Record: 6-2 Conference: N10 Coach: sdbmasters Prestige: A- RPI: 127 SOS: 252
Division II - North Andover, MA
Homecourt: C+
Home: 4-0 Away: 2-2
AVG 549
Source Headline
Sportswire 05/26 02:11 AM Merrimack loses going away against Bemidji St. in OT, 82-89. Douglas Laird puts up 30 in the losing effort
CBC News 05/25 02:02 PM Merrimack blows out Alabama, Huntsville, 88-68. Douglas Laird puts up 36 in the winning effort
USA Sports 05/24 02:03 PM Merrimack blows out Edinboro U. (PA), 80-60. Douglas Laird puts up 34 in the winning effort
College Sports Network 05/23 02:03 PM Northeastern St. doesn't show up, lose in a yawner against Merrimack, 57-84. Douglas Laird puts up 35 in the winning effort