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Record Number of Colleges Seeking Head Football Coaches
A Football Fan’s Dream Job, Building the Next Great Dynasty

Cincinnati (OH) - A record number of schools are actively looking to hire new head football coaches this offseason before the next recruiting period of  WhatIfSports.com's Gridiron Dynasty begins.

Overall, schools are looking for someone with little experience, but who brings a winning mentality to the coaching fraternity. So, anyone up to the challenge can and should apply. Coaches must be prepared to win recruiting wars against area schools and assess talent to find the right mix of athletes to fit in with their game plan.

Athletic Directors are searching for coaches who can not only be consistently ranked in the Top 25, but more importantly to win a National Championship and ultimately build a college football dynasty.

The success of your school depends on you.

Why would any potential coach want to face such a challenge? Well, Division III is just the beginning. Coaches who do well will have ample opportunity to quickly move up and take the reigns at Division II, Division I-AA and ultimately Division I-A programs. The more prominent the job, the more pressure the coach has to assume, but as the risk increases, so do the rewards.

Just imagine leading your school to a National Championship and prominence among the country’s best programs. Interested applicants can apply online at www.whatifsports.com.

With the start of the season fast approaching, I pulled some strings and have already setup
a tour for you, just click here for directions.

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