Record: 27-3 Conference: MWC Coach: tmp741128 Prestige: B RPI: 16 SOS: 59
Division I - Salt Lake City, UT (Homecourt: A+)
Home: 7-1 Away: 20-2
Team News
Source Headline Date
CBC News UL-Lafayette doesn't show up, lose in a yawner against #14 Utah, 63-91
AP Sports San Diego St. loses a heartbreaker against #13 Utah, 54-55
Sports Business News Wyoming loses going away against #13 Utah, 80-87
CNN Sports Texas Christian simply no match, lose big to #15 Utah, 57-75. John Arter leads all scorers with 20
Sportswire #20 Air Force holds on for the win against #11 Utah, 79-69