Tournament of Champions

Full-season teams purchased after 6/9/2004 or full-season teams purchased prior to 6/9/2004 with the $2 TOC option are eligible.


Eligible teams that make the finals of the SimLeague playoffs will automatically be placed in the next available tournament.


Each tournament consists of 32 teams at the same salary cap level.


Teams are seeded based on combined regular season and postseason winning percentage. If a tie occurs, the owner with the higher owner rating received the higher seed.


The first three rounds of the tournament are best-of-5 series. The final two rounds are best-of-7 series.


Once your team makes the tournament, its roster is frozen and you cannot make any roster moves.

Salary Cap

The salary cap of the TOC your team enters is based the value of the active players on your roster - including the value of any AAA prospects (not their salary).


The winner receives 22,500 reward points in the Rewards Center. Runner-up earns 7,500 and the other two final four owners earn 3,750.

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