Record: 19-1 Conference: Empire 8 Coach: yanks250125 Prestige: B RPI: 74 SOS: 344
Division III - Poughkeepsie, NY (Homecourt: C)
Home: 4-1 Away: 15-0
Team News
Source Headline Date
S-I.com Ithaca doesn't show up, lose in a yawner against #21 Vassar, 48-89. Irvin Thorp leads all scorers with 37
College Sports Network Medaille holds on for the win against #18 Vassar, 90-80. Jessie Grove leads Medaille with 28. Irvin Thorp puts up 41 in the losing effort
ESPSports.com Union unable to get back into the game, fall to #20 Vassar, 64-75. Irvin Thorp leads all scorers with 34