately return to his team during the job period after failing to renew as long as no other coach has applied to that job and of course you weren't fired from the job. There will be a message on the Job page if you fail to renew in time.
  • Modified the recruit profile page to be viewable for coaches who are not in that world.


  • Greatly reduced the odds of a player getting his own offensive rebound if the shot attempt was a 3 pointer. Also, removed any chance that a player can tip in his own missed 3 pointer.
  • Made a small tweak to distribution of turnover types to reduce odds of offensive fouls a bit.


  • Made some improvements to the gameplanning pages to better handle errors and prevent incorrect settings from being saved.


  • New engine version with the following tweaks:
    • reduced single-game variance on rebounding
    • reduced single-game variance on shooting
    • reduced single-game variance on fouls
    • reduced single-game variance on turnovers
    • reduced single-game variance on free throw shooting
    • changed the performance hit from fatigue so that it won't be as linear, but instead performance will decrease more rapidly as a player gets tired
    • reduced offensive rebound odds on free throws
    • various minor logic improvements

    The end result should be that single-game results match more closely to what you would expect and there will be fewer upsets. There will still be upsets though, so don't expect to win every game you're favored to win.

    This will affect all worlds immediately.


  • Fixed a bug where certain long messages would not post correctly in the conference chat.


  • Improved the top 25 rankings logic to give extra weight to postseason games. This should lead to much more realistic rankings during and after the tournament. Regular season will remain the same.


  • Made a change to allow recruiting responses to process first for each cycle (including game cycles). Games will run after that.


  • The issue with delayed game simulations has been fixed. Simulation times for games will now start at 2 am/pm ET. Other processes, such as recruiting responses, will run after the completion of games.


  • Tweaks to the new engine:
    • Reduced the effects of home court advantage
    • Reduced the extreme number of fouls generated by player mismatches
    • Reduced the extreme number of turnovers generated by player mismatches
    • Slight increase to 3pt shooting percentage
    • Increased the impact of defensive positioning on shooting percentages
    • Increased the frequency of putback attempts on offensive rebounds
  • Improved the agent feedback on the job page with regards to loyalty and reputation requirements. You will now see clearly whether those areas will prevent you from getting a job.


  • Made some tweaks to shooting percentages. The main difference you'll notice is a reduction in the extreme 3pt shooting for certain players.
  • Increased # of recruits generated in Puerto Rico and Mexico.


  • For the new engine, made an adjustment to the number of 3-point shots players will take compared to 2-point shots. The most obvious change will be fewer 3's by players with much higher LP than PER, and more 3's by players with high PER and low LP.


  • Bug fix: Non-qualifiers were not getting credit for study hall minutes in worlds using the new engine. I've corrected those minutes and adjusted up the mid-term gpa for any of them below 2.4. To clarify, this only affected non-qualified freshmen.


  • Tweaks to the new engine:
    • Slightly reduced the impact of IQ on performance
    • Improved the effect that defensive positioning has on the location of opponent shots
    • Improved logic to get the ball to better shooters when the team needs a 3 late in the game and avoid guys set to -2 3pt frequency
    • Increase fatigue recovery at halftime
    • Minor tweaks to player matchup effect on rebounding
    • Tweaks that should reduce fouls some



  • We've made a change to the prizing system. The new details are as follows:
    • Lose opening round game: $3 in credits
    • Lose second round game: $5 in credits
    • Lose Sweet 16 game: $10 in credits
    • Lose Elite 8 game: $15 in credits
    • Lose Final Four game: $20 in credits
    • Lose Championship game: 4,000 reward points
    • National Champion: 6,000 reward points

    Most importantly, this change allows us to remove the reduction in rewards for previous postseason appearances. So there is no longer any penalty for a coach who wants to stay in DII or DIII and build a dynasty there instead of moving to DI.

    The credit amounts are pretty much equivalent in value to the rewards in the previous system. These credits are for HD only and will expire after one year. The reward points for making the championship game remain exactly the same as before.

    This change will only affect leagues once a new season starts, so any season that has a signup deadline after 3/10/2010 will use the new system, otherwise the old system will be used.


  • Added a new action link on the history tab of the recruit profile popup page which will allow you to withdraw a recruiting action as long as it's still pending.
  • Added a Mark As Read button to the inbox page. You can click the checkbox next to multiple messages and click this button to mark them all as read at one time.
  • Added a new action link on the job application page which will allow you to withdraw an application as long as it is still pending.

Please note: Release notes can become stale. Please rely on the product's Rules, FAQ and Player Guide for official details and information.

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