Record: 4-10 Conference: CUSA Coach: jmart1979 Prestige: C RPI: 221 SOS: 125
Division I - Memphis, TN
Homecourt: C
Home: 2-5 Away: 2-5
AVG 620
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Name Yr. Pos. Flex Motion Triangle Fastbreak Man Zone Press
Melvin Christ Fr. PG F B- F F C- C- F
Charles Geil Fr. PG F C F C C F C-
Benny Bennett Sr. SG D- A- D- D- A- C- D-
Bret Desilva Sr. SG D A D- D- A C- D-
Gerald Hansen Fr. SG F C F C- C C C
Charles Vallecillo Jr. SF F B F F B F F
Donald Jacobs Fr. PF F C F C C F D-
Jose Gonzales Sr. C D- A D- D- A C- D-
Jason Brinson Jr. C D- A C D- A+ D- C
William Hermann Fr. C D+ C- F F C+ F F
Gabriel Taylor Fr. SF F C+ F F C+ F D-
Matthew Hartman Fr. PF F C+ F F B- F D-
Players are graded from A+ to F based on their knowledge of each offense and defense.