SimLeague Hockey Updates

Changes within the last 3230 days...


  • Made some changes to account for a recent update to Microsoft Edge breaking certain pages.


  • League founders may now set the salary cap to any value between 20 and 250.


  • The 2016-17 players are now available for SimMatchUp and SimLeagues!


  • The 2015-16 players are now available for SimLeagues!


  • The 2015-16 teams & players are now available for SimMatchUp! Players will be available for SimLeagues when the playoffs are completed.


  • The 2014-15 players are now available for SimLeagues. Enjoy!


  • The complete downloadable player database has been updated with the 2013-14 players.


  • 2013-14 Players and teams are ready! We apologize for the delay. Strength of division is a factor, so due to the NHL realignments, we had to rework some of our defensive and goalie formulas. Enjoy and thanks for your patience!


  • 2012-13 players are now available for SimLeagues! The downloadable player database has also been updated.


  • 2012-13 SimMatchUp teams and players are available! Give us just a little longer to finalize the SimLeague players. Thanks!


  • Added an option to mute owners in hockey league forums. This can be found in the User Preferences page or by clicking the "Mute Owners" link at the bottom of each league's forum.


  • The 2011-12 players and teams are now available for SimLeagues and SimMatchUp!


  • Fixed a bug in the All-Star goalie selection process. (thanks sidder)


  • 2010-11 players are now available for SimLeagues & SimMatchUp!


  • Fixed issues with records not being saved. If you are in an open league, you break a record and you do not see the records updated within 24 hours of the Stanley Cup playoffs ending, please send us a support ticket. Thanks to all who reported these issues and we apologize for the time it took us to finally isolate the problems!


  • Fixed some long overdue issues with draft centre blacklisting.
    • Blacklists can now contain more than 255 items
    • Blacklists are no longer deleted when exiting and re-entering the same league
    • Blacklists are no longer deleted when changing league types while drafting (i.e. changing from starting a new theme league to starting a new dynasty league)
    • Improved player search performance in leagues with large blacklists
    • When a team already containing drafted players enters a league with a blacklist, any ineligible players will automatically be removed from the team
    • Fixed formatting on blacklist-related pages


  • Fixed a minor issue with OT losses not always being correctly factored into the "Last 10" record on both the standings and team profile pages (thanks m_christophe).


    • Added 2009-10 Players
    • Several player database corrections, including:
      - Red Kelly is now a defender for the correct seasons
      - The Steve Smiths playing for Edmonton and Philly in the 80s are now correctly separated
      - A combined version of the 1978-79 Bob Murdoch is now available
      - Dit Clapper is now a defender for the correct seasons
      - Ebbie Goodfellow is now a defender for the correct seasons
    • Updated the downloadable player DB, found here
    • Added a ton of new and missing arena data (thanks SAKABAKBRG)


  • Minor update for progressive/chain league players -- when building your team in the draft centre, the player search can now be sorted by season, in addition to the stat categories that have been previously available. (Thanks aurum)


  • A few noteworthy minor updates: We've fixed some problems with NHL Dream Teams drafting (thanks aceemx2) and also fixed some annoying Javascript errors in the draft centre for IE6 and IE7.


  • Attention stat-o-holics! We've added a new feature to SimLeague Hockey that easily allows you to convert stats tables into comma separated value (CSV) format for exporting and saving. In the upper-right corner of stats tables, click the green and white CSV icon to switch the table to CSV format. Then highlight the stats portion, copy and paste it into a CSV file. Check it out in any team's profile or the team rankings page once your league has started!


  • We have a few minor changes to report. First, we've fixed the bug where finished teams in chained leagues would always show on the My Locker page, no matter how long ago they finished. We've also cleaned up Hockey Dream Teams, showing better stats for hockey players. A bug that didn't clear out the draft board between dynasty league seasons has been fixed. Some style fixes for older browsers have also been added.


  • Players of the Month! As you may have noticed recently, your leagues might have headlines about "This Month's Best". We've added a new feature to SimLeague Hockey that will post an article in your league each "month" with the top players (skater, goalie and rookie). We say "month" with quotations because we're equating 8 real life days (16 games) to a month in SimLeague time. So you will see these articles posted every 8 days. Enjoy and as always, thanks for your continued support!


  • SimMatchUp Update -- The free NHL SimMatchUp is now using SimEngine 4.0 for its games! This also means you'll see shootouts instead of ties, unless you simulate a game in playoff mode. We've also fixed the page crashes when trying to simulate games with user-created SimLeague teams. This feature should now be working unless the SimLeague team has an invalid roster.

    Try the new SimMatchUp now!

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