SimLeagues Live Known Issues/Solutions

Java Plug-in

Most settings and procedures can be found on the Java Plug-in Help Page. Please check here first for the most comprehensive help in running and installing the Java Plug-in.

Clearing Old Versions
If you are getting errors when running the applet, the game freezes or only runs to a certain point, you may be running an old incompatible version of the applet. To refresh the applet and get the latest version, you will need to clear your Java Plug-in JAR Cache.
  • WINDOWS: Open your Java Plug-in Panel from the Control Panel. On the Cache tab, click the Clear button.
  • MAC: Open the Java Plug-in Settings under Applications/Utilities/Java. On the Cache tab, click the Clear JAR Cache button.
  • Windows

    Internet Explorer - Settings
    If you are getting messages about ActiveX when you try to install or run the Java Plug-in, then you may need to check your security settings in Internet Explorer.
  • Open your Internet Options under the Tools menu.
  • On the Security tab, click the Custom Level button to open the Security Settings. You may also set security to Medium instead of setting individual settings.
  • Make sure "Download signed ActiveX controls" is set to Enable or Prompt.
  • Make sure "Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins" is set to Enable or Prompt.
  • Scroll down to the Scripting section. Make sure "Scripting of Java Applets" is set to Enable or Prompt.
  • Close your Security Settings by clicking OK.
  • On the Advanced tab, make sure the option under "Java (Sun)" is checked.
  • Close your Internet Options by clicking OK.

  • Internet Explorer 6.0
    There is a known issue with some versions of IE 6.0 where the browser will not correctly use the Java Plug-in. If you are using IE 6.0 and the applet does not load, then you should try manually re-installing the Java Plug-in.
  • Go to
  • Click on the "manual download" link below the "Get It Now" image
  • Select and download the .exe for your operating system
  • Run the .exe to install the Java Plug-in
  • Re-boot your machine and try the applet again

  • Macintosh

    OS 9
    Mac OS 9 does not support Java 1.3, which is required to play SimLeagues Live. If you would like to play, you must upgrade to OS X, which supports Java 1.3 out of the box. It appears that Apple and Sun plan on only supporting future upgrades to Java in OS X and not in OS 9.

    Other Issues

    If you are still having problems or would like to make a comment, please submit through the Customer Support Center.