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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Mount Royals Iceman67 1 326
Muffin Mashers dabomb163783 0 127
Raiders raginirish 0 28
Rob Fords pjfoster13 10 86
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Cangrejeros blanch13 21 169
Chatrawas thewheaties 0 236
Giants jnewton 0 54
Ivankas hofbunter 0 14
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bluffs jackson1224 0 9
Brandy Alexanders kingkai53 0 178
Goya Beans scarpio 0 36
House of the Rising Sun iain 9 228
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Anu Starts Jon44 2 69
Fudds sylemark 4 405
of Summer LCDudes 2 77
RED BUTCHERS bartkowski 1 88
Franchise Owner Titles Season
'ites stu1368 2 72
Elitist Green Jackets AceCards 5 200
Guardian Angelos genghisxcon 11 135
Moral Superiority vandydave 3 213
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Chubs royfranklin 14 122
Luddites timb116 10 163
Reds Ahern 0 0
Talents topoftheworl 22 199
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Buffaloes rbedwell 38 323
Diablos powermad 0 33
Masked Men rquin9 6 266
Rangers jbugg08 1 69
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Attack ssymank 0 20
Hawksux bjschumacher 0 117
Roto Rooters gorshar 4 171
Scorpions kennedrj 9 198
World Chat
I've managed to end up with too many good defensive catchers due to poor Rule 5 settings and an unexpected waiver claim. A couple of them are on waivers right now, so feel free to claim, or make...
Trade block updated looking to free up salary and rebuild also looking for starting pitching or closer help us again for having me
Its always weird when you sign a free agent for depth, after free agency has ended no less, and he gets claimed off waivers
I hate having holes created on my minor league teams when career minor leaguers get taken in R5.
Trade needs updated, looking around for a hitting C and a 2B or 3B (need cheap!!)
I am in need of a big time bat, I can pretty much use any position or DH only. Let me know if anyone has someone available. I have several good prospects.
I feel good about our offseason moves should be much better and compete for the division in my opinion
Well worth it, imho. Nice to see the logic work!
Holy smokes that was close!
I was offering 5/87 and he took your 4/90 which is the right choice of course. 5/87 was the best I could do sadly. I would have love to have had him.

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