Record: 23-10 Conference: SEC Coach: johnsensing Prestige: A+ RPI: 17 SOS: 5
Division I - Baton Rouge, LA (Homecourt: A+)
Home: 10-3 Away: 13-7
Team News
Source Headline Date
S-I.com Louisiana St. officials not surprised by Terry McCrossen's decision to enter the NBA draft early
S-I.com Another early entry, William Dunn leaving Louisiana St. for the NBA
Sports Business News NBA ready for Barry Mertens? Apparently he's ready for the NBA. Louisiana St. officials unavailable for comment.
Sports Business News Louisiana St. loses Junior Shooting Guard Archie Soriano to the NBA
USA Sports #14 Louisiana St. holds on for the win against #1 Oklahoma, 78-68. Archie Soriano leads all scorers with 21
Scout.com #23 Louisiana St. survives against #9 Arizona, 72-70. Archie Soriano leads Louisiana St. with 20