Record: 10-5 Conference: ECC Coach: theonlydeal Prestige: A- RPI: 45 SOS: 78
Division II - Sparkill, NY
Homecourt: B-
Home: 3-2 Away: 7-3
AVG 571
Source Headline 06/25 02:27 AM Disappointing news for St. Thomas Aquinas - Willie Hoskins to be out for at least 5 days after an untimely injury
AP Sports 06/23 02:12 AM LIU, CW Post can't execute down the stretch, fall to St. Thomas Aquinas, 77-81. Joseph Furlow puts up 30 in the losing effort. James Frazier leads St. Thomas Aquinas with 27
Fox Sports 06/22 02:03 PM St. Thomas Aquinas unable to get back into the game, fall to Pittsburg St., 75-90. James Frazier puts up 30 in the losing effort