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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blue Jays goleafs04 0 51
Caribou dmalone01 4 41
North Stars psed 0 15
Slammers Elite9 0 23
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Chews Torsten120 5 56
Lions BLCROW 0 80
Mangos soccer_mango 2 23
Regulators laker853 0 59
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Cyclones acesspade 7 129
Dirtbags bigmattr 41 176
Riper Bananas RyneHorde 0 21
Storm lukeb23 0 0
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bombers Blairjen 0 23
Giants avanslyke18 4 117
Missions tajohn 2 94
Rockies pat007ohmss 4 297
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bulldogs buckeye1963 0 12
Mad Men Natic_Empire 16 231
Maple Mafia Officialism4 4 62
Mosquitoes irishboy8 0 22
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Del's Frozen Lemonade friarboy 0 75
Mashionals aflax19 2 23
Muleys Whitetail96 0 43
Olives dockellis70 0 77
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bananas nrsmith7778 0 1
Heat Strokes MattWinks 0 33
Jacks JRHdz 0 2
Zydeco Zombies thaneoffife 0 82
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Falcons stone7365 1 107
Pot Croppers Knudervalve 12 90
Rusty Buckets r7gordon 0 132
Sunny Days ernestborg9 0 30
World Chat
I am in the market for major league quality relief pitchers, and have some very nice prospects to give in return. Please trade Chat or make offer? Thanks!
Friendly reminder that Pep Bernier was a 2B for the majority of his career, not a LF
Also looking like I'm going to have ~$20M in free cap space, so I'm more than willing to exchange cap space for prospects.
Elmore, Jackson, Espinosa, Duran, and Almora
I think it was similar to Bob Bolton where he dropped at the end only one team saw him in the HOF ballot.
Is there some sort of bug in the HOF code or did Elroy Duran really appear on the ballot last year and get just one vote? 300 wins, 2.86 ERA, five dang Cy Youngs Elroy Duran?
Vote JRJ!!!
Hopefully we clear some of this backlog so next season I can start really stumping for Roy Saarloos.
If anyone is looking to deal an ace level or number 2 starter, hit me up
For those who may be skeptical on Hayes, just remember he played half his games in pre-nuked Portland.

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