Record: 5-5 Conference: Upstate Coach: toonarmy Prestige: A+ RPI: 11 SOS: 1
Division III - New York, NY (Homecourt: C-)
Home: 2-3 Away: 3-2
Team News
Source Headline Date
MSNBC #12 Rose-Hulman Tech. wins a thriller against New York U., 52-51. Ben Leinberger leads all scorers with 22
CBC News #10 Virginia Wesleyan loses going away against New York U., 61-68 #9 DePauw survives against #22 New York U., 59-57
MSNBC #21 New York U. can't execute down the stretch, fall to #3 La Verne, 67-71
WIS NewsWire California, Santa Cruz pulls away from #12 New York U., 85-79. John Turner leads all scorers with 23