Theme League Wizard Help
Owner Rules
Owner Restrictions: The restrictions limiting user participation within the theme league.
All Owners: Any user may join.
By MLB Owner Rating: Only users with an MLB SimLeague Rating falling within the specified range may join.
By MLB Winning Percentage: Only users with an overall MLB SimLeague Winning Percentage falling within the specified range may join.
By MLB Championships: Only users with a total of MLB SimLeague League Championships falling within the specified range may join.
By MLB Teams Owned: Only users with a total of full-season MLB SimLeague Teams falling within the specified range may join.
By MLB Live Rating: Only users with an MLB Live Rating falling within the specified range may join.
League Rules
Multi-Season Leagues: Should the league take advantage of "chaining"? Progressive leagues are the best fit.
League Format: How many teams, divisions, playoff teams, etc. should the league have?
Team Salary Cap: The maximum total salary for each team (excluding AAA players).
Roster Restrictions: The restrictions limiting the player pool and/or roster configuration for use throughout the league.
None: Teams can be composed of any player from any season, city, franchise, etc.
League-Wide: Every owner must build his team using the same set of rules.
Each Owner Chooses: Each owner is allowed to select his own roster rules from a predefined set of rules.
Team Rules
Roster Restrictions: The restrictions defining how each team's roster should be built.
None: Owners may build their roster any way they see fit.
Team Total: Each team's group of position players and pitching staff must satisfy a list of requirements.
Individual Player: Every position player and pitcher must meet individual requirements.
Whitelisted Player List
Player List: The set of player-seasons permitted for use in the theme league.
Show Whitelist: Should the list of players and the drafting owners be displayed in the Draft Center? This can prove very helpful for Progressive League drafts.
Blacklisted Player List
Player List: The set of player-seasons not permitted for use in the theme league.
Ballpark Rules
Ballpark Restrictions: The restrictions defining the rules for ballpark selection.
All Ballparks: Any ballpark is available for use in the league.
Based on League Restrictions: The ballparks available for each user depends on how the league restrictions were set. This includes Season Range & City/Franchise/Team for 'League-Wide' rules and Franchise & Season Range for 'Each Owner Chooses' rules.
30 Active Ballparks: Only the 30 active MLB ballparks are available.
From Specified List: Only the ballparks from a predefined list are available.
Enforce Uniqueness: If possible, every owner in the league must choose a unique ballpark.
Player Draft Settings
Draft Usage: Use a live player draft or the standard drafting style?
Player Restrictions: Should the same player or player-season be allowed in the league?
Player Replacement: Should users be allowed to replace a drafted player at a later time in the draft?
Draft Order: How should the order of the draft be generated?
Draft Style: How should the draft order change at the end of each round?
Daily Start Time: What time should the draft begin each day (Eastern Standard Time)?
Daily End Time: What time should the draft end each day (Eastern Standard Time)?
Time Limit: How much time should each owner have to make their selection(s) in each round?
X Picks Per Round Starting in Round Y: How many selections should each owner make per round starting in what round?
Force Time Limit: Should the time limit maximum be enforced between each owner selection?
Send Email: Should users receive an email when it is their turn to pick?
Send SiteMail: Should users receive a sitemail when it is their turn to pick?
Start Date: On what date should the draft begin? If the league is not filled by this date, it will start 2 days after the last owner joins.
League Settings
Private League: Determines whether the league should be visible for all users to see in the Available Theme List.
Designated Hitter: Determines whether the pitcher should hit for himself or not.
Allow Waiver Wire: Should teams be allowed to grab guys off the waiver wire during league play?
Allow Trades: Should teams be allowed to wheel and deal during league play?
AAA Position Player Count: How many position player prospects should be generated for each team?
AAA Pitcher Count: How many pitcher prospects should be generated for each team?
AAA Selection: Do you want to draft your own AAA prospects or do you want them to be created? If it's a multi-season league, the "Progressive" options allow you to draft from the entire player pool with generated prospects based on the AAA Player Quality setting.
AAA Player Quality: What quality of player should the AAA prospects be?
Promote League: Should WIS promote the theme league to other users?
Use Transaction Deadline: Should the league enforce the traditional transaction deadline? If no, then the deadline is the last day of the regular season.
Allow Injuries: Can players get injured during games?
Minors Salary Cap: Should a salary cap of 10% of the league salary cap in AAA be enforced? I.E. If the league salary cap is $80 million, a team could have $8 million at most in AAA.
Randomly Align League: Should the league be randomly aligned when scheduling the league?
Vetoes Needed to Stop Trade: How many vetoes should it take in order to veto a trade?
Verify Before Schedule: Does the commish need to verify rosters before a schedule is generated?
Cash Influx: Will teams receive an influx of cash during the season? If so, after what game on the schedule?
Live - Limit Play To Series: Should Live Play be limited to the current series?
Live - Min. Games For Playoffs: How many games must a team play Live in order to qualify for the playoffs?
Live - Use Season Quick Start: Should the league begin the day after it has been filled, with the remainder of the schedule pushed back 2 weeks?
Live - Use Playoff Push: Should each round of the playoffs automatically be pushed back an additional 5 days to allow for Live play?
Finish Theme League Creation
Theme Title: The title associated with the league for display purposes throughout the site.
Theme Notes/Rules: The more descriptive set of rules to inform other users of what the theme league is all about!

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