Record: 15-6 Conference: N. Sun Coach: dflom2008 Prestige: C+ RPI: 70 SOS: 150
Division II - Duluth, MN
Homecourt: C
Home: 7-4 Away: 8-2
AVG 616
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Name Yr. Pos. Flex Motion Triangle Fastbreak Man Zone Press
Adam Medlock Sr. PG D- C- A- D- A+ D- D-
James Insley Jr. PG D- D- B+ C- A- D D
Robert Hankins So. PG D- D- B C+ A- D- C-
Christopher Poston Sr. SG D- D- A D- A D- C
Jonah Sherrer Jr. SG D- D- A- D- A- C- D-
Earl Emerson Fr. SG F F B- F C+ F F
Allan Friedland Sr. SF C D- A D- A+ D- C
Charles Krauss So. PF F F B- D+ B F C-
Edgar Holman Fr. PF D- D- B C- B+ D- D+
David Mitchem Sr. C D- C- A- D- A C- C-
Jeremy Russell Jr. C D- D+ A D- A+ D+ D+
Gregory Newman Fr. C D F C F B- F F
Players are graded from A+ to F based on their knowledge of each offense and defense.