Record: 1-12 Conference: ODAC Coach: Sim AI Prestige: C RPI: 376 SOS: 334
Division III - Hampden-Sydney, VA
Homecourt: D
Home: 1-5 Away: 0-7
AVG 459
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Name Yr. Pos. Flex Motion Triangle Fastbreak Man Zone Press
David Amin Fr. PG C+ F F F C+ F C-
Samuel Byrd Fr. PG C- C- F F C- F C-
Charles Strickland Fr. PG B- F F F C- D+ F
Bernard Hall Fr. SG C- F F D C- F C
Christopher Sears Fr. SG C C- F F B- F F
Gerald White Fr. SG C+ F F F C- D+ F
Dean Yates So. PF B F F C B F D
Henry Gold Fr. PF C+ F F F C- C- F
Graig Rennick Fr. PF C- F D+ F C- C C
Nicholas Foote Fr. C C- D F F B- F C
Lester Thompson Fr. C B- F F F C+ F C-
Ernest Turcios Fr. C C F F C C+ F C-
Players are graded from A+ to F based on their knowledge of each offense and defense.