Record: 10-2 Conference: Rocky Mtn. Coach: chew Prestige: B RPI: 17 SOS: 33
Division II - Denver, CO (Homecourt: C+)
Home: 3-2 Away: 7-0
Team News
Source Headline Date
Sports Business News Western St. wins a tight one against #14 Metropolitan St. in OT, 69-66
Fox Sports #18 Metropolitan St. destroys Central St., 85-59. Adam May leads all scorers with 20
Sportswire Grand Valley St. holds on for the win against #11 Metropolitan St., 72-64
CBC News #13 Metropolitan St. destroys Anderson, 95-71
College Sports Network #13 Metropolitan St. blows out Millersville, 88-70. Robert Jeon leads all scorers with 25