SimLeague Baseball Updates

Changes within the last 3651 days...


  • Fixed a waiver claim bug where we were not permitting the addition of a player to a team if the team also owned a prospect that was derived from the same player.


  • Restarted the LIVE service. Based on data submitted by users, it appears the 1/11/2013 update to fix increase in OF errors did not take.


  • Engine fix for OF fielding. Transposed number in 12/31 update caused a small drag on OF defense.


  • Engine fix pertaining to players moving to another position as part of defensive replacement. Missed the check to make sure player leaving game as part of position move was allowed to exit for a defensive replacement (player setting). Thanks to rejthegreat for the discovery.


  • During dire situation (i.e. trailing in final inning), manager will evaluate PH/PR setting before lifting his only catcher or shortstop. This will prevent situations where team comes back to tie or take lead, then must play player out of position at key position. Will still occur if aggressive or very aggressive.
  • Logic will now consider shifting a player's position in order to lift another player for a PH/PR. Will only occur if manager has aggressive or very aggressive PR/PH setting.
  • Improved stolen base attempt logic. Previously, a hard SBA% cutoff was in place based on a myriad of factors. The hard cap has been removed in favor of a linear cap so that players who, for instance, when 12-13 in real life will now attempt some steals. Based on testing, this results in a ~10% increase in stolen base attempts including a 6% increase in successful steals and 15% increase in runners caught stealing.
  • Improved defensive replacement, double-switch and injured fielder replacement logic. Manager will now try to put best defense on field instead of performing a 1-for-1 swap at each position. for example, you may now see a defensive replacement enter at CF and the previous CF shift over to LF.
  • Boxscore has been modified to show a player's original and final position to help better track in-game position changes.
  • Improved PH/PR logic. Previously, manager would get into bad situation when using a 2nd or higher PH/PR in same inning. He'd earmark a player to enter at 2B but later earmark same player to enter at SS, for instance, and then team would be stuck with a player out of position. Manager is much smarter now and won't PH/PR unless all positions are covered with available players in hierarchy.
  • Improved relief pitcher selection for tie games in 7th or later when closer should not enter, manager now looks at specialists before setup pitchers. Previously, specialists were being looked at after setup pitchers in this situation.
  • Improved PH logic when team with a small lead late in the game is in a non-crucial situation. Manager will no longer PH for a strong defensive player when backup is defensively inferior.
  • Improved PH logic regarding pinch-hitting for relief pitchers. If a non-crucial situation, manager will evaluate current pitcher's pitch count vs target pitch count along with available relievers. If it's best to keep RP in game so he can pitch another inning or two, he will hit for himself. This will prevent situations where stud reliever only throws a handful of pitches, is PH for, and then a LR or mopup is forced to enter next inning half.
  • Improved logic for double-switches, pinch-hitting and pinch-running. Previously, manager didn't really consider other players in lineup when making decisions. Now, there's a chance a player will move to another position (if in hierarchy) to accommodate a PH or PR entering the game.
  • Added double-switch logic during inning. If new relief pitcher enters, evaluate if double-switch should occur based on game situation and appropriate hierarchy. This won't happen often as rest or defensive replacements would have typically already occurred.
  • Improved pinch-hitting logic for late/close situations. Previously, some hard cutoffs (based on managerial setting) were preventing many candidates from being lifted during dire situations when a much better hitter was available on bench.


  • Fixed a player search bug where pressing "Enter" in Chrome would trigger a Save Search instead of the expected Search functionality. Thanks to frozen_rope for helping us track this one down.


  • Added option to Theme League Wizard that allows author to use a custom salary cap for the league.


  • Corrected a minor bug involving a theme league setting and player clones. For themes using Team Rules for individual players, if the No Clones setting was chosen a team could still add a clone via waivers or trade. This loophole has been closed.


  • Put out a minor engine patch that adjusts success rate for suicide and safety squeezes in live play for when the infield is in and/or when runners are being held on. The success rate has been substantially lowered.


    • Improved logic for yanking starting pitcher at the plate for a PH after allowing 1 or 2 runs in the previous inning half but 3 or fewer for the entire game. We now give a little more rope before yanking for performance reasons.
    • Improved logic for yanking pitcher after allowing run while in field with 2 out and nobody on base (i.e. run scoring sac fly or home run). If very patience or patient setting, manager will now be a little more lenient.
    • Improved logic for going with LongB/Setup B before LongA/Setup A when 7th inning and trailing by 5 or more runs.
    • Added link to show full boxscore at bottom of play-by-play when reading play-by-play only (My Recent Games page).


  • The 2010 Teams and Players are now available!
  • We have updated ballpark factors for all parks that have been introduced since Coors Field. We have added Target Field. We have also updated the number grade ratings for all parks to bring them back into good distribution. The underlying values have not changed.


    • LIVE: fixed a crash bug where user would PR, shift position of PR to other position, and other position player to PR original position all in same move.
    • Engine: pitcher and catcher now receive SBA for both runners of double steal
    • Engine: runners now advance only one base when outfielder drops a routine fly ball with < 2 out
    • Engine: improved logic for pinch-running for a DH (had not been accounting for the fact anyone on bench could DH in future innings)
    • Engine: Eased the speed comparison when looking to go with PR in 9th or later
    • Engine: improved logic for perfect game detection when lone runner(s) reaches on error
    • Engine: Improved relief pitcher logic when two or more pitchers eligible to enter. Now looks at fatigue difference of > 20 for selection purposes before looking at stats. For example, a pitcher with fatigue of 90 will now be chosen over a pitcher at 60 even if pitcher at 60 has better stats.
    • Engine: Improvement to logic for picking which Pinch-Hit hierarchy chart. will now go with contact when 1+ outs, runner(s) in scoring position, can tie or take lead with runners.


  • Bug fix: We introduced a bug on 1/15/2010 where open leagues were not re-aligning properly. This has been fixed today.


  • To help with roster flexibility, we have reduced the minimum PA_162 and IP_162 team totals to 4,800 and 1,200 for non-theme leagues.


  • Fixed a bug where a perfect game was being credited even if a batter reached via error.
  • Improved IBB logic so manager will determine if on-deck hitter is a pitcher and whether he'll be PH.
  • Improved PH logic for pos player so manager will scan def rep hierarchy after rest hierarchy when checking to make sure another player on bench can play position being PH.


  • Improved the logic for when a player plays with one team, is traded away, and then traded back. The player's initial fatigue will no longer be 100%, but will be what it should be based on previous stats earned or prorated stats, whichever is higher.


  • More bug fixes were released this week:

    • Leaders page, Career Totals: In multi-season leagues, if the “Career Totals” option is selected instead of a season, the totals given were including playoff stats. Now only regular season stats are included in the totals.
    • Player Stats page: Fixed a page crash bug when showing past seasons and attempting to change actual stats projected seasons.
    • Manager's Center: Trying to save an invalid lineup will no longer reset your settings back to the previous values, it will continue to let you make modifications until you save a valid lineup.
    • League Records: In some cases, a user's Wild Card count wasn't calculating correctly. This has been fixed.
    • Theme Wizard, Step 8: If AAA Position Player Count is 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 and neither manual option is selected for AAA Selection, an error message is given and the wizard remains on step 8 without saving the data.


  • Fixed two crash bugs in LIVE play.


  • When a draft league is over and an owner has not made his ballpark and team name selection, a chat message is added letting the owners know who the straggling owner(s) is. The owner needing to choose his ballpark is also sent a site mail.


  • New MLB League Averages page to help users better understand normalization.
  • 2009 Players and Teams
  • A cap on plate appearances per game will be introduced so only the first 6 PA in a game will count toward seasonal fatigue
  • New minimum 1,250 IP/162 and 5,000 PA/162 for non-theme leagues. These will be enforced at the time of draft, waivers and trades.
  • Adjustment to the Tournament of Champions payout to a $150 - $50 - $25 - $25 structure
  • New salary formula (adjustments for pitcher hitting, normalized fielding percentage, hitter/pitcher balance, catcher Arm, etc.)
  • Corrections to log5 values in player search where lower is better (think OAV#, etc.)
  • Able to view and filter relative range factor, normalized fielding percentage and catcher caught stealing percentage in the player search
  • Normalized fielding
  • Progressive League Play: new page for career team and owner records
  • Progressive League Play: new career totals and career leaders to Team Stats and League Leaders
  • Progressive League Play: first year players are now eligible for the ROY
  • Player name and season broken apart into two columns on several pages to help with CSV exporting
  • New theme commish page (with CSV) including actual stats of all players in league by team to help with policing and verifying teams
  • Improvements to the +/- distribution
  • Addition of pitcher HR/9# to player search
  • Lineup page now maintains attempted settings rather than reset to active after a failed save


  • When a position player goes down with an injury, the manager will now use a resting player in the hierarchy at the position before being forced to use a player out of position.
  • When 9th or later, 2 out, bases empty and trailing by more than 1 run, use the contact PH hierarchy instead of the power one.
  • During late, lopsided games, the manager will no longer blindly pinch-hit for a relief pitcher when it makes more sense to let him hit for himself and rack up another inning or two.
  • Improved the intentional walk logic so the manager looks at on-base percentage instead of OPS when it's the 9th or later and runners in scoring position.
  • Improved pinch hitting logic. If the pitcher is due up in the inning and there is only one position player available on the bench, don't use him to pinch-hit for a position player. Keep him on the bench so he can pinch-hit for the pitcher.
  • The manager will no longer bring in a defensive replacement or player for rest at catcher when it's in the 7th or later and the starting pitcher has a no-hitter going.


  • Added some CSV functionality to the main stat pages within SimLeague Baseball league play.


  • Corrected a bug in which an injury to a pitcher would not occur if the rest of the pitchers were all designated to rest. Now, an injury can occur in this situation forcing a rested pitcher to pitch.



  • Corrected a bug involving the opposing team's starting pitchers and opposing catcher in the Team Office's Scouting preview area. This only involved rotations that went beyond the final spot in the starting rotation during the series.


  • Engine -- minor adjustment so that long relievers receive preference over specialists under some late game situations when a specialist is not needed.
  • LIVE -- adjusted logic for sac bunt attempts so that success rates will be higher when infield or corners are not playing in.


  • For theme leagues that use the "Randomly Align League" option, the Re-align league option in the League Office is no longer available as it was leading to confusion. These leagues will now have their divisions randomly aligned once upon schedule generation and that is it.


  • Fixed a bug where private theme leagues were inadvertently being made public if not filled after 7 days. Private theme leagues will no longer become public unless the creator makes the change.
  • Expanded the Stat Snapshot to include player usage.


  • Corrected a bug where a pitcher that pinch-hit for the pitcher could earn credit for a victory even if he never stepped on the mound. This pertains mostly to LIVE play.
  • Added a new 20 team, 4 playoff schedule: WIS Alternate F.
  • Revamped the Alt-E WIS Schedule so there are no more 17-game home or away trips. In addition, the final series of the season is now against a division foe.
  • Added a theme commish option to the League Office page that allows the commish to delay the playoff schedule or tiebreaker games in the event they have a custom rule that requires a different playoff configuration.
  • Added a new "trade deadline" that occurs 24 hours before the transaction deadline. This is so owners have a full 24 hours to handle any roster moves stemming from last minute completed trades.
  • Expanded the Team/Player theme league wizard statistical criteria so owners can now restrict team total and individual player stats by normalization categories and some new pitching plus stats.
  • Added the ability for owners to hide trades once they've viewed them. They will continue to fade away after two weeks, but this if for those who simply want them gone faster.
  • Teams can no longer claim the same the same player season that they already have or had on their team at any point that season. This closes a hole where a team would draft a player, use all his stats, then waive/release and claim again for one start, then repeat.
  • Added a theme league option so owners can choose to have $X added to each team in the league after the first team in the league completes it's Zth game during the season. This promotes trading and waiver wire usage.
  • Disabled the Player Rest and Defensive Replacement settings for pitchers on the Advanced Hitting Options page as they made no sense in that context.
  • Added a home or away indicator on the player game log page within the player profile. Games on the road will have the opposing team listed as "@ Opposing Team".
  • Split the "Clear Roster" link into two links: "Clear Hitters" and "Clear Pitchers" to provide greater flexibility in the Draft Center. Please note, this is not designed to clear manually drafted prospects in theme leagues.
  • Added the "Champions" page. The page is available from the secondary navigation menu throughout the game and provides a glimpse of who has won what throughout the history of SLB.


  • Improved logic for replacements after multiple PR/PH in same inning half. Better use of spectrum when nobody is listed to play positions needed.
  • Improved logic to check bench depth before blindly using pinch-runners. For instance, don't pinch-run with your last available position player if your pitcher is due up next.
  • Improved logic for deciding whether to yank a relief specialist at the plate for a PH if next inning half still fits the specialist's strength.
  • Improved logic to allow mopup or long reliever to remain in game longer if bases become empty after surrendering a run and 2 out.
  • If 2 out in 9th or later with lead, no more holding runners on. This tightens up the defense to prevent base hits while giving up any potential steal.
  • Reduced the likelihood of runners getting picked off late in game with big lead or trailing big.
  • Corrected bug where throwing error after good play was not being flagged as a good/bad play in play-by-play.
  • If Hit & Run is on and infield at double play depth, fielder will now consider going home with throw if runner advancing from third.


  • Added an icon for the GM Office to indicate manually drafted prospects. Also improved the waiver wire and trade code so that a clone of a manually drafted prospect cannot be acquired.
  • Corrected some player search / draft center issues with some pre 1900 franchises not affiliated with today's chain of MLB franchises.


  • Improved the MVP and Cy Young voting calculations to include ballpark factor.


  • Added a process to automatically remove unfilled theme leagues with fewer than 4 teams and that have been setting for over 30 days without anyone new joining within the last 30 days.

    Teams will be sent back to the Draft Center. Users will be notified via email when this occurs.

    The goal of this is to keep the Available Theme Leagues page current and make it easier for owners to find viable theme leagues.


  • Corrected a typo in the 3B fielding logic which was the cause for the below average 3B FPct across the board.
  • Reduced likelihood of pickoffs in 9th inning or later of close games when runners are in scoring position.


  • Improved the underlying data for 2B and 3B allowed by pitchers. Previously, we used a universal equation for all pitchers in the database since this info is not tracked historically. Now, the equation has a seasonal modifier since we know how many doubles & triples were hit during each season (just not against whom). This should result in an increase in triples at the expense of doubles & singles.


  • Improved some logic in the engine involving errors by 3B. 3B fielding percentages should begin creeping upwards.
  • Adjusted non-normalized per 100 numbers in the player search so that they display 2 decimal places.


  • Corrected a bug in the engine in which pitchers with fewer than 50 AB were not having their home run ratio adjusted downward properly. All other offensive stats were being downgraded correctly, but the HR ratio had an error in the formula.


  • Corrected a bug involving DHs playing a position in the field (other than 1B). The range factor was inflated leading to more + plays than should have ever occurred.


  • Minor engine adjustment to better handle infield hits. The speedier guys were not seeing their proper share.
  • Corrected a bug that was eliminating the link between a team and a newly created theme. If an owner creates a theme, enters a league and then returns to the draft center to correct a mistake, the theme is still tied to the team so it's easier to correct the mistake and re-enter the team.
  • Improved the salary formula to decrease salary of pitchers who had at least 1 AB at the plate but fewer than 50. Also improved the formula to better account for players that can play multiple positions and secondary positions better than their primary position.
  • Updated all ballparks that were created in 1990 or later. Added the Nationals Park.
  • Released the 2008 player seasons, added some miscellaneous historical player seasons that were missing, corrected some others.
  • Improved the relative range factor in the game. This resulted in a new set of records for all players including new salaries.


  • Added the Alternate WIS Format D & E schedule formats for theme league play. The schedules are 12 and 16 team leagues geared towards LIVE play that include interleague play for more matchup variety during the season.


  • LIVE -- improved the logic for safety and suicide squeezes. The success rate has been lowered, since the ball is usually in front of the infielders (assuming corners or infield in).
  • LIVE Change -- the success rate of attempting to hit and run with a sole runner on third, runners on 2nd and 3rd or with the bases loaded has been dramatically lowered. Since this is such a bad baseball decision (runners are already in scoring position), we feel the penalty should be severe. Usually this will result in the lead runner being nailed at the plate. Applying the hit and run with runners on 1st and 3rd will be ok, because it implies the hit and run is only on with the runner on 1st.
  • Improved the logic for catcher errors. Historically, we've had far too few errors by catchers. This should increase moving forward.
  • Improved the logic for the defense conceding runs when leading, infield not playing in, and groundballs hit to the SS or 3B late in the game. This will cut down on the # of ill concieved attempts at the plate.
  • Improved the logic for runners taking the extra base when 2 out. With runners off on contact, their rate of advancement needed to be higher.
  • Added logic for runners being able to be doubled off on bad bunt attempts (popups & lineouts).
  • Improved decision logic for outfielders not throwing home and allowing the trailing runners to advance when late in the game and with a lead.
  • Improved the logic for determining errors. There had been a noticeable decrease in errors over the last 6 months. We pinpointed and corrected this flaw. It had to do with the distribution of fielding errors and throwing errors.
  • Added the potential for errors on sac bunts and bunting for base hits.
  • Improved the sac bunt logic to include the baserunner's speed as a factor in the success rate.
  • Added errors where 1B drop throws from other infielders

Please note: Release notes can become stale. Please rely on the product's Rules, FAQ and Player Guide for official details and information.

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