Record: 25-6 Conference: Heartland Coach: dacj501 Prestige: A RPI: 11 SOS: 24
Division II - Valdosta, GA (Homecourt: B-)
Home: 13-1 Away: 12-5
Team News
Source Headline Date
CBC News #11 Valdosta St. couldn't make plays down the stretch - lose to #5 Bowie St., 52-58. James Harper leads all scorers with 25
USA Sports Fort Valley St. doesn't show up, lose in a yawner against #18 Valdosta St., 56-77. Timothy Brown leads all scorers with 22
WIS NewsWire CSU, Dominguez Hills loses a tight one against #20 Valdosta St. in OT, 79-82. Raphael Greco leads Valdosta St. with 21