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Wait ... they are still linked, so he just unpinned the other threads and pinned this one.

Aha! And then when we ask to have a thread pinned, he'll summarize and link it here. So this one will be cleaned and locked.

6/25/2008 11:58 AM
pinned, not locked, else we wouldn't be having this conversation.
6/25/2008 2:52 PM
Quote: Originally Posted By zlionsfan on 6/25/2008Replies are just a counter like our post counts ... probably reset when he redid the thread.

Seems like this would work better if it linked to the original threads, and then those would be tucked away somewhere else (rather than being individually pinned), but I suspect the "somewhere else" isn't possible with this forum software
Yeah, **** "falls off the edge" - which is why you'll see people bump **** for no reason after 364 or so days.
7/1/2008 9:16 AM
Quote: Originally Posted By zoobaseball on 7/17/2008

Speaking from a rookie (3 pathetic seasons) learning this game to another noob - there is NO WAY you have figured anything out, even if it looks that way. This game is very complex and the most fun you will have is by joining a league with experienced owners that are willing to either teach you directly or teach you by letting you screw up and learn that way. You will learn by rebuilding a team or taking over a franchise that you can tweak and see effects (and ask questions, even if people make fun of you when you ask them). You will not learn by starting a world, and in fact, your world will only be worthwhile if you get people who are committed and/or very good owners already. These people will not spend $25 per team to join a world started and being run by somebody with no experience. (Unless they are your friends and family, clueless newbies lime me or your 24 other aliases).

I can see the appeal of joining a new world (I did that with my second team) where there is no baggage from different styles of management, but join a young world or new world if you want, just don't start your own.

You probably already figured out that when you join (or create) a new world, not all teams are created equal. Players are randomly generated and you could get a good team, but you could get a crappy team, and these guys already have good and bad contracts assigned. This is not better than being able to pick a team in an ongoing league...

Can this get pinned for easy reference?
7/17/2008 5:38 PM
all my posts are significant
7/24/2008 8:26 PM
i don't believe you.
8/12/2008 2:18 PM
the truth is out and ye shall find
8/17/2008 8:40 PM
10/15/2008 8:47 AM
hi helen. i like that thing you do with your hands, you naughty broad.
2/3/2009 4:27 PM
Any chance of updating the stadium information, WIS? These park ratings are old. If not, this thread should be deleted.
6/10/2009 8:31 AM
Jack, I see Atlanta, Cincinnati, Colorado, Detroit, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis, Tampa Bay, and Washington as needing updates. Any others?
6/10/2009 4:16 PM
Quote: Originally posted by zlionsfan on 6/10/2009Jack, I see Atlanta, Cincinnati, Colorado, Detroit, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis, Tampa Bay, and Washington as needing updates. Any others?
I only noticed Atlanta this morning when I was looking to switch cities. WIS must have a list of the parks they changed a while back, right?
6/10/2009 4:45 PM
Depends when it happened ... three MLB seasons have ended since my original posts, so there are probably multiple lists (and the newest parks might even have been changed more than once).

But then the park data is definitely sitting somewhere that could be exported in a user-friendly format.

Maybe we can get the parks list added to the FAQ? Either there or the World Center. That might be more effective than updating the forum once a year (or more).
6/11/2009 9:18 AM
Making the list dynamically available is something they'd like to do ... when I get the chance I'll post an updated list for now, and then hopefully around the next update or two we'll have a permanent solution.
6/12/2009 10:40 AM
You're a gentleman and a scholar -- but you're OK anyway. Thanks!
6/16/2009 8:32 AM
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