Available Theme Leagues
League Name Founder Date Created Theme Name Theme Description Salary Cap Allow Waiver Wire? Spots Left
Private phasedragon 5/5/2007 All New Players Only join this league if this is your first sim team $80M Yes 23
Private dunnewarrior 5/5/2007 $60M Yes 23
Private calidude19 5/7/2007 Anything Goes Anything goes! $80M Yes 23
Private buggytbok 5/7/2007 One Franchise All of your draft picks have to be from the same team. $80M Yes 23
Private schr8er84 5/8/2007 who's got game? rules go here... $80M Yes 23
Private bry1423 5/9/2007 rules go here... $60M Yes 23
Private harrisl 5/10/2007 Your Favorite College and Your Favorite Pro Team Everyone on your roster should come from either your favorite college football team or your favorite pro football team. All units must come from your favorite pro team. $80M Yes 23
Private thexbomber 5/12/2007 $80M Yes 23
Private bigballamike 5/15/2007 Whatever You Want Who Cares? $80M Yes 23
Private vaderlives 5/21/2007 all madden fans rules go here...see who is best $80M Yes 23
NFL14809 glen87 7/9/2007 one TWISTED Franchise! Choose ANY year of a player as long as they appeared in at least 1 game for your franchise! See forum for complete rules and to sign up ~ COMPLETE RULES IN FORUM ~ NO MORE: 49ers, Bills, Broncos, Dolphins, Rams $80M No 23
Private tpmachine 8/22/2007 all one team rules go here...80k no clones $80M Yes 23
Private broncofan71 9/21/2007 Favorite Team Only $80 million to spend on your favorite team. The rules consist of the following 1. You may only pick players from your favorite team 2. No clones 3. Players only eligible during seasons they played for the team you choose. $80M Yes 23
Private otto2k3 10/18/2007 DKL-FSN SEASON TWO Please draft the exact team from the forum ... $200M Yes 23
Private neville 2/1/2008 rules go here... $80M Yes 23
Private fearhobbits 2/3/2008 2007 Players The Game Informer Online league! $80M Yes 23
Private mik1303 3/19/2008 $60M Yes 23
Private eaze87 5/16/2008 One franchise, one dream All players must be from the same franchise. Any year and must have in the stadium at some point. Site mail me for available teams. Teams taken: Steelers, Browns, Eagles $80M Yes 23
Private arrington56 5/24/2008 $80M Yes 23
Private edschaef 8/24/2008 rules go here... $60M Yes 23
Private brider212 12/22/2008 Pick Your Year All players from one year, incorporate movie name from that year into your team name $80M No 23
Private the_rabbit42 5/20/2009 limited cap rules go here... $60M Yes 23
Private thebearcat 10/28/2009 All Cowboys Only draft Cowboys. No clones (cannot draft 2 Emmitt Smiths) $80M Yes 23
Private kculmer89 12/8/2009 rules go here... $80M Yes 23
Private mrfrodo 1/14/2010 rules go here... $80M Yes 23
Private ironhead34 1/23/2009 League for Guys from GLB $80 m cap $80M Yes 23
Private kosmicmuffin 10/16/2010 None rules go here... $60M Yes 23
Private kerndog17 2/5/2011 rules go here... $80M Yes 23
Private mikthequick 10/24/2011 rules go here... $80M Yes 23
Private adamwest 7/4/2012 Money to burn No clones. $180M Yes 23
Private lordbeagle10 6/20/2014 rules go here... $60M Yes 23
Private samhafetz 11/20/2014 everything Join it $100M Yes 23
Private jcchappell 2/21/2015 $200M Yes 23
Private micduke 7/8/2013 $80M Yes 23
Private jcchappell 9/5/2016 rules go here... $200M Yes 23
NFL25521 slingers25 2/22/2018 50 Mil Cap Use players you never used before No Clones please $50M Yes 23
Private robbman21 8/6/2018 1975 Progressive League - 1975 200mil Salary Cap Draft from the league's current season ONLY. $200M No 23
Private bhammy 1/19/2019 WIS Championship L3 Decades League 2 90M Cap All players and team units from 70s, 80s, 90s. No WW or Duplicates $90M No 23
NFL26360 ARBY55 1/21/2019 Pick your favorite year ! ! ! your entire roster must be from the same year,any year you like. $60M Yes 23
Private bhammy 1/21/2019 WIS Championship L4 The Special D League 80M Cap All skill players available No Defense under 33M No OL over 5M No Special Team under 4.5M No Kicker under 3.5M No Punter under 2M No WW or Duplicates $80M No 23
NFL9522 lucci20 5/25/2005 Can you dig it? Waiver wire allowed, salary cap is at 60M, clones allowed, no limit per position. Perfect league for newer players. $60M Yes 22
NFL25150 widowmaker78 6/11/2017 $70 million Fantasy Football Extravaganza! $70 million salary cap. Clones and waiver wire are ALLOWED. Limit of two teams per owner allowed within league. Come and test your skills (With a lower than usual salary cap max). Bring it! $70M Yes 22
NFL23536 dustyg54 3/13/2014 No Rules Just Right No Clones/No WW/ that is it. $88M No 22
NFL24428 cisco3407kr 11/18/2015 90s league 90s players only no clones $80M Yes 22
Private optistrat 1/18/2009 Bring Out Your Dead $80mil, No Clones $80M Yes 22
NFL16499 deathstar234 3/3/2008 ATDL 250 MILLION DOLLAR DRAFT 250 million dollar draft to get anyone needed. All the teams will face different teams with completely different rosters. INTERESTED? JOIN IN THE THEME LEAGUE CLASSIFIEDS!!!!!!! 12 NEEDED!!!!!!! $250M No 22
NFL20753 hindukat 11/15/2010 To have fun ... That's what its all about .. 80k Only rule ... no clones ... the cap is set where you can put together a good team and have fun with it $80M Yes 21
Private bhammy 1/17/2019 WIS Championship L2 80M Cap, Franchise League. All players from same single franchise. No Defense, OL, Special Teams above 80 Skill Rating. Home field must be from same year of Defense being used. No WW or Dups. $80M No 21
Private gwhouse 1/20/2019 1953-77 Dual Season Progressive Season 8, 4 win minimum to qualify for 4 team draw for first pick in draft. $200M No 20
Private bhammy 1/21/2019 WIS Championship L1 Decades League 70M Cap All players and team units must be from 40s, 50s, 60s No WW or Duplictes $70M No 19
NFL23620 bmc013 5/2/2014 80 mil .. Best team for 80 mil ..no special rules $80M Yes 19
Private otms 5/18/2009 OTMS GET READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL No clones (meaning you may not have more than one season for a specific player). $80M Yes 9
NFL15250 Kevutz 9/30/2007 $100 million theme league. Good luck! Get who and what you want with $100 million in the bank. Good luck! $100M Yes 8

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