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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bears groth911 3 139
ConeyDogs raginirish 0 24
Twins mcbellows 0 88
Wildcats purplehaze54 4 260
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Highlanders Robin80 0 0
Hungry Hungry Hippos dabomb163783 0 113
Rabies jesse1 5 121
Screaming Eagles crickett13 1 141
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Armadillos gorshar 3 146
Just Here So I Wont Get Fined topoftheworl 20 178
Lemurs ojinga 1 39
Shoeless Joe's ewd330 30 222
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Dirty Halos jimt14120 4 182
Free Radicals brickyard9 6 183
Mustangs amiller41 0 9
Sun Bears bagpipes28 2 179
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Brigands rquin9 5 236
Fat Cats littlejim 3 126
Royals wamco 0 34
Sea Otters oudoggie22 1 35
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Cubbies slashtc 2 93
N'Way AceCards 4 182
Seals merott 7 70
Swamp Dragons themojoking 3 131
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Colt .45s TXExpress713 0 1
Jet City Reign thuse 0 0
TallyWackers WoopAss 0 12
Toast pjfoster13 9 72
Franchise Owner Titles Season
64'ers tufft 6 48
Breeze hordel 1 10
Knighthawks CCAsleson 0 12
Musubi jk27 0 50
World Chat
Considering moving time mvp Kevin Matsui (B). I would need a package of prospects in return. Feel free to send offers.
That’s right....we bad!
This AL North is turning into a real pillow fight. I'm 30-38 but only 3 games out of 1st place.
Willing to move Timothy Robertson (B) for salary relief or a ML pitcher.
If you’re looking for a SS, Ray York (SS) is ready to fill your shortstoping needs.
Hope everyone had a decent draft, I do believe this is one of my best draft's I have had
Better get rid of Hill,before he is wasted for good lol
Here goes the th DL trip for Cecil Hill (P). Really high draft pick who has been derailed by injuries.
Don Burns (LF)
Need a shake-up, and to get a little younger. Available: Justin Price (SS) Don Burns

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