SimLeague Baseball Updates

Changes within the last 3070 days...


  • Made some changes to account for a recent update to Microsoft Edge breaking certain pages.


  • Fixed a waiver claim bug where we were not permitting the addition of a player to a team if the team also owned a prospect that was derived from the same player.


  • Restarted the LIVE service. Based on data submitted by users, it appears the 1/11/2013 update to fix increase in OF errors did not take.


  • Engine fix for OF fielding. Transposed number in 12/31 update caused a small drag on OF defense.


  • Engine fix pertaining to players moving to another position as part of defensive replacement. Missed the check to make sure player leaving game as part of position move was allowed to exit for a defensive replacement (player setting). Thanks to rejthegreat for the discovery.


  • During dire situation (i.e. trailing in final inning), manager will evaluate PH/PR setting before lifting his only catcher or shortstop. This will prevent situations where team comes back to tie or take lead, then must play player out of position at key position. Will still occur if aggressive or very aggressive.
  • Logic will now consider shifting a player's position in order to lift another player for a PH/PR. Will only occur if manager has aggressive or very aggressive PR/PH setting.
  • Improved stolen base attempt logic. Previously, a hard SBA% cutoff was in place based on a myriad of factors. The hard cap has been removed in favor of a linear cap so that players who, for instance, when 12-13 in real life will now attempt some steals. Based on testing, this results in a ~10% increase in stolen base attempts including a 6% increase in successful steals and 15% increase in runners caught stealing.
  • Improved defensive replacement, double-switch and injured fielder replacement logic. Manager will now try to put best defense on field instead of performing a 1-for-1 swap at each position. for example, you may now see a defensive replacement enter at CF and the previous CF shift over to LF.
  • Boxscore has been modified to show a player's original and final position to help better track in-game position changes.
  • Improved PH/PR logic. Previously, manager would get into bad situation when using a 2nd or higher PH/PR in same inning. He'd earmark a player to enter at 2B but later earmark same player to enter at SS, for instance, and then team would be stuck with a player out of position. Manager is much smarter now and won't PH/PR unless all positions are covered with available players in hierarchy.
  • Improved relief pitcher selection for tie games in 7th or later when closer should not enter, manager now looks at specialists before setup pitchers. Previously, specialists were being looked at after setup pitchers in this situation.
  • Improved PH logic when team with a small lead late in the game is in a non-crucial situation. Manager will no longer PH for a strong defensive player when backup is defensively inferior.
  • Improved PH logic regarding pinch-hitting for relief pitchers. If a non-crucial situation, manager will evaluate current pitcher's pitch count vs target pitch count along with available relievers. If it's best to keep RP in game so he can pitch another inning or two, he will hit for himself. This will prevent situations where stud reliever only throws a handful of pitches, is PH for, and then a LR or mopup is forced to enter next inning half.
  • Improved logic for double-switches, pinch-hitting and pinch-running. Previously, manager didn't really consider other players in lineup when making decisions. Now, there's a chance a player will move to another position (if in hierarchy) to accommodate a PH or PR entering the game.
  • Added double-switch logic during inning. If new relief pitcher enters, evaluate if double-switch should occur based on game situation and appropriate hierarchy. This won't happen often as rest or defensive replacements would have typically already occurred.
  • Improved pinch-hitting logic for late/close situations. Previously, some hard cutoffs (based on managerial setting) were preventing many candidates from being lifted during dire situations when a much better hitter was available on bench.


  • Fixed a player search bug where pressing "Enter" in Chrome would trigger a Save Search instead of the expected Search functionality. Thanks to frozen_rope for helping us track this one down.


  • Added option to Theme League Wizard that allows author to use a custom salary cap for the league.


  • Corrected a minor bug involving a theme league setting and player clones. For themes using Team Rules for individual players, if the No Clones setting was chosen a team could still add a clone via waivers or trade. This loophole has been closed.


  • Put out a minor engine patch that adjusts success rate for suicide and safety squeezes in live play for when the infield is in and/or when runners are being held on. The success rate has been substantially lowered.


    • Improved logic for yanking starting pitcher at the plate for a PH after allowing 1 or 2 runs in the previous inning half but 3 or fewer for the entire game. We now give a little more rope before yanking for performance reasons.
    • Improved logic for yanking pitcher after allowing run while in field with 2 out and nobody on base (i.e. run scoring sac fly or home run). If very patience or patient setting, manager will now be a little more lenient.
    • Improved logic for going with LongB/Setup B before LongA/Setup A when 7th inning and trailing by 5 or more runs.
    • Added link to show full boxscore at bottom of play-by-play when reading play-by-play only (My Recent Games page).


  • The 2010 Teams and Players are now available!
  • We have updated ballpark factors for all parks that have been introduced since Coors Field. We have added Target Field. We have also updated the number grade ratings for all parks to bring them back into good distribution. The underlying values have not changed.


    • LIVE: fixed a crash bug where user would PR, shift position of PR to other position, and other position player to PR original position all in same move.
    • Engine: pitcher and catcher now receive SBA for both runners of double steal
    • Engine: runners now advance only one base when outfielder drops a routine fly ball with < 2 out
    • Engine: improved logic for pinch-running for a DH (had not been accounting for the fact anyone on bench could DH in future innings)
    • Engine: Eased the speed comparison when looking to go with PR in 9th or later
    • Engine: improved logic for perfect game detection when lone runner(s) reaches on error
    • Engine: Improved relief pitcher logic when two or more pitchers eligible to enter. Now looks at fatigue difference of > 20 for selection purposes before looking at stats. For example, a pitcher with fatigue of 90 will now be chosen over a pitcher at 60 even if pitcher at 60 has better stats.
    • Engine: Improvement to logic for picking which Pinch-Hit hierarchy chart. will now go with contact when 1+ outs, runner(s) in scoring position, can tie or take lead with runners.


  • Bug fix: We introduced a bug on 1/15/2010 where open leagues were not re-aligning properly. This has been fixed today.

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