Record: 1-4 Conference: CVAC Coach: Sim AI Prestige: C RPI: 0 SOS: 0
Division II - Charlotte, NC
Homecourt: C-
Home: 1-1 Away: 0-3
AVG 588
Source Headline
MSNBC 05/26 02:05 AM Queens U. (NC) unable to get back into the game, fall to #25 Glenville St., 62-73
MSNBC 05/24 02:07 AM Lock Haven can't execute down the stretch, fall to Queens U. (NC) in double OT, 84-88. Geoffrey Watkins puts up 30 in the losing effort. Daniel Glancy leads Queens U. (NC) with 24
CNN Sports 05/23 02:09 AM #6 Lander wins going away over Queens U. (NC), 70-58