Record: 2-1 Conference: Big Sky Coach: irapost Prestige: D+ RPI: 0 SOS: 0
Division I - Portland, OR
Homecourt: C+
Home: 1-0 Away: 1-1
AVG 680
Source Headline 05/24 02:06 AM Portland State simply no match, lose big to #7 Georgetown, 84-102. Chris Kessler leads all scorers with 22
WIS NewsWire 05/23 02:09 AM UMBC loses a tight one against Portland State in double OT, 112-115. Robert Canton puts up 37 in the winning effort Newswire 05/22 02:07 AM Portland State survives against Purdue in OT, 117-115. Robert Canton puts up 34 in the winning effort. Paul Mathews puts up 32 in the losing effort