Record: 8-2 Conference: Great NW Coach: otownaron Prestige: B- RPI: 42 SOS: 129
Division II - Nampa, ID (Homecourt: C)
Home: 3-0 Away: 5-2
Team News
Source Headline Date #21 N.W. Nazarene couldn't make plays down the stretch - lose to Washington Adventist, 64-70. Richard Moore leads all scorers with 24 Newswire #25 U. of DC had their chances, but come up short against N.W. Nazarene, 61-63
Sportswire #13 N.W. Nazarene loses going away against Bloomfield, 65-74
College Sports Network Florida Tech. unable to get back into the game, fall to #20 N.W. Nazarene, 61-72. Kenneth Hemphill leads all scorers with 22