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2/21/2021No Whining Progressive: Early Edition 1910/ 1975$255 milNoNoAll Teams6/2No1
1910... William Howard Taft is the first president to the first ceremonial pitch of a game. Cy Young wins his 500th and the Cubs and A's meet in the WS. Philly takes it in 5 with Jack Coombs winning 3 games. 1975... Frank Robinson becomes the first black manager. Phil Niekro hits a triple and the Reds and Red Sox hook up for a classic world series, which included Carlton Fisk's dramatic, but ultimately fruitless 12th inning walkoff HR to win game 6... Reds win it in 7
2/21/2021Winners into Losers 3$90 milNoNoNone0/0No1
24 Players from 3 Year Span you Signed Up For @ 80! Mil. 1 Star T 10 Mil Stadium your team played in All players must have correct years and teams next to them. No AAA,WW, DH, Trades
2/22/2021Franchises in Colorado (1961-2020)$140 milNoNoAll Teams0/0No1
Pick a franchise and place them in either Coors or Mile High Stadium. Players from years 1961 thru 2020. Pitchers must have WHIP of 1.10 or higher and HR/9 of .50 or higher. See forum for rest of rules and to sign up
2/15/2021Battle of the Divisions IV$140 milNoNoAll Teams0/0No2
Let's see which division is best! Sign up in the Classifieds for a division, and choose your players from those 5 franchises, 1972-present. $140 salary cap. NO WW, AAA, Trades, or Clones. New for IV - Alphabet Soup! Check out the Theme League Classified Forum for all rules and to sign up!
2/19/2021SIM III 1960-2020$80 milNoNoNone6/2No2
League Format: Alternate WIS Format E (162 games, 16 teams, NL:4/4/0, PL:4/4/0, balanced, interleague)
5 Consecutive Decades/Use last digit of the decade. NO DH. Play in team's park. $80M Cap. Four-man rotations minimum. Must select at least two players from each team for that decade. (ex. '75 Reds, '85 Reds, '95 Reds, '05 Reds, '15 Reds)
2/21/2021Long Ball at Coor's (the classic) new edition$180 milNoNoAll Teams0/0No2
Use seasons 1924-1999. Every player must be from a different season. Each player must be 1.5 mil in value or more. Each position player must have 5 HR's or more when drafted including bench. Each pitcher must have a HR/9 of .75 or higher and a ERA of 2.75 or higher when drafted.You may draft 1 exception pitcher with any ERA or HR/9, but still within the season limits but must have 80 IP/162 or less. Barry Bonds & A-Rod are blacklisted. All teams will use Coor's Field as home ballpark. No clones
2/16/2021O.G. Twist LXXXIX$80 milNoNoNone6/2No3
CHAMPS: 7X: crazystengel 5X: summerfield 4X: ff09 3X: dn3524; davestud; jdh34; mudbone1969; sdedalus; redwingscup; trd3; wink0094 2X: akira_hokuto; gwhouse; JohnGPF; jnewfry; mberg; micki; scammer; schwarze; smeric; xfl outlaw 1X: 0soup4u; aec4; antonsirius; bosoxbill; bribar; bud4875; bunyon73; doubletruck; entropy77; eschwartz67; gelfost; gweek; halo23; joerat1; johnnyreb; metallicafan; micki; msleath; own_warrior; pirate_dave; sallyleaguer; schedule1; southheat; ssbritt; tnuc
2/20/2021$100M Exclusive OF League$100 milNoNoNone0/0No3
Exclusives: Hank Aaron, Jose Bautista, Mookie Betts, Paul Blair, Barry Bonds, Carl Crawford, Roy Cullenbine, Tommy Davis, George Foster, Ken Griffey Sr., Rickey Henderson, Matt Holiday, Frank Howard, Austin Jackson, Reggie Jackson, Fred Lynn, Willie Mays, Stan Musial, Manny Ramirez, Frank Robinson, Enos Slaughter, Lonnie Smith, Reggie Smith, Bobby Tolan
2/24/2021Exclusive Shortstop League$95 milNoNoPL Only0/0No3
Select a shortstop from 1885-2020 and use the teammates that he played with during his career where shortstop was his primary position. DH in AL only. Play home games at the stadium used by your shortstop during the year you select. Alignment will be by geographical locations. Let's have some fun here and PLAY BALL!
2/25/20211967 J4M Formula Progressive$255 milNoNoNone6/4No4
League Format: Alternate WIS Format B (162 games, 16 teams, NL:4/4/0, PL:4/4/0, balanced)
The J4MFPL is a single-season progressive, progressing forward one year at the conclusion of each season, beginning with 1963. The J4MFPL will use the Just4me formula to determine the order of the first round for each season. 1963 Champs: CIN (NL) 1964 Champs: CIN (NL) 1965 Champs: DET (AL) 1966 Champs: CIN (NL)
2/19/2021$255-MILLION NO RULES 10 CHAMPIONSHIPS OR LESS$255 milNoNoAll Teams18/10Yes6
League Format: Alternate WIS Format E (162 games, 16 teams, NL:4/4/0, PL:4/4/0, balanced, interleague)
$255 million league for those with 10 championships or less. Clones and WW are allowed. No injuries. $5,000,000 cash infusion after the first game. Way above average AAA (18 position players/10 pitchers). Maximum of two teams per owner.
2/20/20211977 Golden Age League$120 milNoNoNone4/4No6
League Format: Alternate WIS Format E (162 games, 16 teams, NL:4/4/0, PL:4/4/0, balanced, interleague)
Welcome to the 70's. Congrats to Pittsburgh (eddiedzen) on WS win in 1976. Do not use SIM generated AAA players.
2/23/2021All The Way League 1924$140 milNoNoNone0/0No6
League Format: Alternate WIS Format D (162 games, 12 teams, NL:6/0/0, PL:6/0/0, balanced, interleague)
Welcome to Season 24 of the All The Way League.
2/26/20211974 Regressive$255 milNoNoNone6/2No7
League Format: Alternate WIS Format E (162 games, 16 teams, NL:4/4/0, PL:4/4/0, balanced, interleague)
Welcome to season 35! The 1975 season saw Atlanta defeat royhobbs09's two time defending champion Oakland in the World Series. Please see the league forum for complete rules.
2/25/202110 Season Franchise 1910-2020$110 milNoNoNone6/2No8
League Format: Alternate WIS Format B (162 games, 16 teams, NL:4/4/0, PL:4/4/0, balanced)
First season we will use players only from 1910, 1920, 1930, ect, ect, ect. Only players that played in a season ending in 0 from your Franchise and use that Franchise Stadium
2/23/2021$60M 1930-39 Franchise League$60 milNoNoNone6/2No10
Enter Theme Notes Here...
2/24/2021Alphabet League - B$100 milNoNoNone6/2No10
League Format: Alternate WIS Format E (162 games, 16 teams, NL:4/4/0, PL:4/4/0, balanced, interleague)
All players last names must start with the letter B. Optional: Name your AAA players after celebrities, athletes or family and friends whose last name starts with the letter B. Must use a stadium that starts with the letter B.
2/26/2021$200 Million Make Your Team Up Your Way$200 milNoNoNone60/20Yes11
League Format: Alternate WIS Format E (162 games, 16 teams, NL:4/4/0, PL:4/4/0, balanced, interleague)
No restrictions on how you make your team. No dh. Max number of way above ave minor leaguers. Random realignment when league fills.
2/8/20211960-1980 - $140M $140 milNoNoAll Teams0/0Yes12
Draft players from 1960-1980, DH, no clones, no AAA, waiver wire & trades available.
2/25/2021WIDE WORLD OF FRANCHISE 2.0 SEASON 8$107 milNoNoAll Teams0/0No12
WWOF SEASON 8...107M cap . YES DH. NO AAA.
2/26/2021The AAA Player Memorial League I$80 milNoNoNone6/2Yes12
Created out of frustration to the eliminating of the AAA Players from the Open leagues, and is an attempt to continue the traditional AAA player and the standard Open League format.
2/26/2021$180 mil. -ONLY Owners with UNDER 25 Champs.$180 milNoNoAll Teams0/0Yes13
League Format: Alternate WIS Format E (162 games, 16 teams, NL:4/4/0, PL:4/4/0, balanced, interleague)
A 16 team league, with DH & WW. No AAA, clones, injuries, or trades. All players' seasons from 1920 to 2019.
MLB130363Tribe of ABE
12/26/20202020 New City League$255 milNoNoAll Teams12/6No14
24 cities w/out MLB teams.Exclusive 1st Come.Divided into E, C & W. E must have at least 2 active players(any version)from each team in the AL & NL E. Other 5 must also be from those teams.C & W also work with both leagues.DH AAA Max Cap Current Parks Team name city & nickname E Buffalo Charlotte Columbus Jacksonville Montreal Nash Orlando SanJuan C Edmonton GreenBay Indianapolis Memphis MexicoCity NewOrleans OkCity San Antonio W Vegas Portland Sacramento SaltLake SanJose Seoul Tokyo Vancouver
2/1/2021Baseball in the 60s$80 milYesYesNone6/2Yes14
League Format: Alternate WIS Format B (162 games, 16 teams, NL:4/4/0, PL:4/4/0, balanced)
We will have a ''Snake Draft (1-16, 16-1)' once we have 16 Owners. No DH. Trades are allowed, Waiver wire is Avg 6-2) You can only use ballparks that we available in the 60s.
2/16/2021Skunk's Bigger Non-Invitational XLV - $131M$131 milNoNoNone0/0Yes14
League Format: 2001-2008 (162 games, 30 teams, NL:5/5/6, PL:5/4/5, unbalanced, interleague)
Still open by non-invitation only... $131M, PLAYERS FROM ANY SEASON, No AAA, No DH, WW and trades allowed, Injuries on, Clones OK... 30-team league (5-5-6, 5-4-5 format), Auto Random Alignment... One team per owner.
5/4/2016WiS Season 27: Four Horsemen$100 milNoNoNone0/0No15
The apocalypse is nigh with some of these pitchers.
2/9/2021Winning Is Everything (Cool Dudes 16)$80 milNoNoNone0/0No15
Draft players from World Series Winning Seasons only (i.e if you want Rizzo, only his 2016 season is available). Two per decade (1903 & 1905-1909,1910-1919,1920-1929,..., 2010-2019) and one from the 2020 Dodgers. 80M Cap. No: DH, AAA, WW, Trades, Injuries, clones. Ballpark must be one played in during one of the seasons you drafted.
2/15/2021$150 Million Open League$150 milNoNoNone0/0No15
You got $150 to spend No Waiver wire, no trades, no AAA Yes to clones and all ballparks are eligible Multiple teams are OK however there is no guarantee where they will land after the computer sets the divisions and schedule.
2/24/2021$110M Random Birth/Death Twist League$110 milNoNoNone0/0No15
Sign up in the forum for a random date. Then build your best $110M team using teammates of a player who was either born on or died on your random date. Your selected player and all of his teammates may be twisted to any season of their careers. No DH, WW, AAA, clones or trades. See forum for full rules.
1/25/2021Modern Baseball, Seasons 1950+$120 milNoNoPL Only0/2Yes16
All players must be from seasons 1950-2020; WW/Trades: Yes; Clones: No; AAA: 2 Pitchers (Below Average); DH: AL only; Any Ballpark may be used; Interleague Play, Owners allowed two teams, but one must be NL and one AL; Sign up in forum to give league preference.
2/5/2021Grant Jackson Tribute League$120 milNoNoNone6/2No17
Include any season of Grant Jackson, seasons and stadiums from 1965-1982, 6/2 Average AAA, no DH, no clones, no WW, no trades, no injuries. Be kind and rewind. Free refills with food purchase.
2/22/2021The 100 Year War$70 milNoNoNone6/2No17
No deadballers here...1920 or later only $70M Salary Cap Seasons 1920-2020 in use 6/2 Above Average AAA No DH, WW, Trades or Clones Injuries ON Use Any Stadium Random Realignment Standard WIS 24 team format
2/22/2021The Elton "Ice Box" Chamberlain $160 Mill League$160 milNoNoAll Teams60/20Yes17
It's cold out there...Every team must start with the best pitcher, Elton "Ice Box" Chamberlain and then has 60/20 WAA and almost $150 million left to play with. Yes to WW, DH, and no to clones. Use something with a cold theme related in your team name.
1/28/2021Old School vs. New School$95 milNoNoNone0/2No18
Using only Pitchers from 1960 thru 1990 (season) and only hitter seasons from 1991 thru 2020 (season). Construct your roster. No WW, NO DH, NO Trades, and No Clones. You do get (2) Average - AAA pitchers. Stadiums limited to current ballparks. 95 mil cap & Play Ball !!!
2/23/2021BEAT CLAYTON KERSHAW$110 milNoNoNone0/0No18
Clayton Kershaw is the best pitcher in the sim. Disagree? Come beat him. All pitchers must be Clayton Kershaw. Hitters can be anyone.
2/24/2021Quick Start - $150M$150 milNoNoNone0/0No18
No restrictions! Just build your best team
1/9/202125M w/DH - you pick the rest 18/20 WAA.$25 milNoNoNone18/20Yes19
25M w/DH - you pick the rest 18/20 WAA
2/23/2021$255 all in$255 milNoNoAll Teams60/20Yes19
League Format: Alternate WIS Format F (162 games, 20 teams, NL:5/5/0, PL:5/5/0, balanced, interleague)
60/20 WAA AAA players let's just pay baseball NL/AL: 5/5/0 Interleague Play: True. Balanced: True. everything else goes.
2/13/2021Lovable losers (1901-1968)$100 milNoNoNone0/0No21
Every player must be from the LAST PLACE team form either AL or NL No Waiver No DH No AAA
2/24/2021KOH55 Forum Talk$100 milNoNoNone6/2Yes21
We have loose language restrictions within Fair Play guidelines and use a King of the Hill format. If you win your division you stay to defend. A dethroned King will stay to rematch unless he elects to move. Players are from 1940-1989. Ballparks are 1940-1989, as well . There are no clones, no trades, and no injuries. waiver wire OK. AAAs are 6/2 average, pick 'em and rename 'em. This season is 100 cap NO DH. Come talk the talk. We have strong owners here. Outplay 'em or out talk 'em.
2/20/2021ML B Franchise 91-20$100 milNoNoNone6/4No22
Because your still stuck at home
2/22/2021$200M ALL TIME MLB$200 milNoNoNone30/20Yes22
From the inception of the current MLB in 1903 to the crazy shortened COVID season of 2020. No high priced talent (no one over $12m), and we will exclude some of the most used players: RUTH, BONDS, HORNSBY, MARTINEZ, MADDUX, & KERSHAW, just to make everyone find some new favorites. No to CLONES, WW, TRADES or additional cash injections, but plenty of WAA AAA to pick from (should you take the time to do so) to reinforce your already potent rosters.
2/22/2021Good Old Days Progressive$140 milNoNoNone6/2No22
Enter Theme Notes Here...
2/26/20211903-2020 No Champions League$200 milNoNoAll Teams0/0No23
Create the best team $200M with a roster of players to have NEVER won a World Series title as a player. No Clones, WW, AAA. Yes DH. Rosters are from players 1903-2020. Good luck.
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