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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blue Jays goleafs04 0 41
Good Car Ideas dmalone01 1 13
Kings purplehaze54 4 283
Slammers Elite9 0 12
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Chews Torsten120 1 11
Flying Squirrels bbeecher 0 3
Greenjocks anthrus 0 7
Mangos soccer_mango 1 12
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Everbats Disable411 0 7
Goyim fervus 4 88
Riper Bananas RyneHorde 0 11
Spicebush MelanieS 0 5
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Aphelion MabelO 0 7
Baños También kingofspain 1 19
Bombers Blairjen 0 13
Suits spkbaseball 0 10
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Black Sox jaxng 2 147
Maple Mafia Officialism4 1 18
Untouchables UndeadElbow 0 10
Whalers irishboy8 0 7
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Big Boys aflax19 1 10
Del's Frozen Lemonade friarboy 0 42
Olives dockellis70 0 56
Winnebagos MikeLiv 0 6
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Apollos t22u 1 41
Fleur-de-lis CSThorne 0 7
Heat Strokes MattWinks 0 14
Zydeco Zombies thaneoffife 0 64
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Cornbelters Qdog915 0 0
Los Angeleses mrincubus 4 117
Meadowlarks KatrinaM 0 6
Pot Croppers Knudervalve 2 41
World Chat
I have the money to eat a big salary for an aging star if anyone is interested.
Making a couple roster moves come end of day tomorrow. Bernie Rose (RF) is the player I am most readily available to move. Looking for a so-so prospect arm in return.
Will listen to offers for Diego Mendoza (B) looking for top class ML players.
tomorrow pm2
When is call up day?
Hey Houston, lose a dang game, bro. Also I hate you :)
Second to last in the NL in OPS... you don't love to see it
But hey, Hartley got a save first time out
It is always a great plan when you allocate the money for prospects for type b free agents and then have to transfer it to sign those same free agents
Here Lies Detroit -- They Never Scored

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