Record: 7-2 Conference: Cal. CAA Coach: mattstarks Prestige: A RPI: 12 SOS: 12
Division II - San Bernardino, CA (Homecourt: C+)
Home: 5-1 Away: 2-1
Team News
Source Headline Date
CNN Sports Florida Southern loses going away against #18 CSU, San Bernardino, 70-80. Michael Phillips leads all scorers with 23
Sportswire #12 CSU, San Bernardino loses going away against S. Indiana, 49-56
WIS NewsWire #9 CSU, San Bernardino wins going away over Slippery Rock, 89-77. Michael Phillips leads CSU, San Bernardino with 23
CNN Sports St. Joseph's (IN) unable to get back into the game, fall to #7 CSU, San Bernardino, 67-78
CNN Sports #1 UNC, Pembroke loses a tight one against #10 CSU, San Bernardino, 59-62
Sportswire Central Missouri doesn't show up, lose in a yawner against #16 CSU, San Bernardino, 45-89
MSNBC #23 Western St. simply no match, lose big to CSU, San Bernardino, 44-60
Infinity Sports News Metropolitan St. wins going away over #7 CSU, San Bernardino, 86-75. Robert Jeon leads all scorers with 21