Record: 14-7 Conference: CCIW Coach: Qdog915 Prestige: B- RPI: 100 SOS: 132
Division III - Bloomington, IL
Homecourt: D+
Home: 8-4 Away: 6-3
AVG 554
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Name Yr. Pos. Flex Motion Triangle Fastbreak Man Zone Press
Jarvis Dixion Jr. PG D- B+ D- C- C B+ D-
Allan Mildenberger Sr. SG D- A- D- C+ C B+ C+
William Wells Jr. SF F B- B+ F A- C C
David Beeman Fr. SF F C+ F C- B D- F
Edward Mack Sr. PF D- A- D- B- C+ A- C-
Steven Nelson Sr. PF D B F F C B- F
Mark Spence Sr. PF D- A+ C D- C+ A D-
Kory Price Jr. PF F B+ F F C B- F
George Bernardino Sr. C D- A D- C- C+ A- C+
Bobby McKown Sr. C D- B+ D- B C A- B-
John Surratt Jr. C F C+ B F B D F
Jose Flores So. C C+ C+ F F B C+ C+
Players are graded from A+ to F based on their knowledge of each offense and defense.