Record: 3-0 Conference: Freedom Coach: dan2044 Prestige: A+ RPI: 0 SOS: 0
Division III - Madison, NJ (Homecourt: C-)
Home: 1-0 Away: 2-0
Team News
Source Headline Date
Sports Business News #6 Fairleigh Dickinson, Florham hangs on to beat Sul Ross St., 91-87
MSNBC #22 Lincoln doesn't show up, lose in a yawner against #16 Fairleigh Dickinson, Florham, 55-78
MSNBC sprained ACL will keep Fairleigh Dickinson, Florham's Steven Potter out for at least 5 days
CI.com Newswire Disappointing news for Fairleigh Dickinson, Florham - Steven Potter to be out for at least 5 days after an untimely injury
USA Sports #22 Fairleigh Dickinson, Florham wins going away over Wheaton, 60-48