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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Mounties Iceman67 1 313
Muffin Mashers dabomb163783 0 117
Rob Fords pjfoster13 10 76
Tigers raginirish 0 26
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Cangrejeros blanch13 20 161
Chatrawas thewheaties 0 225
Giants jnewton 0 46
Ivankas hofbunter 0 10
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Armadillos kevsgirl 0 2
Bluffs jackson1224 0 7
Flying Squirrels bradriddell 0 44
Magic gtandrews 0 2
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Anustarts Jon44 2 64
Fudds sylemark 4 381
of Summer LCDudes 2 71
RED BUTCHERS bartkowski 1 86
Franchise Owner Titles Season
'ites stu1368 2 68
Elitist Green Jackets AceCards 4 188
Guardian Angelos genghisxcon 11 129
Moral Superiority vandydave 3 207
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Chubs royfranklin 13 117
kjhbg jcairns 2 69
Luddites timb116 8 148
Talents topoftheworl 21 185
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Buffaloes rbedwell 38 308
Diablos powermad 0 29
Masked Men rquin9 5 245
Spirits mysticrain 4 98
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Attack ssymank 0 13
Hawksux bjschumacher 0 108
Roto Rooters gorshar 4 155
Scorpions kennedrj 9 191
World Chat
I think it's a cool team name. Unique.
When we get going, I have Brian Inouoe (C) Rhiner Tavarez (RF) Delino Quintana (RF) Sal Service (CF) are all available for prospects.
Hey jcaims, if you send in a ticket, I believe you can change your team name.
I think I’ll take one more swing at the title and start the rebuild next season.
Ok. New rule for me. when the computer freezes when deciding on team name, don't hit random keys.
back to 1 ....come on....
What’s up everyone? Ready to get started?
The day was easy with that few students, but the planning was a nightmare since those 14 kids represented 6 different grades.
The small island school job sounds really interesting. My wife teaches 4th grade in a challenging urban school. My workload is pretty huge compared to hers, but my position is always tremendously chal...

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