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Frequently Asked Questions

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Amateur Draft How are Type A compensation picks awarded? Type A compensation picks are awarded based on the draft order for the current season. If you sign a Type A free agent you will lose your first round draft pick if your pick is greater than the 16th pick (Type D picks are not included). Therefore the first 16 "true" picks are protected. <br><br> We realize that in real life it is based on the quality of the player, but in Hardball that is too subjective and entirely based on opinion. The best compromise, and the most fair solution, is to base it on the worlds current draft order. <br><br> Also, supplemental picks are re-ordered during the first day of the Amateur Draft Preparation period based on draft order.
Amateur Draft How do I get a Type D compensation pick? If you don't sign your true first round pick, second round pick, or third round pick you will be awarded with a Type D pick the following season. <br><br> In order to receive the compensation pick you must offer the player 100% of his initial demands, he must refuse to sign, and you must never withdraw your offer to the draft pick at any time. If the player counters and you wish to make a new offer you can do so but the new offer must be 100% of his new demands and it must also not be withdrawn. Essentially your last offer must have been at least 100% of his demands at the time the offer was made and never withdrawn. <br><br> If those conditions are met then you will receive a compensation pick in next seasons draft in the same slot that you picked the previous season plus one depending on any other shifting from franchises that were awarded Type D compensation picks before you. This holds true for the first and second round. For third round compensation picks you will receive a pick in a supplemental round at the end of the third round in the following seasons draft. <br><br> Compensation round picks for Type A and Type B FAs DO NOT qualify for Type D compensation picks.
Amateur Draft How does the Amateur Draft work exactly? <p>The logic behind the Amateur Draft is based on the draft settings each franchise has selected as well as the draft board those settings have generated.</p> <p>The amount a franchise spends in High School Scouting and/or College Scouting impacts the number of players scouted from that sector. The more you spend, the more players you'll scout and the more accurate your projections will be. However, a franchise with a smaller budget can scout a player that a franchise with a higher budget doesn't. The ratio of college/high school scouting budgets will also impact the number of players chosen from that sector. For instance, if you have $14M allotted to college scouting and only $7M to high school scouting, your draft results should result in more college players taken than high school players since you'll have scouted more players from that sector. But, you'll still take a high school prospect if he's clearly better than his college counterpart. What you see on your draft board is what you should expect to draft.</p> <p>The positions listed with each player is what your scouting department (HS or college) projects him to play at the big league level. For example, a better scouting department will project a SS coming out of high school to be more likely to play 3B at the big league level.</p> <p>Each draft consists of the same allotment of players at each position. The quality varies from draft to draft, however.</p> <p>Each draft also consists of a different set of 32 franchise draft settings. As a result, drafts vary. If everyone goes for a high number of starting pitchers one draft, then you might not be able to meet your target count because the available list of starting pitchers may be drafted.</p> <p>When it comes to meeting a position target count, if the only thing remaining is partially scouted players at that position, your department will take a gamble and draft an unscouted player. This may pan out or it may not.</p> <p>If a player's signability indicates he'll only sign in the first round or first five rounds and you draft him in the proper round, then he's considered a safe candidate. If drafted later than that, then he probably won't sign.</p> <p>Players with leverage will ask for higher demands and take their time to sign, so don't panic. You'll always hear back as to whether they want to sign, ask for more money, or have decided to pursue another path.</p> <p>College seniors that are drafted but do not sign will become free-agents the following season. First round picks that don't sign result in a compensation pick for the drafting franchise.</p> <p>Currently, non college seniors that are drafted but don't sign are not in the following season's draft class. We plan on adding this at some point in the future.</p>
Amateur Draft How is the order of supplemental round picks determined? Supplemental draft picks are reordered during the Amateur Draft Preparation period and are ordered based on the draft order. However, if a team has multiple Type A or Type B supplemental picks, their 2nd, 3rd, etc. picks will be after every other team has their 1st supplemental pick.
Amateur Draft I just had players assigned and inactivated by the AI, why? If you have top flight draft picks pending assignment at the end of the season the AI will assign and inactivate these draft picks as long as you have the salary available and the roster spots.
Amateur Draft In my world a player was drafted 3rd in the S9 draft and he was 22 years old and did not sign. I was under the impression that 22 year olds that did not sign would show up in the free agent list the next season, but he was nowhere to be found. <p> College seniors that are drafted but do not sign will become free-agents the following season. The player must also have been openly sign-able. </p>
Amateur Draft Team A is seeing a draft pick that projects to a 100 OVR rating. I allocated more money to my draft budget than Team A for this year’s draft, why can’t I see this player too? The amount of money assigned to your scouting departments increases your franchise’s ability to locate and scout talent. The more you spend, the more players you’ll discover and the more accurate your scouting reports will be. However, it doesn’t mean you’ll always see the best players available. Some of these players can slip through the cracks and some will be scouted by other franchises who have spent less money on scouting. But the percentages will always be in your favor.
Amateur Draft This season's amateur draft crop look weak. Shouldn't something be done about that? Our Amateur Draft talent pools mimics real life in that it varies season to season. Some seasons may have a strong top 50 without much depth after that, while other seasons may have much greater depth across all positions. The bottom line is that each season brings a new crop, and the crop is never the same.
Amateur Draft What happens if I don't have enough money to sign my 1st round draft pick? If the player is a college Senior he will become a FA next season.
Amateur Draft What is slot money? Each year, the big league commissioner's office puts together a list of recommendations for how much a player should expect as a signing bonus based on their pick in the draft. This is a recommendation that most players/agents follow, although some choose to exceed the slot money recommendations based on skill and/or leverage.
Amateur Draft Why are my draft picks taking forever to sign? Draft picks are always evaluating their future, some player’s might want to finish college, play professional hockey, continue playing college ball, or skip everything entirely and try to make a name for themselves in pro baseball. There are different signability statuses that will influence whether or not that player will pursue baseball or go in a different direction. You may get responses outlining their thoughts and the best way to handle it is to meet the demands of the pick and wait it out, continually increasing the offer may or may not increase his decision speed. You can also change your draft settings to only pick players who are open to signing and playing professional baseball. In the end, some picks just take more time to decide on what they want to do with their future than others. Much like in real life, they need to evaluate what is best for them.
Amateur Draft Why did I draft a guy I didn't scout? If you reach a point in the draft where you don't have any scouted players at that position the AI will choose a candidate from the pool that you have not scouted.
Amateur Draft Why did the AI sign some of my draft prospects and then add them to my RL roster? If your RL roster is not complete (at least 25 players), the AI will sign enough of your draft prospects to fill out the roster. Before the AI does anything though, you will receive an email a few days before RL is scheduled to begin. This email warns you that RL will be starting soon and you should make sure your roster is complete, otherwise the AI will sign the draft picks.
Arbitration A player was released in my world but he didn't hit the waiver wire, why? If a player is arbitration eligible he will not hit the waiver wire he will become a free agent immediately.
Arbitration How are Arbitration Demands determined? If an arbitration eligible player sees regular playing time throughout the season his demands will increase at the normal rate based on his overall rating. However, if the player does not see regular playing time throughout the season then his demands will revert back to what he asked for the previous season.
Arbitration There are guys showing up in my arbitration report who still have option years. What's going on? Arbitration eligibility and minor league options are two different things, although most of the time they coincide.<br> <br> Arbitration eligibility is simple in HBD: anybody with between 3 and 5 years of big league experience is arbitration eligible.<br> <br> Minor league options are trickier. When a player is added to the 40-man for the first time, his options begin ticking. Each season that he is demoted from the big leagues or removed from the 40-man will result in the loss of an option year. If he doesn't get sent down in a season, he doesn't lose an option.<br> <br> Here's a link with more details of how options work: <a href="" target="_blank">MLB Options</a>
Boxscores All of my boxscores are ?'s on the World Office screen. Why? This is done so that you can view the play by play without knowing the final boxscore. If you don't like it, you can turn it off by selecting "NONE" just below the box that holds all of your team's scores for the day.
Boxscores How do I submit a boxscore for review in HBD? 1. Go into the boxscore and click on Review Box at the top under Boxscore Options.<br> <br> 2. You will be directed to the knowledge base. Click on Submit Ticket.<br> <br> 3. Submit a new ticket. This will automatically include the boxscore in the ticket for Customer Support to review.
Boxscores What do the fielding + and - plays indicate? These indicators tell you that a player made an above average or below average fielding play. Every player has the potential to make both, but stronger fielders will make more + plays and weaker fielders will make more - plays. Range plays a big role, but Glove, Arm Strength and Arm Accuracy also play a role. Each position has the chance for a +/- play, but those receiving more chances will have a higher raw count.
Boxscores When should a pitcher be credited with a save? A pitcher earns a save when he meets each of the following criteria: <ul> <li>He is the last pitcher in a game won by his club.</li> <li>He didn't qualify for the win.</li> </ul> and he meets at least one of the following criteria: <ul> <li>He enters the game with a lead of no more than three runs and pitches at least one inning.</li> <li>He enters the game with the potential tying run either on base, at the plate, or in the on-deck circle.</li> <li>He pitches effectively for at least three innings.</li> </ul>
Coaches Does a major league bench coach have any effect outside of when the manager is ejected? Bench coaches don't just have an impact when they take over for the manager (i.e. you). They impact all of the ratings and performance of the players.<br> <br> The main ratings that the bench coach has an effect on for position players are hitting, pitch calling, and base-running. For pitchers at the minor league level they take over (to a lesser extent) the bullpen coaches role.<br> <br> At the minor league level bench coaches play a role in all facets of player development. That is why they are one of the most desired and highly compensated components of your coaching staff.
Coaches How does the AI go about auto-hiring coaches? The AI follows three steps when looking to auto-hire coaches and they are as follows: <ol> <li>It looks to see if the owner's previous coach is available at that level and role, if he is he is assigned.</li> <li>It then looks for coaches who fit the specific role/level combination, if there is anyone available then they are assigned.</li> <li>The final action is to just fill the role. </li> </ol>
Coaches Why did a coach I was trying to sign go with another franchise without giving me a chance to increase my offer? Coaches may sign a competing offer at any time. The further it is from the end of the negotiating period, the higher the likelihood of them letting other suitors know of the change in status so they can increase offers. Furthermore, when a coach gets an offer that is much higher than his other offers, it also increases his likelihood of making a quick signing.
Coaches Why is one of my coaches asking for a promotion to a different role, even though he doesn't have high enough ratings for that role? In certain situations coaches will demand a role that they may not be qualified for yet. This is similar to a coach in real life asking for a different role. It can be viewed as a job promotion.
Free-Agency A ML free agent in our world has several contracts offered to him that are the same exact value. How is it determined who he will sign with? <p> When a free agent has multiple exact offers of any value at the ML level the tiebreakers are as follows: relevant IQs of the coaching staff and ballpark. If the players previous franchise is also bidding on him, then that franchise will receive a loyalty bonus. </p> <p> When the coaching staff is used to break the tie position players will look at the hitting IQ of the hitting coach and the fielding IQ of the fielding coach. Pitchers will look at the pitching IQ of the pitching coach and the bullpen coach. Please note that an FA will sign with the team that has better coaches in hand, which may or may not be the team that ends up with the best coach and/or staff. </p> <p> In cases where the offers are still tied and the coaching staff has been factored in ballpark is used to determine which franchise the player will sign with. Pitchers always want to pitch in a pitchers park, while position players will always want to play in a hitters park. </p> <p> When a free agent has multiple exact offers of any value at the minor league level the tiebreaker is organizational depth at the player's primary position. </p>
Free-Agency During the free-agency period at the beginning of this season, I signed a player who was an unsigned 1st round draft pick from the prior season. He demanded and I signed him to a 1-year $3.4M big league contract. What happens next year? His contract will be automatically renewed at the maximum rate of $500K.
Free-Agency I declined my team option with a player, will I get a compensation pick if he is a Type A/B free agent? You will not receive a compensation pick for a player if you decline a team option. The only way that you will receive a compensation pick for a player with a declined option is if the player declines his player option. You will also receive a compensation pick if the player declines his side of a mutual option.
Free-Agency I just had a free-agent that I was negotiating with sign a contract at 3am! Why do I have to stay up all hours of the day and night to compete!?! The simulator is scheduled to run on Eastern Standard Time and while it would be great if we could take into account every possible time zone it's just not possible when you have hundreds of thousands of users scattered across the globe.
Free-Agency What are Type A and Type B free-agents? During each offseason (after the world rolls over), players are ranked within their position group. These groups include C, 1B/OF/DH, 2B/3B/SS, SP and RP. Any free-agent in the top 20% of their position is considered a Type A free-agent and any free-agent in the top 40% is considered a Type B free-agent. If another team signs a Type A free-agent prior to the Amateur Draft preparation period, the player's former team receives compensation. The former team receives the signing team's first round pick (or second round pick if the pick is one of the first 16 picks not including Type D picks). If it's a Type A or a Type B free-agent, the former team receives a supplemental pick between the first two rounds of the draft. Also when the Amateur Draft preparation period is reached , the supplemental round picks will be re-ordered so that each eligible franchise has at least one pick before they have an additional pick.
Free-Agency When a MiL free agent is offered multiple contracts how is it determined who he will sign with? When a minor league free agent has multiple of the same offers they will choose the team that is considered the best fit for them. Playing time at their primary position and coaching staff play a large role in their decision.
Free-Agency Why did a free-agent I was trying to sign go with another franchise without giving me a chance to increase my offer? Free-agency works similar to real life free agency. There is a set period when free-agency begins and when the spring training begins. The majority of free-agents want to sign during this period. Free-agents typically receive multiple offers. Early in the FA period, they will receive and weigh many offers. As the time gets closer to the end, they will be less patient. Each player is different and has a different time table. Some will sign sooner than others. Each player has a different agent, too. While you'll typically get a chance to adjust your offer after another owner outbids you, it's not always the case as some players will have run out of patience or simply gotten an offer they really wanted. They will then sign on the spot rather than risk going a few more rounds.
Free-Agency Why is a 6-year minor league free-agent asking for so much money? The high demands are due to the fact that owners in HBD allow players to become 6-year minor league FAs that never would in real life. As a result, the demands are based on ratings, age and experience. We agree that it is very strange to see a 6-year FA asking for a contract in the millions, but it would also be very strange to see one player (6 year minor leaguer) asking for a minor league contract while another (major league FA) with the same skill set asks for $3M. Players that would fit into the category of a true 6-year minor league free-agent (a player that is not a prospect and has exhausted his time with a franchise) ask for the realistic amount. As we add the Rule 5 draft in the future, we hope this will reduce these higher than expected demands.
Future Enhancements Hi guys. This world is about to end a season. I've had the Doves team since the world started. However I would like to change my home field for the upcoming season and there seems to be some confusion as to the best way to do that. I want to keep my team During a World's roll over period you will be able to withdraw your<br> team and select a new location. This is the only time you would be able<br> to do it. Thanks
International Prospects I just had an International free agent assigned and inactivated by the AI, why? If you have top flight International free agents pending assignment at the end of the season the AI will assign and inactivate these draft picks as long as you have the salary available and the roster spots.
International Prospects I keep getting the response “I don’t want to get booed out of the stadium”. What does this mean and how can I stop it? If you are receiving this response from an agent it means you are offering the player a contract that is too lucrative. The player has evaluated the offer and has reached the conclusion that he could never live up to it, which will disappoint the loyal fans of your club and result in him getting “booed out of the stadium”. Some suggestions to combat this kind of response: · Lower the overall value of the contract · Instead of offering a Major League deal try offering a Minor League deal or a Minor League deal w/ STI · Reduce the number of contract years · And/Or reduce the amount of the bonus that you are offering
International Prospects Why did an international prospect I was trying to sign go with another franchise without giving me a chance to increase my offer? When an international prospect receives his first offer, his negotiation timetable is outlined. This means that he will make a decision on which offer to accept no later than date X. As he receives offers during that timeframe, his chance of accepting an offer increases the closer he gets to date X. This means that the chance of him and his agent informing other franchises of better offers is higher earlier in the process. This varies from player to player, agent to agent. Some are more patient and will drag the negotiating cycle to the end. Others will be more impatient and accept an offer more quickly. Each negotiation is different, although most follow the same pattern of back and forth negotiating until a decision is made. Furthermore, when a player receives an offer that is significantly higher than his other offers on the table, this also increases his likelihood of making a quick signing.
Known Issues International free agents have an alarmingly low signing age on the International Signings page. We are working on a fix for this. These players did not sign at an age lower than 18.
Known Issues Whenever I type "Update" in the league chat it posts as "Updaete". Why is that when I didn't type it that way? The word "update" is a reserved word for SQL Server. We change the following words for security purposes: Update, Delete, and Insert
Long-Term Contracts When are bonuses paid out? When an international prospect or amateur draft prospect is signed, his bonus is immediately taken out of the Prospect Payroll budget. When a free-agent is signed, the bonus is immediately taken out of the Player Payroll budget. If a player is signed to a long-term contract, the bonus won’t be taken out until the following season and is part of that season’s player payroll budget. Bonuses are also non-transferrable.
Long-Term Contracts Why can't I offer a long-term contract to some minor league players? Contract extensions may only be made to players in the minor leagues that will be major league free-agents or 6-year minor league free-agents.
Long-Term Contracts Why does it take so long for my free agent / international prospect / coach to respond to my offer? Negotiations are processed every four hours. You will only receive an email update if the status of the offer has changed. For example, if you made a new offer to a free-agent, he’ll let you know he received it. If the next 2 cycles go by and he’s still mulling his options, you won’t receive an email until the status of the offer has changed.
Long-Term Contracts Why is a player only being paid $54,500 for a big league contract? There's a difference between a big league contract and the league minimum salary. A player may sign a big league contract but not be on the big league club. The big league contract means he must be on the 40-man roster and, therefore, be paid the 40-man roster minimum of $54,500. Typically, this is the type of deal that some of the premier amateur draft prospects will sign. It provides them with some leverage, in that their option clock starts ticking sooner and they should reach the majors quicker. If he's promoted to the big leagues, then his salary increases to the big league minimum (currently $327,000).
Manager's Office How do the Optimize and Order options work? Optimize: First, the manager must decide which players to put in starting lineup. First, he tries to assign best players to their primary positions. Then, he scans remaining bench to find players that are eligible to player open positions. If gaps remain, the manager fills the open positions by evaluating players using the defensive spectrum. Order: From there, the manager orders the lineup. He does this by focusing on the #3 and #4 hitters first, then the #1 and #2, then #5 and #6, then the #9, then the #8. Criteria for each slot varies, but is intuitive.
Manager's Office How does the Defensive Replacement Hierarchy work? The defensive replacement hierarchy works in conjunction with the Defensive Replacement managerial settings. When the managerial settings apply, the manager uses the hierarchies. When looking to bring in players for defensive replacement, the manager will scan the appropriate hierarchy starting at the top. As soon as he finds the incumbent, he stops and moves to the next position. If he finds another player in the hierarchy first and the player is eligible to enter the game (i.e. not used yet and above his auto rest fatigue level), this player will enter for defensive purposes. The manager does not check to see if he's better defensively -- he's relying on your hierarchy that has been set. If you run into a situation where you don't want a player being pulled for defensive purposes, you can always uncheck his Defensive Replacement box on the Player Settings page.
Manager's Office I clicked on the “Show Recs” button but I don’t agree with the recommendations. Why are they wrong? The recommendations are strictly AI suggestions. They are in place to give you a quick idea of what could be reasonably expected. They are based on the underlying ratings that are best suited for the specific area of the game.
Manager's Office My shortstop is making a boatload of errors, way more than a big league shortstop should make. Why is that? It's all in the ratings and how he compares to the expected big league averages at the position. The best place to compare a player with the expected big league average is on the Player Settings page in the Manager's Office. From there, click on the player's position link and the Position Assignment page will be opened. This page lists the expected fielding ratings for each position along with your player ratings. The more below average the player, the worse his fielding stats will be.
Manager's Office What is the point of Spring Training? Spring training serves several different roles. 1: It allows players more time for development with the big league coaching staff. 2: It allows the owner to get a better feel for how HBD works and how his players fare against tougher competition. 3: It's definitely wise not to play your starters more than half a game because they will build up fatigue as the season progresses. Also, you'll want to make sure your pitch counts are lower during Spring Training so that your starting pitchers aren't going 7 innings (the recommendations do this automatically during spring training). 4: It's very similar to real life spring training in that you want your prospects to play more and you can also use the time to evaluate non-roster invitees and fringe-type players to see if they are worth keeping on the big league club or sending to the minors. 5: Spring training is also a good time to showcase potential trade bait, determine shortcomings for trade proposals, etc. At some point in the future, we'll be adding a rust-like component to the game so that if players don't get enough PT in spring training, they'll start off slow but it's not in the game yet.
Manager's Office What's the difference between the different pitching roles (mopup, long A/B, LH/RH specialist, setup A/B and closer A/B)? <p> The pitching designations represent how you, the manager, would like that pitcher to be used, which may or may not matchup to how the pitcher was used in real life that particular season. Here are the general guidelines: <ul> <li><b>Rest:</b> Only use this pitcher as a last resort</li> <li><b>Mopup:</b> This pitcher should only be used in blowouts (either winning or losing). Blowout is determined by the deficit (or lead) and the inning, e.g. an 8 run deficit in the 2nd inning would not considered to be a blowout, but the same deficit in the 8th inning would be.</li> <li><b>Long Relief:</b> This pitcher would be called on in a situation in which the starter is pulled early in the game (6th inning or earlier). A long may also be used later in the game depending on the situation and who is still available in the bullpen.</li> <li><b>Specialist :</b> These are pitchers who are almost solely used just to get the opposing team's most feared hitter out late in a close game. For example, a left-handed specialist will enter the game to face the opponent's best left-handed hitter (and vice versa).</li> <li><b>Setup:</b> This pitcher will be primarily used in the later innings, 7th on depending on the situation.</li> <li><b>Closer:</b> This pitcher will be primarily used in the 8th and later innings, depending on the situation and your settings.</li> </ul> </p> <p> The A/B designation is an additional control for setting pitcher usage. An A designation will almost always be used before a B designation of the same role, e.g. if you have one pitcher set to Setup A and another set to Setup B, the Setup A would receive priority in a setup situation. If both pitchers are set to A, then the SimManager will decide who to use based on the situation (opposing righties/lefties, pitcher fatigue, etc.). </p> <p> *** Please note that if you don't designate a pitcher for a specific role, you may be sending the wrong (or right) message to the SimManager. For example, if you put all of your bullpen pitchers on rest, that would be an indication to the SimManager to leave the starter in as long as possible, regardless of his call bullpen and pinch-hitting settings. Another example might be setting all of your pitchers to rest except for a closer. This would indicate to the SimManager to leave the starter in until a save situation arises. If the starter is getting shelled in the 5th inning, the SimManager would leave him out there rather than use a closer in the 5th inning. It's recommended to have at least 1 pitcher set for each role. Not having a pitcher available at a specific role may have undesired results. </p>
Manager's Office Why are all of my pitchers so heavily fatigued in the minors? If you notice your pitching staff getting heavily fatigued at the minor league levels, it usually has to do with the composition of your pitching staff. For instance, if you have starting pitchers giving you less than 5 innings a game, then you know your bullpen is overworked. It's important to assemble a rotation with pitchers than can give you decent innings or else the entire pitching staff will see the snowball effect. The best way to see if this snowball effect is happening to you, view a few pitchers' game logs for the entire season. If they continue to enter the game at 0%, then you know that you are in trouble. To construct a decent pitching rotation, you must make a combination of moves. You can promote and demote players, sign minor league free-agents, make trades, waiver claims, etc. You may also take advantage of tryout camp players. Sometimes, it's very important to have some extra arms around at certain levels of the minors even if they aren't prospects. These additional arms can be placed on the inactive list. From there, the AI is smart enough to shuffle pitchers to and from the inactive list to preserve pitchers' arms. These tryout camp players are essentially filler -- they exist to eat innings and prevent your true prospects from being overworked. The lower the minor league level, the more pitchers you need on your inactive list. If you have a properly constructed pitching staff at Low-A, you need 4 or 5 relievers on the inactive list. At AAA, you can probably get by with 1 or 2.
Manager's Office Why can't I set my minor-league lineups? Your minor-league lineups are not available until after spring training, for a couple of reasons. One is that you won't play any minor-league games until after the ML regular season starts (rookie-league play does not start until after the mid-season Amateur Draft). Another is that you'll probably be calling up a number of minor-league players to spring training and returning them after spring training; it could be confusing to make both minor-league and spring-training lineups available at the same time.
Manager's Office Why did pitcher A start instead of pitcher B? I moved pitcher B into the rotation spot scheduled to pitch next? When a game concludes, the starting pitcher for the next scheduled game is locked in and cannot be changed so that the opposition can prepare for the upcoming game. As manager, you can continue to modify your pitching staff, but the pitcher with the baseball next to his name will still make the next start. The only way to have the locked in SP not start the following game is if he is removed from the team. In that case, the first listed pitcher will start the next game.
Players Compensation Pick Your player was signed after the FA negotiation phase in the schedule therefore you do not receive a compensation pick for the signing.
Players How are ratings affected when I call up and then send down a player from the ML to AAA? The ratings hit is generally pretty minimal and most players can bounce back relatively quickly. The decrease has a lot to do with the makeup and temper ratings. Potential playing time also plays a role, as well as your coaching staff between levels.
Players How are the candidates for the Home Run Derby selected? Home Run Derby candidates are selected based on total HRs through the first half of the season and home park factor. So, a player who has 50 HRs in Coors might not make the HR derby over a player who has 45 HRs in Petco.
Players How are wins determined if a starting pitcher does not complete 5 innings? If the SP fails to go five innings, the win goes to the pitcher who completes the fifth inning (assuming the team never relinquishes the lead).
Players How do the player development cycles work (i.e. the rows on my Player Profile Ratings page)? Players go through several development cycles throughout the season. They typically occur a consistent number of days apart. However, significant transactions can adjust this schedule. For instance, if a player is traded, claimed off waivers, promoted or demoted at a time that is pretty close to when they would have had a development cycle, they will go through a development cycle immediately. This takes the place of their regularly scheduled development cycle. Their next one will then occur sooner than typical. It's setup this way so everyone will go through approximately the same number of development/aging cycles but each dev cycle is tied to the coaching and training and medical staff of the team the player was with at the time of the cycle.
Players How do these minor league options work? <p>Minor league options are one of the most confusing items in baseball. Here's a quick rundown of how they work in HBD:</p> <p>All players start with 3 at the beginning of their career. The first time a player is added to a club's 40-man roster, his option clock starts ticking. Any subsequent season in which the player accrues 20 or more days on optional assignment (i.e. days on a minor league club from the start of the regular season until the team's final game including playoffs), an option year will be burned. If he's on the big league club for the season or on optional assignment for less than 20 days during the season, he doesn't burn an option.</p> <p>During a season in which a player has options, he may be demoted/recalled at will. Once his options are gone, he must go through waivers before he may be demoted or removed from the 40-man roster. Once a player has 6 years of big league experience, options are meaningless because he can opt for free-agency rather than accept a trip to the minors.</p>
Players How does a player gain big league years of experience? Is service time a part of it? Yes. We track service time in days. It is viewable by hovering over the ML Years value on a player's profile. Each day a player is on the big league roster during the regular season (even if he's on the DL), he accrues a day of service. In addition, we track the # of days a player is on optional assignment on a minor league team. If a player is on optional assignment less than 20 days during the season, this total is added to his big league service time. At the end of the season, if a player has 172 days or more (including any optional service days < 20), he is given a year of big league experience. Excess days or days under the 172 day minimum roll over into the next season. These years are what dictate arbitration eligibility and free-agent eligibility. <br><br>It is important to note that a player registers days on optional assignment only after the minor league schedule has begun. There is typically a 1 or 2 HBD day difference between when the big league schedule starts and when the minor league schedule starts.
Players How does Fatigue affect players? Anytime a pitcher or position player has fatigue, they become more susceptible to injury. Their level of performance can also drop when playing while fatigued.
Players I have a player on my bench that the sim keeps using as a starter. If a player is below his auto-rest setting he will be replaced using the rest hierarchy so that they can rest. The AI will look solely at your player rest hierarchy and make changes based only upon what you have set.
Players I just exercised an option that I didn’t manually commit to, what’s going on? All players with team or mutual options will have their option automatically picked up if not rejected by the end of the arbitration hearings.
Players I just had a player decline in ratings because of a promotion. Why did that happen and what does that mean? The timing of the promotion can lead to a ratings decrease. It is based on a lot of factors but the major ones include the coaching staff, playing time availability, his readiness (as stated above), his work ethic, makeup rating, and temper.
Players Injuries Players can suffer a number of injuries during the season much like in real life. Injuries in Hardball Dynasty range from minor to career threatening. Off-the-field injuries are also possible. To view the comprehensive list please <a href="">click here</a>.
Players Is it better to have a high or low temper rating? In HBD, A player with a higher rating has more of a bad temper or is considered a "hothead." This will effect how often he argues with the umpire or tries to hit a batter.
Players My player just returned from an injury but he did not receive a "Time of Return" event on his player profile If your player is close enough to his regularly scheduled development cycle you won't see the effects of his recovery until that time. We do this to save on resources and to improve simulator run speed. If your player has lost ratings there are several reasons why this may have happened (age, length and severity of the injury, your medical staff, and the player's makeup rating to name a few). Please keep in mind that not every player will regain all of his ratings after coming off the DL and it is possible for him to actually lose rating points because of the injury.
Players My players waiver status has changed after he cleared waivers, why? If a player clears waivers prior to the transaction deadline his waiver status will reset and will need to pass through waivers again.
Players My SS has been making a ton of errors but he looks to be an above average fielder. Why is that? The best place to compare your player with the league average is on the Position Assignment page. If you click on a player's position on the Player Settings page in the Manager's Office, you'll see the list of big league averages at each position. This is the best reference point for determining where your player will fall in terms of fielding production. It also has recommendation buttons so you can see where your advance scouts believe the player should be playing.
Players None of my RBI stats are showing up when viewed in split-stat mode. Why not? Since RBI are a byproduct of runners being on base, tracking RBI for a particular left/right split isn't very meaningful. As a result, it's not tracked.
Players What are the qualifications for awards? For batting awards, players must average 3.1 plate appearances per team game or more in order to qualify. Pitchers must average one inning pitched per team game. Fielding awards require that the player participated in 50% of their team's innings.<br><br> Cy Young: Innings Pitched, Earned Runs, Strikeouts, Saves, Shutouts, Wins, Losses, Team Records and Park Factor. <br><br> MVP: Runs Created, Good Plays, Poor Plays, Fielding percentage, Park Factor, Position Played (difficulty), Passed Balls (catchers only) <br><br> Fireman of the Year: Saves, Wins, Losses, and Blown Saves <br><br> Gold Glove: Fielding percentage, good plays, poor plays, Errors, and Range Factor <br><br> Silver Slugger: Runs created and park factor <br><br> Rookie of the Year: Closely mimics the formula used for MVPs for position players and Cy Young for Pitchers. In order to be eligible for the ROY or NOY, a player must not have more than 150 career AB or 50 IP at the current level. For instance, if a player had 87 at-bats at the big league level in season 1 and 90 at-bats at the big league level in season 2, then he will not be eligible for the award in season 3 and beyond. <br><br> In each case, there are weights assigned to the individual components for the award calculation. While real life awards are decided by writers using the core raw stats and their personal opinion of how good/valuable players are (despite numerous objections by other esteemed writers across the land), HBD can use more appropriate statistics and accuracy to determine the best of the best. <br><br> If you think you have a player that should be up for an award but he isn't listed, be sure to evaluate all the component pieces and compare them to the players ranked ahead of them. It's hard to take sometimes (like when you have a player with 55 HR, 150 RBI and a .340 AVG not in the top ten), but there are always reasons why they are ranked where they are. They could be playing 1B while those ahead are SS & CF. They could be playing half their games in a hitter's park while those ahead play in pitcher's parks. Many reasons, all put together, and the best are at the top of the pack.
Players What are the qualifications for Hall of Fame eligibility? Eligibility for the Hall of Fame is two fold. There are automatic nominations that the AI processes and these players are automatically eligible to be voted into the Hall of Fame. There are also user nominations that occur at the beginning of the season and last through the first day of Spring Training. <br>A player will be eligible for the Hall of Fame as soon as he retires and fits the specified criteria outlined below. In other words, there is no 5 year waiting period like in real life. The team that he is inducted with is the team the he plays the most games in (Pinch hitting appearances do not count as games played).<br> <br> Once nominated for the HOF a player has five seasons to be voted in. After that they will no longer be eligible. <br> <br>Auto-nominations-<br> Position Players: 7+ Silver Slugger, 10+ Gold Gloves, 7+ All Star Appearances, 3+ MVPs, 500+ HRs, or 3,000+ Hs <br> Pitchers: 7+ All Star Appearances, 3+ Fireman of the Year, 3+ Cy Young Awards, 300+ wins, 3000+ Ks, or 500+ SVs <br> User nominations (regular season stats only)-<br> Position players: 10+ years of ML experience with 300+ PA per season.<br> Relief pitchers: 10+ years of ML experience with 45+ G per season.<br> Starting pitchers: 10+ years of ML experience with 125+ IP per season.
Players What are the qualifications for the All Star team? The qualifications closely mirror those of the end of the season player awards.<br> <br> The following criteria is used:<br> <br> SP - innings pitched, earned runs, strikeouts, shutouts, wins, and losses<br> RP - innings pitched, earned runs, strikeouts, saves, wins, losses<br> 1B/2B/3B/SS/LF/CF/RF - runs created, good plays, poor plays, errors, team winning percentage<br> DH - runs created per 27 innings, plate appearances, team winning percentage<br> C - runs created, good plays, poor plays, errors, passed balls, team winning percentage<br>
Players What are the specific effects of the pitch calling rating? Pitch calling will help/hurt a pitcher a certain amount. It's not a drastic amount because pitchers can call their own pitches. A bad catcher will hurt the pitcher a bit because he will irritate the pitcher with shake offs, calling bad pitches, etc. A good catcher will help because he maintains the flow and does a great deal of the mental work for the pitcher. That said, every pitcher at the big league level has been pitching for years (amateur and professional). They can call their own game, so a catcher with no pitch calling skills isn't going to cause them to get shelled. Over the long haul, having a catcher with a low pitch calling rating is going to cost his staff .005 - .015 points in batting average allowed which is very significant.
Players What happens to a players contract options when he is released? Any team or mutual player options will be bought out with the releasing franchise responsible for the payroll. A player option will stay in tact. If the player accepts the player option, the franchise that picked the player up is responsible for that season.
Players What happens to projections at age 27? Since age 27 is considered to be the standard "peak" age for baseball players, projected ratings are no longer shown but are merely a duplicate of his current ratings. However, that doesn't mean a player will stop developing because every player has a different peak age, with pitchers typically having a higher average peak age. For example, some pitchers don't reach their peak until age 32.
Players When a switch hitter comes up to bat, for ratings purposes is he considered as a lefty against righty pitchers and a right against a lefty? It is always assumed that he will bat opposite of what the pitcher throws.
Players Why are the stats on the Award Voting page all 0's? In order for stats to display on the Award Voting page the player must have played at least one game at his primary position. If he played at a secondary position or several other positions then the stat lines will not display. We do this for performance reasons.
Players Why are there no stats shown from previous spring trainings? Previous seasons' spring training stats have been dropped for data storage purposes. You can only see spring training stats during the current season.
Players Why can't I see projected ratings for players? You can only see projected ratings for players in a world in which you are managing a team, and only after budgets have been set (so that your scouting budget is set and the accuracy of your scouts' projections has been determined).
Players Why did my player automatically get added to the 40 Man Roster? Anytime a player is placed on the 40 Man Roster during the season and he is eligible for a contract renewal the following season he will automatically be placed on the 40 Man Roster again.
Players Why was my pitcher pulled? In our Hardball Dynasty game, the max pitch count is strictly adhered to. Once a pitcher reaches his maximum pitch count he will get pulled regardless of the game scenario.
Playoffs Do player's recover fatigue during "Placeholder Days"? Players only recover rest during off days, not placeholder days. They do, however, gain one day of injury recovery.
Playoffs Does being in or winning the playoffs help improve my player's development? If so, in what areas? Playoff experience is factored into a player's development progress. It affects a player's makeup rating which, in turn, affects all ratings during player development. For the most part it is a function of playing time, but making the playoffs does give a slight boost to the makeup rating. <br> <br> So, for teams that make the playoffs vs. teams that don't there may be a slight boost to development because those players now have playoff experience.
Playoffs I just had a player get injured during the playoffs. Can I adjust my roster? No, playoff roster changes can only be made in between rounds of the playoffs once the next round has been scheduled. This means you may have to play shorthanded for the remainder of a round should an injury occur during a playoff series.
Playoffs Player A is on my ML roster, why can't I see him during the playoffs? Player's are not automatically added to the playoff roster. You must add the player to your playoff roster in order to use them in playoff games. Keep in mind that roster moves during the playoffs can only be made in between rounds.
Playoffs What happens when teams tie for a playoff spot? A tiebreaker system is used if two or more teams tie for a playoff berth. Head-to-head record is used first, then division record, then run differential, then last season's record and finally a coin flip.
Playoffs Why am I playing my next playoff game on the road even though I should have homefield advantage? The second round of the playoffs is best 3 out of 5 where the team with the higher seed receives home field advantage in games 3-5. Since there is no travel fatigue or home field advantage, the fact they play the first two games on the road does not matter.
Playoffs Why aren't starting pitchers listed for the first game of each playoff series? The starting pitchers for the first game of each playoff series isn't listed because it's one of the few times an SP isn't locked in. We allow owners to modify their rotation before each round of the playoffs. Most of the time, you can assume it's their #1 but that's not always the case.
Prizes How does the 5 consecutive season $10 credit work? As an extra reward for maintaining a franchise for 5 consecutive seasons, you'll earn a $10 credit for a future season of Hardball Dynasty. After the 5th straight season controlling the same franchise in the same world, the credit will be distributed shortly after the final game of the big league World Series in the world. So, if you joined a world in season 3 and stay with that franchise, you'll earn the credit after season 7, 12, 17, etc. The incentive is only credited after a season in which it was your fifth (or tenth or 15th or any multiple of five) season with the same franchise. And this will only occur for seasons concluding after the incentive program was introduced.
Prizes I made the playoffs in my HBD world and believe I should have won some type of prize. Where the heck is it? Prizes (credits or reward points) are issued after the conclusion of the big league world series.
Prizes What are the prizes for winning in Hardball Dynasty? Prizes are based strictly on the big league level and are broken down as follows: <ol> <li>World Series Winner will receive 5,250 Reward Points.</li> <li>World Series Runner-Up will receive $25 in credits for a future HBD season.</li> <li>League Championship Runner-Up (2) will receive $12 in credits for a future HBD season.</li> <li>Division Championship Runner-Up (4) will receive $8 in credits for a future HBD season.</li> <li>First-Round Runner-Up (4) will receive $4 in credits for a future HBD season.</li> </ol>
Roster Moves I can't move up my Rookie league players because I get a Message that I must have 20 men on the Rookie League Roster. Roster minimums are enforced throughout the entire regular season and post season. You must meet the minimums until the world rolls over.
Roster Moves I have a player on my team who is on the DL, showing (-2), but it won't let me remove him from the DL. Why not? This will happen if the player has recovered from his injury but has not completed his stint on the DL. For instance, a player may be injured for 45 days and put on the 60 day DL, when he is ready to come off the DL he will have had -15 days displayed. <br> Some injuries can also take longer to heal than originally expected, and that may account for some additional time on the DL.
Roster Moves I have a player that cleared the waiver wire but when I try to demote him it says he must clear waivers again. What's up? The player was placed on waivers before the transaction deadline. Once the transaction deadline hits the player must clear waivers again.
Roster Moves I promoted Player A to my ML roster because one of my ML players was injured. Now that the ML player recovered, I'm ready to demote Player A back to the minors. How do I make sure that he doesn't receive any demotion penalties on his ratings? The player must be placed on the DL and the other player must be promoted in the same cycle (1 cycle = 1 HBD day). If that happens you should not see the ratings hit.
Roster Moves Is sim engine supposed to be promoting guys? If you go to the management console you will see that the second to last box indicates that the AI will promote/demote players to cover injuries.
Roster Moves My player suffered a significant injury last season. I placed him on the DL at the beginning of the next season since he was still hurt. Why doesn't his retroactive date remain the same from last season, so that I can remove him from the 60-day DL after There is an MLB rule that requires all players on the DL to be activated from the DL at the end of the regular season. At this point, the retroactive date is reset. If a player is placed on the DL the next season, the retroactive date is the date he's placed on the DL.
Roster Moves Not sure if this is possible or has been considered, but prior to the start of the season, after budgets are set, we can promote/demote players via the GM page. However, there is a little annoyance when trying to move players b/c you can't always put the While we would like to be able to do this we just can't. If we don't enforce the minimums we open the door for teams to completely decimate a franchise by releasing every player at that level. Therefore, we must enforce the roster minimums throughout the season.
Roster Moves There are no Tryout Camp players available to sign. The tryout camp is replenished several times a day, but it does not start until after spring training concludes. So, once spring training concludes, you'll be able to use the tryout camp to re-stock your minors.
Rule 5 Draft Are trades processed during the Rule 5 draft roster freeze? No trades are processed during the Rule 5 roster freeze. If an accepted trade has not been completed by the Rule 5 roster freeze it will be pushed back for 24 hours as there are no transactions during the freeze.
Rule 5 Draft Can injured players be taken in the rule 5 draft? Yes, injured players can be drafted in the Rule 5 draft.
Rule 5 Draft How do I know if a player I have is eligible for the Rule 5 draft? Any player on a franchise with 4 or more years of pro experience, not on the club’s 40-man roster and not signed beyond the current season is eligible to be drafted.
Rule 5 Draft How does the Rule 5 draft work? <p>Baseball's Rule 5 Draft is a draft unique to the world of baseball. It was designed to prevent franchises from keeping talent in the minors. Players with at least 4 years of pro experience, not on the club's 40-man roster and not signed beyond the current season are exposed to the draft. To protect players from going into the draft, they must be added to the 40-man roster before the Rule 5 Roster Freeze following Free Agency. During the Roster Freeze, all eligible players form the draft class. At that time, you can rank all of your players and fine tune your settings. As a word of note, though, there are several stipulations to drafting a player. </p> <ol> <li>You can't draft a player from your own franchise.</li> <li>You can draft a maximum of 10 players.</li> <li>You can only draft enough players to fill your 40-man roster. For example, if you have 38 players on your 40-man roster, you can only select two players.</li> <li>You must have enough available player payroll to cover the $50,000 it costs to draft a player plus his salary. If his salary is below the big-league minimum, it will be bumped up to the big-league minimum.</li> <li>And, of course, all of your draft settings will be adhered to.</li> </ol> <p> NOTE: We have made 2 changes to MLB Rule 5 rules in that we strictly use 4 as the minimum years of experience to be eligible instead of 3 or 4 being the minimum which is based off of when they came into the league. The other change is that if a player has a multi-year contract, they are not eligible to be drafted. This way nobody gets stuck with a player with a massive, multi-season contract that they might not be able to get out of.</p>
Rule 5 Draft I didn't draft a player in the first round but I drafted a guy in a later round. How did that happen? <p>If a team is very close to the salary cap, they may not have enough money to draft a player until one of their players are drafted off of their team. If you are within $377k of your player payroll budget, you can't draft a player because you need at least $327k for the player's salary plus the $50k draft fee.</p> <p>For example, if your team has $315k left in your player payroll budget when it is your turn in the first round, you won't be able to draft. If a player from your team is drafted by another franchise after your turn and the removal of that player's salary puts you to at least $377k of remaining player payroll, you could take a player in a future round.</p>
Rule 5 Draft I just had a player protected by the AI, why? Top flight unprotected Rule 5 eligible players will be automatically protected if a user has not logged in for 5 days prior to the Rule 5 roster freeze. The AI will protect as many players that it can up until the 40 Man roster is full.
Rule 5 Draft I made a rule V offer back but the other owner can not see the player. What's going on? All players who are offered back must first clear the waiver wire before the other owner can accept or decline the offer back.
Rule 5 Draft If I accept an offer back, what will the player's salary be? The player will continue to make the ML minimum salary of $327K.
Rule 5 Draft What do the different colored icons mean on the Edit Rosters page? <p>The red Rule 5 icon means that he will be exposed in this season's Rule 5 Draft because he has at least 4 years of pro experience, is not on the 40-man roster and is not signed beyond this season.</p> <p>The green Rule 5 icon means he is a Rule 5 pick this season and must remain on the team's big league squad or be offered back to his original team. You have until spring training to add this player to your big league team or else he'll be automatically offered back to his original franchise. If it's after spring training and he's been acquired via waiver claim or trade, you have 3 days (72 hours) to assign him to your big league team or else he'll be automatically offered back to his original franchise.</p> <p>The blue Rule 5 icon means that he is a Rule 5 pick and has been sent back to the original franchise during the offer back process where they have the option to accept or decline the return.</p>
Rule 5 Draft What happens after I draft a player? After you draft a player, he will join your franchise and appear in your group of players needing assignment. You then have until the end of Spring Training in which to put him on your big league roster. If you don't put him on your big league roster by then, the player will go through the Rule 5 Offer back process. The first step in this process is that the player gets put onto the waiver wire. If he is claimed by another owner, then he and his special Rule 5 status are transferred to the new club. If he isn't claimed, he will be sent back to his original franchise. They then have 2 days to either accept the offer back for $25,000 or decline it. If they accept the offer back, the team that drafted him loses all rights to the player. If the original franchise decides to decline the option, the player then loses his unique Rule 5 status and becomes a player with no additional rights. If a Rule 5 pick is acquired via trade or waiver claim, the new club has 72 hours to assign the player to his big league team or else the whole Rule 5 Offer back process starts again.
Rule 5 Draft What happens if a player is currently involved in a trade offer or on the waiver wire and is selected in the Rule 5 Draft? If selected in the Rule 5 Draft, any outstanding trade offer involving the player is automatically canceled. If the drafted player is on the waiver wire, any pending claims are canceled and the player is also removed from the waiver wire.
Rule 5 Draft What happens when I offer a player back? <p>The player first is removed from your ML team and the 40-man roster and put onto waivers. At which point, neither you nor the owner of the franchise you drafted the player from can put a claim in on him.</p> <p>If he is claimed by another owner, then he and his special Rule 5 status are transferred to the new club. If he isn't claimed, he will be sent back to his original franchise.</p> <p>They then have 2 days to either accept the offer back for $25,000 or decline it. If they accept the offer back, the team that drafted him loses all rights to the player. If the original franchise decides to decline the option, the player then loses his unique Rule 5 status and becomes a player with no additional rights. Either way, if the player gets sent back to his original franchise for them to decide to accept or decline the option, the player will lose his Rule 5 status.</p> </p>If a Rule 5 pick is acquired via trade or waiver claim, the new club has 72 hours to assign the player to his big league team or else the whole Rule 5 Offer back process starts again.</p>
Rule 5 Draft Why did my Rule 5 player get offered back without me doing anything? <p>After a Rule 5 player is drafted, you have until the end of Spring Training to put him on your ML roster. If you don’t put him on your ML roster by that time, he will automatically be offered back. </p> <p>After a Rule 5 player is traded or claimed off of waivers, you have 3 days to put him on your ML roster or else he will automatically be offered back.</p>
Rule 5 Draft Why didn’t I draft as many players as I had targeted? There are a few reasons why this might have occurred: <ul> <li>You might not have enough player payroll for the $50,000 selection cost and the player’s salary.</li> <li>You may have 40 players on your 40-man roster including the players already drafted.</li> <li>All of the remaining players are ranked worse than your player rank cutoff.</li> <li>All of the remaining players cost more than your maximum salary.</li> </ul>
Rule 5 Draft Why don’t I see a player that another owner is seeing? <p>All players are technically visible to all users. A world could have over 1000 eligible Rule 5 players and are ranked according to your Rule 5 draft settings. The lower the number for the weight for a position, the more likely they will be low on the draft board.</p> <p>When the board is initially created, and when target, weight and types of the positions wanted on the settings page are changed, all players are re-ranked.</p> <p>At maximum, 500 players are shown even though a maximum of 320 players can be drafted (32 franchises with a maximum of 10 rounds). If the player falls below 500, you will no longer be able to see them (unless you change your settings).</p> <p>For example, if you gave SS’s a weight of 0, gave every other position a weight of 10, non-SS's would be at the top of the list and SS’s would be at the bottom. If there are 500 or more non-SS's eligible for the Rule 5 draft, SS’s won’t be displayed.</p>
Schedules How many days are there during the "offseason" (aka rollover period)? There are 110 HBD days during the rollover period. Injured and fatigued players recover as usual during this period.
Schedules When do worlds roll over? The scheduler runs between the hours of 5a and 8a everyday except for Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. We only run the scheduler for two worlds at a time. <br /><br /> This also applies to when worlds are scheduled once filled (and approved if private).
Trades I have a player who I'm looking to trade. I received a proposal, and it shows that he &quot;Can Reject Trade&quot;, but when I look at his contract he doesn't have a no trade clause. Why can he reject the trade? Any player with 10 years of Big League experience and 5 years of experience with one club automatically has a no-trade clause. They are called 10/5 players, Barry Larkin and Cal Ripken Jr. are real life examples.
Trades I have a trade involving a player who is injured/on the DL. Will the trade still go through, or will it be nullified because the player is injured? A player can be traded while he is on the DL as long as his stint is less than 5 days.
Trades I just accepted a trade with the Cityname Franchises and he placed a player involved on the Waiver Wire. Will the trade still go through? If the player on the waiver wire is claimed before the trade is processed the trade will automatically be nullified. On the other hand, if the player is placed on the waiver wire and he is not claimed the trade will be processed as normal. Whichever occurs first, the trade completion or the waiver wire claim, will be the official move.
Trades What happens if I have more than one trade involving the same player? When the first trade is completed, the system is smart enough to cancel any other non-completed trades involving any of the players in the trade proposal. For example, Trade A contains Mike Greenwell and is accepted at 4:00 PM. Trade B also contains Mike Greenwell and is accepted at 5:30 PM. Both trades are accepted. When the trades are processed, Trade A is processed first because it was accepted prior to Trade B. As a result, Trade B is automatically cancelled because it contains a player that was involved in Trade A.
Trades When is a player eligible to be traded? A player must have accumulated at least 1 year of pro experience in order to be traded.
Trades Why can't I trade my rookie player? Players are not eligible to be traded unless they have at least one season of pro experience.
Waiver Wire How is Waiver Rank determined? Waiver rank is dynamic once you are 28 games into the season and it is based on winning percentage. Tiebreakers are winning %, head to head, runs scored, coin flip. For new worlds it is the inverse of the amateur draft order.
World Office How do I paste links to multiple players (or franchises, etc.) to the world chat or trade chat? To build a message with multiple links from the clipboard, you need to have the World or Trade Chat page open in one tab or window. Then, open a profile and click the "copy to clip" button. Then click the "paste from clipboard" button on the world or trade chat page. This allows you to put several in a row. Alternatively, you can see the format for one of the pasted items (each uses a consistent format with the ID of the player or franchise, etc.). You can then manually add or edit multiple items in a chat message.
World Office We would like to keep our Private World private. How is this possible? The commissioner has the ability to extend the deadline of the world. The link is located in the world center and it is titled "Extend Privacy".
World Office Why can't I access any of my teams? Why aren't certain pages showing up correctly for me? <p>Please log out of the site, clear your browser's cookies and cache (or temporary internet files) and then close the browser. Open it back up and log back into the site. <br> If you continue to have problems, please let us know. </p> <p> Clear the cookies in your browser.<br> Firefox: CTRL + SHIFT + DEL --> Check the check box named Cookies and Cache with the time option Everything--> Click OK <br> Chrome: CTRL + SHIFT + DEL --> Check clear cache and delete cookies and other site data with the time option since the beginning of time. --> Click OK <br> IE: Tools --> Internet Options --> Browsing History --> Delete --> Click "Delete Cookies" and "Temporary Internet Files"--> Click OK <br> </p> <p>Note: In IE8 and higher please make sure Preserve Favorites Data is unchecked or it won't remove Whatifsports cookies and cache if you have the site marked as a Favorite. </p>
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