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                                                    Phase One

       3.  Atlanta (cpdpoet)                                          Mike Torrez, p                    (Det)
       6.  Atlanta (cpdpoet)                                          Bill Russell, ss                   (WC)

     11.  Atlanta (cpdpoet)                                          Jim Lonborg, p                   (NYM)
     14.  Atlanta (cpdpoet)                                          George Scott, 1b                (Cin)

                                                    Phase Two
     19.  Atlanta (cpdpoet)                                          Bert Campaneris, ss          (GG)   
     22.  Atlanta (cpdpoet)                                          Del Unser, of                       (Cin )
     27.  Atlanta (cpdpoet)                                          Dave Giusti, P                     (LA)  
     30.  Atlanta (cpdpoet)                                          Tom Hall, p                          (Hou) 
                                                    Phase Three

    35.  Atlanta (cpdpoet)                                           Nelson Briles, p                     (Cle)
    38.  Atlanta (cpdpoet)                                           Ellie Rodriguez, c                  (NYM)
    43.  Atlanta (cpdpoet)                                           Blue Moon Odom, p              (StL)
    46.  Atlanta (cpdpoet)                                           Lew Krausse, Jr., p               (Balt)


                                                   Phase One  

       2.  Milwaukee (seaphil)                          Jerry Koosman, p              (StL)
       7.  Milwaukee (seaphil)                          Jim Kaat, p,                        ( LA )

     10.  Milwaukee (seaphil)                           Lee May, 1b                       (GG)
     15.  Milwaukee (seaphil)                           Tony Oliva, of                   (Wash)
                                                    Phase Two
     18.  Milwaukee (seaphil)                           Bill Lee, p                         (NYK)    
     23.  Milwaukee (seaphil)                           Jerry Grote, c                  (NYM)
     26.  Milwaukee (seaphil)                           Cookie Rojas, 2B             (WC)  
     31 .  Milwaukee (seaphil)                          Bob Moose, p                  (Wash)

                                                    Phase Three
     34.  Milwaukee (seaphil)                       Ed Brinkman, ss                       (LA)
     39.  Milwaukee (seaphil)                       Clay Carroll, p                           (NYK)
     42.  Milwaukee (seaphil)                       Mickey Stanley, of                    (WC)
     47.  Milwaukee (seaphil)                       Donn Clendenon, 1b                (Hub)  


                                                        Phase One

       1.  Minnesota (ooooohdoggie)                Vida Blue, p                         (Cle)
       8.  Minnesota (ooooohdoggie)                Dave Roberts, p                (NYK)

       9.  Minnesota (ooooohdoggie)                Don Wilson, p                    (Hou)
     16.  Minnesota (ooooohdoggie)                Ron Hunt, 2b                      (Pitt)

                                                         Phase Two

     17.  Minnesota (ooooohdoggie)                Roberto Clemente, of      (Det)
     24.  Minnesota (ooooohdoggie)                 Al Kaline, of/1b                 (Cle)

     25.  Minnesota (ooooohdoggie)                Merv Rettenmund, of     (Balt)
     32.  Minnesota (ooooohdoggie)                Jim Brewer, p                  (Chi)
                                                    Phase Three
     33.  Minnesota (ooooohdoggie)                Ray Sadecki, p                      (Det)
     40.  Minnesota (ooooohdoggie)                Don Mincher, 1b                   (Hou)
     41.  Minnesota (ooooohdoggie)                Tim McCarver, c                   (GG)
     48.  Minnesota (ooooohdoggie)                Ollie Brown, of                      (Pitt)

                                                   SAN DIEGO 

                                                        Phase One

       4.  San Diego (blues322)                                 Aurelio Rodriguez, 3b         (Hub)          
       5.  San Diego (blues322)                                 Lou Piniella, of                     (Balt)

     12.  San Diego (blues322)                                 Bud Harrelson, ss               (Oak)
     13.  San Diego (blues322)                                 Stan Bahnsen, p                  (Chi)

                                                    Phase Two

     20.  San Diego (blues322)                                  Cito Gaston, of                     ( Hub )
     21.  San Diego (blues322)                                  Jay Johnstone, of                ( Oak )
     28.  San Diego (blues322)                                  Bobby Tolan, OF                 ( Pitt  )
     29.  San Diego (blues322)                                  Willie Horton, OF                ( St. L )

                                                    Phase Three

     36.  San Diego (blues322)                                  Chuck Dobson, p                 (Chi)
     37.  San Diego (blues322)                                  Alan Foster, p                       (Wash)
     44.  San Diego (blues322)                                  Tom Phoebus, p                   (Cin)                     
     45.  San Diego (blues322)                                   Danny Frisella, p                 (Oak) 
                       Four 1970 Expansion Teams listed Alphabetically by City

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           Progressive League Trades

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               2003-Fleer-Tradition-71-Lou-Brock                            2003-Topps-Tribute-World-Series-14-Lou-Brock      

   Question about partial seasons.
    In 1964, Lou Brock split his season between the Cubs and Cardinals.

   Would this league allow us to use just the Cubs part or just the Cardinals Part?

3 Brock, Lou 1964 St. Louis Cardinals L 695 14 .315 115 120 124 124 4.99 6.04 7,175 92 $4,986,715 -- -- -- -- -- D/C
4 Brock, Lou 1964 Chicago Cubs L 695 14 .315 115 120 124 124 4.99 6.04 7,175 92 $4,986,715 -- -- -- -- -- D/C
5 Brock, Lou 1964 St. Louis Cardinals L 464 12 .348 125 134 141 137 4.82 7.66 9,119 92 $4,231,386 -- -- -- -- -- D/C
6 Brock, Lou 1964 Chicago Cubs L 231 2 .251 97 93 91 99 5.38 3.50 5,031 92 $1,162,185 -- -- -- -- -- D/C
7 Brock, Lou 1965 St. Louis Cardinals L 702 16 .288 111 115 119 116 5.44 5.31 6,718 94 $4,716,105 -- -- -- -- -- D/C+
8 Brock, Lou 1966 St. Louis Cardinals L 678 15 .285 102 107 112 111 4.80 4.87 6,054 94 $4,105,008 -- -- -- -- -- D/C


                          1964 Topps                                                            1965 Topps

                                                         Progressive League Post

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1946 St. Louis Cardinals 

 Whitey Kurowski, Enos Slaughter, Marty Marion and Stan Musial

4/11/2013 9:26 AM

   Behind the Bag Baseball Blog

Sunday, August 25, 1946, Sportsman’s Park, St. Louis, first game of a doubleheader between the St Louis Cardinals
 and the Brooklyn Dodgers. Enos Slaughter and the batboy at right come to congratulate Stan Musial after he just 
 clouted a solo homer in the 4th inning, off young Ralph Branca, to go ahead of the Brooks 2-1. The dejected catcher
 is rookie Bruce Edwards.

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                                                                   P  Danny Coombs


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WIS: If you were in one of our games, what sport would you play, at what position, and what would you be rated?

toddleduc: I'm left-handed and had some pop and speed back in the day and had some good range in the outfield. Kirk Gibson comes to mind, Maybe 1988, but with at least B+ range, lol.

Could I make a last request that Harry Caray call my last home run of my career?

"Way Back! It might be – it could be – it is!!

  Hooooly Coooow!!"


WIS: We thank toddleduc for participating and sharing with the WhatIfSports.com community.     Return to Interviews

      toddleduc:   I'm left-handed and had some pop and speed back in the day and had some good range in the outfield. Kirk Gibson comes to mind, Maybe 1988, but with at least B+ range, lol. 

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No American sport enjoys as rich or as storied a history as baseball. For toddleduc, one of the joys of SimLeague Baseball is learning more about our national pastime as he assembles teams with players from any season going back to 1885. Toddleduc has specialized in draft and progressive leagues since he first joined WhatIfSports.com in 2005. He took a short hiatus from his squads to discuss, among other things, his strategies for drafting teams and his favorite players to target.

toddleduc SimLeague Baseball Overall Records
Seasons Record Playoff Record Championships
450 38,679-35,534 (52.1%) 859-849 (50.3%) 34

toddleduc Tournament of Champions Records
Appearances Record Finals Championships
58 188-228 (45.2%) 5 0

WIS: Who is toddleduc?

toddleduc: I grew up in Rolling Meadows and Schaumburg in the Chicago suburbs a lifelong, broken-hearted Cubbies fan. I remember the days when the Pope from Wrigley to Rush St, Harry Caray, would beam the games into our living room. An Old Style-guzzling Saint who loved life, he was a one-of-a kind institution who would say things during his broadcast like: "Ga-la-ra-ga spelled backwards is (Ag-ar-al-ag...pass me another Old Style, Steve!). When I wasn't out playing baseball I would watch all the games I could on WGN and sneak a small transistor radio under my pillow after bedtime and listen to as much of the late West Coast (9:30pm) games a kid could stay awake for.

WIS: How did you find out about WhatIfSports.com?

toddleduc: I stumbled onto WIS on accident looking for Fantasy Baseball sites...I never knew that something like WIS even existed. I loved the idea of being able to assemble your own team of anyone in the history of the game and when I found Draft Leagues and Progressives I was sold...

Drafts and Auctions are the most fun part to me. Have a cool League concept and a good Draft or Auction - and if I have the time - I'm there...In fact - my apologies being so late getting this back to you - I was knee-deep in my 54th ESPN Auction Draft the last month, lol...

That's one thing I'd love to have WIS add is an "Auction Draft" program. We could have all sorts of "Auction Drafts" from a particular year or theme.

WIS: Which of our games have you played? Which do you prefer?

toddleduc: Just SimLeague Baseball...but I'd like to try SimLeague Football sometime. LIVE play and LIVE Leagues are something else I recommend everyone try. It's a lot more satisfying calling your own shots, especially making your own bullpen on Live play. And from my LIVE community - we could use and would be grateful for an upgrade in some way if the programmers get a chance.

WIS: What are some of your interests and hobbies?

toddleduc: I love Music and Beer. From Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Jimi Hendrix, Cream, early U2, Jack Johnson, the Grateful Dead, Stones, Zeppelin, Allman Brothers, Wilco...I like a good microbrew...IPAs, Porters, Stouts...New Belgium 1554 on draft...if it's good, I like it, lol...

WIS: Which five people, past or present, sit at your dream roundtable discussion?

toddleduc: That's a good one...hmmm...Ted WilliamsBabe RuthTy CobbHonus Wagner, and Rogers Hornsby - as they were arguably five of the best hitters the game has ever had - but I'd have to add a couple seats at the table to share the experience with a couple of friends back in Chicago: Brian Kovar and Shawn Phillips because they would be able to appreciate meeting those fellas as much as I would. We'd order a whole bunch of good Chicago thin crust and deep dish pizza, and plenty of good beer as we try to drink Babe Ruth under the table. :)

WIS: Did you play any sports growing up?

toddleduc: I played baseball up through high school and at Columbia College, Chicago. Played a couple of seasons for the Chicago Tigers adult hardball league. I definite miss playing the game a lot...Kovar and Phillips are still playing summer ball, those lucky bastards!

Ted Williams is toddleduc's all-time favorite player and would sit at his dream roundtable discussion.

WIS: Who are your favorite all-time players?

toddleduc: Ted Williams without a doubt. I'm left-handed and played the outfield and wore No. 9 myself. He had the best swing and combination of great hitter and home run hitter the game has probably ever seen. And Roy Hobbs; favorite baseball movie is still the Natural.

WIS: Do you have any sports-related items on your bucket list that you have not yet done?

toddleduc: I need to for sure see Cooperstown, and catch a game at Fenway Park.

WIS: What is your favorite WIS moment?

toddleduc: Hmmm...hard to say...having a good draft where you feel like you put a good team together. And then if they play really, really well? That's just icing on the cake.

WIS: You currently have 13 SimLeague Baseball teams and three TOC teams. What is the most teams you've ever had at one time?

toddleduc: 25 or so probably, lol? Whewww...it can get overwhelming especially if they are mostly progressive with drafts and research popping up every other week, four drafts overlapping at once, lol.

WIS: Is it challenging to keep all of your teams organized?

toddleduc: Yes, it can be for sure...

WIS: Do you have any favorite team names for your teams?

toddleduc: I've had so many over the years...I wish my memory were better...Hilltop Hooligans, Chicago Harry Carays, Montreal Mullets, Philadelphia Fu Manchus, Popes of Greenwich Village, Oakland Disco Dogs, Atlanta Rabid Rabbits...

WIS: Do you have any favorite SimLeague Baseball theme or progressive leagues?

toddleduc: UNO is the most fun Draft and play I've ever been in. We need to get a version of that going over here. I like the couple of Auction Leagues I've been in, Dodgeball is always fun, and these Eliminator Leagues are fun. If I have the time, I'm up for anything interesting. I'm set for life between ESPN and WIS when I retire as far as not being bored, lol.

WIS: What is your general strategy for building teams in SimLeague Baseball?

toddleduc: I generally do drafts and go starting pitching-heavy and if there are any stud-hitting middle infielders or even third baseman to grab...There's generally plenty of productive outfielders and first basemen available. I'm a big fan of a lower strikeout rate from hitters if I can get it, thinking that IF they made more contact they'd have a better chance of getting that sacrifice fly or run-scoring groundout. On the pitching side of things, I go for as low of HR/9 allowed as possible and I like low OAV. I also look at ERC+ to gauge where guys fit in for same season Leagues.

WIS: How does your strategy differ from when you first discovered the game nearly eight years ago?

toddleduc: Probably how to do better and faster research. I have learned so much about the history of baseball that I've soaked in playing WIS that I honestly don't know if I'd have learned otherwise, so thanks to WIS for that for teaching a lot of us that history...and being able to relive it.

WIS: Are there any players in specific that you like to put on your teams?

toddleduc: I'm a sucker for Pete Alexander and Three Finger Brown, they both do well for me. I like Roberto AlomarAlan Trammell, and either Chipper JonesGeorge BrettKen Caminiti at third, Elston Howard behind the dish, Carlos Beltran's great KC season in CF...

Pete Alexander is featured on many of toddleduc's SimLeague Baseball teams. During the pitcher's 20-year career, he topped 300 innings pitched during nine seasons, including a career-high 389 IP in 1916.

WIS: Do you make transactions during the season to try and separate yourself from others?

toddleduc: Rarely...I don't like to give up draft picks for a quick fix that may or may not pay off. If I think my team has a good shot at going all the way and I can get a bullpen arm, a starter, or a key hitter, then maybe I'll pull off a deal.

WIS: How much time do you spend on your SimLeague Baseball teams? How much do you think is necessary to be competitive?

toddleduc: I like to put in enough research to have a draft plan or at least know who's good at which positions... you have to assess the talent that's out there and when to go get it...

WIS: Despite making it to five TOC Finals, you have yet to win at TOC Championship. What has prevented you from winning the big one?

toddleduc: Lol, ouch...I play mostly all Progressives so those are generally the types of teams I have in the TOC that generally don't stand a chance in multi-season and wide open leagues.

WIS: If you were to give one piece of advice to a new user, what would it be?

toddleduc: Whatever sports you're interested in checking out, check out all the different types of Leagues there are.

WIS: What is your favorite aspect of SimLeague Baseball?

toddleduc: The Drafts and the Forums "self-serve" ability for us to create League ideas and get them started.

WIS: Least favorite? What is one feature you want to see implemented in a future update?

toddleduc: I wish Live play was a bit more interesting visually somehow - maybe have little thumbnail pictures like when we used baseball cards and dice back in the old days :) That and I'd love to see some form of Auction program – that would be a LOT of fun.

WIS: Who are the users you respect and/or enjoy the most?

toddleduc: I've played in a LOT of Leagues over eight years with a lot of great, fun guys... on the LIVE side, joshkvtThe TaintveryniceBastanRedSox, habsfsfan when he was around... the five of us were in almost every cool league that was worth playing in at one point, lol.

WIS: If you were in one of our games, what sport would you play, at what position, and what would you be rated?

toddleduc: I'm left-handed and had some pop and speed back in the day and had some good range in the outfield. Kirk Gibson comes to mind, May 1988 but with at least B+ range, lol. Could I make a last request that Harry Caray call my last home run of my career? "Way Back! It might be – it could be – it is!! Hooooly Coooow!!"

WIS: We thank toddleduc for participating and sharing with the WhatIfSports.com community.



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P Darryl Patterson 
selected in the 4th Round. slot 11, by bigjc's Baltimore Orioles.

Then posted today in our AAA Draft.






1968 San Francisco Giants 


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5/1/2013 5:14 AM (edited)


  Hank Aaron, Hank Aaron wore uniform # 44, except in 1954 when he wore # 5.


  Hank Aaron's page at Baseball Reference.com  http://www.baseball-reference.com/players/a/aaronha01.shtml


       View team uniforms at Dressed to the Nines a Baseball Hall of Fame on-line exhibit 




5/1/2013 5:15 AM

Bidders a-clamorin' for jersey worn by Hammerin' Hank Aaron

Rare rookie-year jersey could bring $200,000 at auction

April 19, 2011

The year was 1954 and nobody could have guessed that the skinny rookie wearing No. 5 for the Milwaukee Braves would go on to become one of the greatest players in baseball.

A jersey worn by Hank Aaron that year - and resewed the next year with his more familiar No. 44 - is up for auction in Texas this week and expected to fetch an estimated $200,000.

"It's a Hall of Fame-worthy piece and just a really neat item," said Chris Ivy, director of sports auctions at Heritage Auction Galleries in Dallas.

The consignor is New Jersey ophthalmologist Richard Angrist, who has been selling off some of his high-end collection as he concentrates on acquiring Yankees items for exhibit in the museum at Yankee Stadium.

Angrist, 55, said he bought the gray flannel road jersey privately from a West Coast man about five years ago. That collector had held it for many years.

"I believe there's a high probability Aaron hit his first home run in that jersey because he hit his first home run on the road," Angrist said.

That was on April 23, 1954, in a 14-inning Braves win at St. Louis. Aaron hit 754 more homers, a record that stood until Barry Bonds broke it in 2007, but under a cloud of steroid use allegations.

Referring to the year, a tag on the jersey says "Aaron 54" above the washing instructions. At some point before Angrist bought it, Aaron autographed the jersey for someone with: "Best Wishes, Hank Aaron."

Most Milwaukee fans probably don't remember that Aaron wore No. 5 during his first season in baseball. The jersey being auctioned bears the No. 44, but Ivy said a closer examination on a light table shows the stitching path where the 5 used to be on both the front and back.

There's uncertainty about exactly when Aaron wore the jersey during his second year with the Braves. It's possible he used it only during the preseason, but he may have worn it for regular season games, the Heritage catalog says.

Players from that era typically were given two home jerseys and two road jerseys so they had one to wear while the other was in the wash, Ivy said. If that's indeed the case with Aaron, then the odds he was wearing this particular jersey for his first home run are 50-50.

Ivy said he's unaware of any other Aaron rookie jerseys out there. When Aaron got fresh jerseys in 1955, Ivy said, this one and Aaron's other rookie jerseys probably were shipped to the minor leagues to be used by a player there. Worn-out uniforms were thrown away, but this jersey made its way into the public market at some point, and its value increased as Aaron's legacy grew.

I wanted to ask Aaron, 77, about this jersey, but I couldn't reach him Tuesday.

The catalog promotes the jersey as not only a piece of baseball history, but as a symbol of a time when African-American players excelled even as they fought against racial segregation and hatred throughout America.

So how do we know this jersey is legit?

"This particular piece has been looked at by some of the best authenticators in the hobby. They compare it to other flannels from the era and from the team," Ivy said.

They look at the stitching, tagging and distinctive features, including the now politically incorrect tomahawk across the front and Indian on the sleeve. They compare it to photos from the time.

Angrist said he has kept the jersey in a bank vault, but occasionally took it out to show to friends. He resisted any urge to try it on, calling it a relic. He said he thinks he paid about $175,000 for it.

Other baseball jerseys have sold for more. Ivy mentioned a Babe Ruth jersey from 1933 that went for nearly $700,000 in 2006, and a Lou Gehrig jersey from the fabulous 1927 Yankees that topped $700,000.

The top online bid for the Aaron jersey stood at $60,000 on Tuesday. Live bidding will be Friday and someone will take it home.

The jersey is considered the centerpiece of the sports auction, which also includes century-old baseball cards, numerous autographed baseballs, a wedge used by Jack Nicklaus, a swim cap worn by Michael Phelps as he won Olympic gold and a Cowboys helmet worn by Emmitt Smith. Angrist has consigned other items, including a bat used by Ted Williams during his 1947 triple crown season, and a jersey worn by Nolan Ryan while pitching his seventh and final no-hitter.

The entire uniform worn by Aaron when he broke Babe Ruth's home run record in 1974 was donated by Aaron in 1987 to the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown, N.Y., along with artifacts from his youth in Mobile, Ala.

An Aaron jersey, glove and other items held at Miller Park were damaged a couple of years ago in a flood. They were restored but remain in storage.

Older fans will remember a display case of Aaron's stuff in the main concourse at County Stadium. Among the quirkier items were the slugger's shower shoes. I asked team spokesman Tyler Barnes what became of those relics. He consulted a former team historian and this was the report:

"When we opened that sealed glass 'tomb' for the first time in 15 years, those shower shoes literally disintegrated to the touch. They never made it to the new County Stadium display, let alone Miller Park."

Call Jim Stingl at (414) 224-2017 or email at [email protected]

Find this article at: 


      Journal Sentinel files

Hank Aaron of the Milwaukee Braves races past Joe Garagiola to score in 1954, Aaron’s rookie year, when he wore No. 5. He switched to No. 44 the following year, and a No. 44 jersey being auctioned still bears the stitch marks from No. 5. The jersey is expected to sell for about $200,000.


5/1/2013 5:17 AM
Posted by italyprof on 5/13/2013 7:27:00 PM (view original):

      Please see the progressive theme league classifieds for a description of the Brand New, just starting out Space Age Progressive League, a 24 team (8 playoff spots)  single season Progressive League that will being play in 1946 and which expects to be able to play 80 full seasons of baseball between now and the real world year 2026. 

                                                                                    Link to Classified below

                                                     NEW 24 team Progressive League starting in 1946 !









   Stan Musial, St. Louis Cardinals' star, jokes with Ted Williams, Boston Red Sox slugger, as he visited him in his dressing room at Sarasota, Fla., March 15, 1946, before their exhibition game, which was rained out.  (AP Photo/Preston Stroup)

   John F. Kennedy chats with Ted Williams, Eddie Pellagrini, and Hank Greenberg during a 1946 Tiger road trip to Fenway Park in Boston, April 1946

Posted by italyprof on 5/13/2013  -    So I wanted to start the world anew - with the war over, 

the best players returning,  with fascism defeated,  Italians voting to abolish the

monarchy and establish a republic in a referendum, the UN founded and not yet a disappointment,

with Jackie Robinson arriving in Montreal in the minors and about to join - who knows which team and city in our second season,

with the first radar signals beamed to the moon, beginning the space age - with Ted and Stan but even before Willie and Mickey and Henry -

and I wanted to provide others who have played in the same, often wonderful leagues for many seasons now, but miss that excitement of a new

league start, like opening day with the smell of fresh cut grass on the infield, and also those who keep hearing about progressives from the rest

of us, but haven't had the chance to be in on the ground floor of a new one where they won't be the newly arrived, taking over a bashed in team

needing to repaired for many seasons, but starting out fresh. 

So check it out, join in, sign up, and play ball ! 

friendly neighborhood italyprof



   Mays and Mickey Mantle check over their lineups before the start of All-Star game at Yankee Stadium l-Star game at Yankee Stadium 




5/14/2013 7:36 AM (edited)

Posted by boogerlips on 5/8/2013 9:20:00 AM (view original):
Sitemail Ooooooooooooodoghie. Or is it Oooooooooooodoghie? Hard to tell how many ooooo's.


5 o's like Hawaii 5 - 0. Was asked to provide a 12 letter username and was my recollection of Jed Clampett from television's Beverly Hillbillies, maybe more accurately well-doggies!!!


  http://www.tradingcarddb.com/GalleryP.cfm/pid/2942/Walter-Johnson    Is the first page of the Gallery of Walter Johnson scanned Trading Cards at The Trading Card Database.




What is the Trading Card Database?

Welcome to the Trading Card Database!

The Trading Card Database serves as a community-created archive of the history of trading cards as well as a resource and channel for collectors.

Here you will find set listings for an expanding list of releases, including trivia, checklists, error cards, rookie cards, user ratings and comments, forums, plus images. The database is fully searchable by year, card manufacturer, player, or team and is growing by the day.

You can contribute your scans, reviews and general knowledge by registering. Earn points for adding things to the database and climb up the ranks. You can also use the database to track your collection. We are committed to providing the most accurate information, so if you spot any inaccuracies, please let us know.

Thanks and welcome!






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