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6/14/2020The Ultimate Baseball Season w/DH XVIII$120 milNoNoAll Teams6/2No1
Pick any baseball season that is not blacklisted. Select ONLY players who played during that season. The season is EXCLUSIVE. Pick a ball stadium that was used in the season you pick that is not blacklisted. The ball park is EXCLUSIVE league wide. $120M salary cap. No Clones. DH. No WW. Average AAA (6/2). Trades of AAA players ONLY. Team name MUST include season you pick (i.e. All-Stars of 1980). Teams realigned randomly into the divisions. Limit 2 teams per owner (See details in TLC forum).
6/18/2020Jubilation Revisited Progressive League 1970$120 milNoNoNone6/4No1
League Format: Alternate WIS Format F (162 games, 20 teams, NL:5/5/0, PL:5/5/0, balanced, interleague)
Welcome back. In 1970 the won the World Series over the . Roberto Clemente won Batting title with .386. HR leader was and RBI. The CY winners were . The MVPs. The ROY were 6 guys won 20 Play to win.
6/29/20202003 Real Life Progressive$255 milNoNoPL Only4/4No1
Marlins over the Yankees in the real World Series. Bonds, Pujols and ARod lead in batting WAR, while Roy Halladay, Pedro Martinez and Mark Prior led in pitching. Thome and ARod led in HRs with only 47. Hideki Matsui played in 163 games.
7/7/2020Random Allocation Draft$255 milNoNoAll Teams0/0No1
Good luck everyone! The rosters are set.
6/24/20201986 Franchise Progressive Twist League$110 milNoNoPL Only0/0No2
1986. Year of the Mets. Good Luck guys!
7/5/2020No Whining Progressive: Early Edition 1907 / 1972$255 milNoNoNone6/2No2
1907... The pitching era intensifies with both leagues only hitting .245. The Chicago Cubs maintain their dominance once again winning over 100 games. In the WS, they keep Ty Cobb and the Tigers quiet, downing them in 4 games (not including a tie) 1972... Labor unrest erases the first week and a half of the season. Pitching dominance makes a return as averages drop to .244. Steve Carlton goes 27-10 for the dismal Phillies and in the WS, the Oakland Mustaches down the Big Red Machine in 7
6/27/2020Minnesota Twins Fantasy Camp League 2$100 milNoNoAll Teams0/0Yes4
League Format: Alternate WIS Format F (162 games, 20 teams, NL:5/5/0, PL:5/5/0, balanced, interleague)
Pick your own Twins players no draft. Cannot take same player at multiple positions e.g. cannot have more than 1 Carew. $100M Salary Cap, No AAA. Waiver Wire and DH are in effect.
7/9/2020WHO’S THE BOSS?? Season 1$120 milNoNoAll Teams0/0No4
Who’s the Boss? 120 cap- all rules in classifieds. Season 1.
6/25/2020Enter Theme Title em..$255 milNoNoAll Teams18/10Yes5
League Format: Alternate WIS Format B (162 games, 16 teams, NL:4/4/0, PL:4/4/0, balanced)
Enter Theme Notes Here...Play anyone that you want and play them as much as you want to. DH, clones, and way above average rookies that you choose. Load up with your favorite player or the player who can help you win!
7/7/2020Luck of the Draw 2007$100 milNoNoAll Teams6/2No5
Enter Th Previous Champs: '69-stroh23, '70-sgsmith, '71-sgsmith, '72-akiro_hokuto, '73-sgsmith, '74-jkorn, '75-llcoach, '76-carlos val, '77-lastinspace2, '78-dcates, '79-specsman, '80-rickeysdad44, '81-stroh23, '82-ff09. '83-cstrohmier, '84-hoopsrus, '85-halo23, '86-tywebb3, '87-mfumar, '88-schwarze, '89-sevenfifty5, '90-schwarze, '91-Poddy, '92-tywebb3, '93-KMJK4, '94-cstrohmier, '95-bronxcheer, '96-dcates; '97-tywebb3; '98-KMJK4; '99 vilefileman; '00-kstober; '01+02'halo23;'03-ff09; '04-razor
7/5/2020200 Mill $ No Restrictions$200 milNoNoNone60/20Yes6
League Format: Alternate WIS Format B (162 games, 16 teams, NL:4/4/0, PL:4/4/0, balanced)
$200 million to put your team together any way you want. Old fashioned no dh. Max # of Way Above Ave AAA players. Random realignment when league fills.
7/6/2020Random Birthday 51$150 milNoNoNone0/0No6
Draft one player from each of your randomly generated birthdays. Please see Theme League Classifieds for the full set of rules.
6/19/2020Maximize Mike Marshall$80 milNoNoNone0/0No7
You will build a team around 1974 Mike Marshall with the goal of getting the most out of his outlier relief season (106 appearances, 209 innings). Players and ballparks from the 1960s, 70s, and 80s only are eligible. Theme founder's credits will be awarded to the owner who gets the lowest ERA out of Marshall (minimum of 162 innings).
6/7/2020120M Deadball (1885-1919) -- Cool Dudes Season 13$120 milNoNoNone0/0Yes8
Players and Parks from 1885 - 1919. 120M Cap, plus an additional 5M after Game 50. Yes to: Trades, WW. No to: Clones, AAA, DH, injuries
7/8/2020$140 mil. - Only owners UNDER 20 Championships$140 milNoNoAll Teams0/0Yes8
League Format: Alternate WIS Format E (162 games, 16 teams, NL:4/4/0, PL:4/4/0, balanced, interleague)
Only players' seasons from 1940 to 2019.A 16 team league; with DH & WW. NO AAA, clones, injuries, or trades.
7/8/20202008 No Whining Progressive$255 milNoNoPL Only6/4No8
Season 48 of the NWP! 2008 was marked by only the second championship in the long and non-storied history of the Philadelphia Phillies. The American League story of the season was the emergence from nowhere by the Tampa Bay Rays. Thank you all for being part of this league! **Don't forget: No using SIM generated AAA, and trade deadline is game 120.**
4/6/2020Shadow Realm League$80 milYesNoAll Teams0/0Yes10
League Format: Alternate WIS Format D (162 games, 12 teams, NL:6/0/0, PL:6/0/0, balanced, interleague)
A league that takes place in the absence of what our season should have been
5/8/2020Take Me Out To The BallGame$180 milNoNoAll Teams6/4Yes10
Build And Enjoy 180+5Million , DH Both Leagues Trades,Waiver Wire 6AAA Position Players 4AAA Pitchers Let's Play Ball
7/4/2020You see I had this team but its league folded.$180 milNoNoNone0/0Yes10
League Format: Alternate WIS Format E (162 games, 16 teams, NL:4/4/0, PL:4/4/0, balanced, interleague)
I really want to use my team that I built. $180 million cap. No DH or AAA. Yes to WW and Trades and Clones. Any players, any ballparks. 16 teams so I hope we can fill quickly. Thanks.
4/1/2020RVA Classic League 1972-2019 $140 milYesNoAll Teams6/2Yes11
League Format: Alternate WIS Format D (162 games, 12 teams, NL:6/0/0, PL:6/0/0, balanced, interleague)
Draft April 8th at 6pm. You will need to sign up for a full-season team on this site for 12.95. In addition we will have a league fee of $25 per team, which I believe can be paid on this site as well (payouts 1st $200, 2nd $75, 3rd $25). We can increase fees later if we are liking the site. I will he emailing everybody with more details as I learn them. Rob
4/24/2020$255 milYesNoAll Teams0/0Yes11
League Format: Alternate WIS Format D (162 games, 12 teams, NL:6/0/0, PL:6/0/0, balanced, interleague)
5/25/2020$255 milYesNoNone0/0No11
League Format: Alternate WIS Format C (162 games, 12 teams, NL:6/0/0, PL:6/0/0, balanced)
6/15/2020Windy's Trio Franchise League$110 milNoNoAll Teams0/0No11
Pick three franchises and select 8 players from each in MLB history. 25th man on the roster can be wildcard from ANY franchise. $110 million cap. DH YES! No clones, trades, waiver wire, AAA. Include your 3 franchises in your team team, and play in a home field from one of your franchises' histories.
6/25/2020Greatest Hits (1950-2019)$140 milNoNoAll Teams0/0No13
Assemble your all-time favorite version of players active for any one franchise but you can only choose one superstar once per team. So, choose wisely.
6/17/20201950-2019 Manager's Best$200 milNoNoAll Teams0/0No14
Choose ONE manager that managed between 1950 and 2019 and create his ULTIMATE team. The player years are NOT limited to 1950-2019 AND you CAN USE ANY of the player's years (not just years he played for his manager) EG: Ralph Houk's team may include Berra's 1951 year and Roger Clemens 2000 year. YOU MUST USE A HOMEPARK OF YOUR MANAGER. INCLUDE MANAGER'S LAST NAME IN TEAM NAME. YES: DH NO: CLONES, WW, TRADES, AAA. 200 MILLION FOR ROSTER
7/4/2020Home Runs Galore .......(new edition)$160 milNoNoAll Teams0/0No14
use seasons 1920-2001. Each player must be 1.0 mil or more. Each hitter must be 10.0 in value or less with 2 exceptions. 2 players may be any value. Each pitcher must have a HR/9 of 1.25 or higher and a WHIP of 1.0 or more. One pitcher can have any values and must have 70IP/162 or less when drafted. Blacklisted players are 1. Babe Ruth 2. Lou Gehrig 3. Jimmy Foxx 4. Barry Bonds 5. Alex Rodriquez. Use one of following ballparks. 1. Coor's Field 2. Wrigley Field (L.A.) 3. Memorial Coliseum (L.A.)
5/4/2016WiS Season 27: Four Horsemen$100 milNoNoNone0/0No15
The apocalypse is nigh with some of these pitchers.
4/28/2020COVID-19 League$255 milYesNoAll Teams6/4Yes15
League Format: Alternate WIS Format E (162 games, 16 teams, NL:4/4/0, PL:4/4/0, balanced, interleague)
Live draft; 16 owners; 5 picks per owner starting round 17; NO CLONES, in other words, only 1 specific player per league (i.e. only one Babe Ruth will be drafted in the entire league). NOTE: I am open to the idea of allowing the owners of the league to vote on allowing clones but from different years only (i.e. only one 1923 Babe Ruth, etc.). Message me with any questions.
7/6/2020RYP = Random Year Progressive$255 milNoNoAll Teams0/0No15
League Format: Alternate WIS Format E (162 games, 16 teams, NL:4/4/0, PL:4/4/0, balanced, interleague)
Season 2. Rookies must start with their first WIS Season. Everyone else progresses 1 season. DH in both leagues.
7/8/2020The Greatest Years of Baseball$255 milNoNoNone6/4No15
League Format: Alternate WIS Format B (162 games, 16 teams, NL:4/4/0, PL:4/4/0, balanced)
All players and ballparks 1945-1965. No DH, clones, aaa, ww or trades. The players in this era were great. Enjoy them.
7/9/2020$150M dh league$150 milNoNoAll Teams0/0Yes15
League Format: Alternate WIS Format E (162 games, 16 teams, NL:4/4/0, PL:4/4/0, balanced, interleague)
$150 open league Yes to DH, Waiver wire, Clone, all Ballparks No to AAA, trades Multiple entries OK but league will be randomly aligned so wherever it lands it lands.
7/9/2020AAA League Rehab $66 milNoNoAll Teams60/20No15
League Format: Alternate WIS Format B (162 games, 16 teams, NL:4/4/0, PL:4/4/0, balanced)
For Owners with 10 or less Championships. 66 Million to spend ONLY. Draft 3 Pitchers, two (2) Starters max salary 20 Million each and One (1) Relief Pitcher 4 Million max. Draft Two (2) Position Players each with a max salary of 10 Million. ALL other Players picked are to be 200K. You get MAX AAA (Above Average), Trades Allowed. DH Both Leagues. NO CLONES, and NO WW. Select list ball parks. Your 3 Pitchers and 2 Position players MUST be on Active roster the Whole Season!
7/6/2020Battle of the Divisions$140 milNoNoAll Teams0/0No17
Let's see which division is best! Sign up in the Classifieds for a division, and choose your players from those 5 franchises, 1972-present. $140 salary cap. NO WW, AAA, Trades, or Clones. Check out the Theme League Classified Forum for all rules and to sign up!
5/18/2020Social Distancing$155 milNoNoNone6/2No19
In order to promote social distancing, every player on the roster must have played in a different CITY, not just different team. Also no player's season can be within 2 years of any other player. So if you pick a 1980 player, you cannot use 78,79,81,82. Stadium must be in a city from which you have to player. NO DH, Clones, WW, Trades: AAA 6/2 Above average. See forum for full details on rules.
PrivateTribe of ABE
6/24/2020Corona Ball$255 milNoNoAll Teams12/8No19
Pick any current franchise. You can use any season of any player on the current roster, injured or suspended list. Non roster invitees are ok if they are not cut before the season starts. DH for both leagues. AAA and trades. Use MLB not Baseball Reference for rosters because Ref is not including suspended and injured players. Maximum Cap Current Stadium.
6/28/2020Bring All Your Baseball Cards: 1970-2000$100 milYesNoNone6/2No19
Finally, a draft with all your favorite baseball cards in mind. This is a $100 million cap, NO DH, so don't draft one and YES to trades. But you will need to make your money work under the cap. No waivers and no clones. Once you draft a player, no one else can have him. However, at your next draft slot, you can exchange for a more or less expensive version of the player you drafted. That is before your next draft. Minor leaguers are below average and pick a stadium used from 1970-2000. Draft fro
6/29/2020Let’s use some different players$255 milNoNoAll Teams0/0No20
League Format: 1969-1976 (162 games, 24 teams, NL:6/6/0, PL:6/6/0, balanced)
Tired of same players being used by every team in your leagues? All position players must have NO MORE THAN 500 plate appearances All pitchers must have thrown BETWEEN 250-300 innings No less than 250 innings, no more than 300 innings $255 mm cap No Clones
6/24/20201977 MLB Progressive, 2002 Season$140 milNoNoNone4/2No21
Enter Theme Notes Here...
7/8/2020Your Own Personal Decade Season 19$156 milNoNoAll Teams0/0No21
Pick 10 consecutive seasons. All players must be from your "decade". Must pick a ballpark that was used during your "decade". $156 Million Salary Cap. No Clones, Trades, WW or AAA. Yes to DH. Team name must incorporate your seasons. Good luck to all!
7/4/2020$200 million, Open league, Few Restrictions...$200 milNoNoAll Teams6/2Yes22
$200 million, Any Years, DH, Below Average AAA, Wavier Wire, ,Clones, All OK. No Trades, No Injuries. This is a chance to do what you want, you got the money!!..
7/7/2020Low Ballers$70 milNoNoNone0/0Yes22
Enter Theme Notes Here...
4/19/2020mlb the show$255 milYesNoPL Only6/2Yes23
Enter Theme Notes Here...
4/21/2020DSP - Zeta Omicron (1984-2010)$255 milYesNoAll Teams6/4Yes23
Our first league together DH on all teams no clones any baallpark
6/25/2020All National Teams$255 milNoNoAll Teams6/2Yes23
All players must be the same nationality. No clones
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