Record: 23-9 Conference: GLV Coach: zbrent716 Prestige: B+ RPI: 4 SOS: 5
Division II - St. Louis, MO (Homecourt: B-)
Home: 6-2 Away: 17-7
Team News
Source Headline Date
CBC News #11 Missouri, St. Louis loses going away against #6 W. Texas A&M, 76-83
Infinity Sports News Rockhurst runs out of gas against #13 Missouri, St. Louis, 51-56
CI.com Newswire Cal. Poly Pomona loses going away against #14 Missouri, St. Louis, 64-73
ESPSports.com #1 Kentucky Wesleyan loses a tight one against #17 Missouri, St. Louis, 68-71. Byron Wood leads all scorers with 36
Sportswire Bellarmine couldn't make plays down the stretch - lose to #22 Missouri, St. Louis, 57-63
ESPSports.com #1 Kentucky Wesleyan wins going away over #19 Missouri, St. Louis, 73-62