Record: 24-5 Conference: N. Coast Coach: Sim AI Prestige: C+

Edward Hickmon

Jr. 6'8" 216 lbs. 3.6 gpa
The Harley HS Rochester, NY
Recruited By: Sim AI
Pos Rating
PF 613
Athleticism ATH 34
5 Rating Increase
Speed SPD 41
Rebounding REB 54
Defense DE 12
Shot Blocking BLK 45
Low-post LP 93
11 Rating Increase
Perimeter PE 56
12 Rating Increase
Ball Handling BH 12
Passing P 36
Work Ethic WE 82
5 Rating Increase
Stamina ST 81
4 Rating Increase
Durability DU 67
1 Rating Increase
FT Shooting FT B-    
Flex: D-
Motion: D-
Triangle: A-
Fastbreak: D+
Man to Man: C-
Zone: D-
Press: A
Potential is indicated by colors: Very Low, Low, Average, High, Very High