Record: 11-1 Conference: MidAmerica Coach: freyja Prestige: B RPI: 10 SOS: 44
Division II - Bolivar, MO (Homecourt: C)
Home: 8-1 Away: 3-0
Team News
Source Headline Date
Sportswire Missouri S&T doesn't show up, lose in a yawner against #12 S.W. Baptist, 62-83
CNN Sports Emporia St. loses going away against #12 S.W. Baptist, 65-75
CI.com Newswire Sonoma St. loses going away against #20 S.W. Baptist, 66-76. Corey Porter leads all scorers with 20
MSNBC #14 S.W. Baptist holds on for the win against Pittsburgh, Johnstown, 77-69
College Sports Network California, San Diego simply no match, lose big to #11 S.W. Baptist, 55-71
CI.com Newswire Tusculum unable to get back into the game, fall to #18 S.W. Baptist, 53-65