Any info on Schools by States and Division? Topic

Is there any past info about how many particular schools there are in each state by division?
7/15/2011 9:50 AM
I actually created a spread sheet when I first started and listed all of the D1, D2, and D3 schools in WIS by city and state.  When I was interested in recruiting a player I would use Mapquest to look at how many schools were withing 300 miles of the kid and what their recruiting needs might be to try to anticipate any recruitng battles.  I haven't used in the 3-4 years.  After a while I just got a good feel for states that are more wide open and which ones I might find more competition.
7/15/2011 2:51 PM
You happen to still have that spreadsheet?  It would be helpful!
7/15/2011 4:08 PM
Yeah, I would also be very interested in that spreadsheet. Probably took a lot of work. 
7/15/2011 5:11 PM
Actually wikipedia has a map of this seperated by each division.  Here is the D1 Map:
7/15/2011 5:23 PM
Posted by car_crazy_v2 on 7/15/2011 5:11:00 PM (view original):
Yeah, I would also be very interested in that spreadsheet. Probably took a lot of work. 


7/15/2011 7:25 PM

overall  (984)
NY-92, PA-81, CA-45, TX-45, MA-44, NC-42, OH-39, IL-37, VA-32, WI-28, NJ-25, FL-24, MI-24, MN-24, GA-23, IN-22, SC-22, TN-22, MO-21, MD-20, CT-18, AL-17, WV-17, CO-16, IA-15, LA-14, AR-13, KY-13, WA-13, ME-12, NH-11, OK-11, OR-11, MS-9, RI-8, VT-8, DC-7, KS-7, NE-7, DE-5, HI-5, NM-5, UT-5, AZ-4, ID-4, SD-4, MT-3, PR-3, AK-2, ND-2, NV-2, WY-1

D3  (384)
NY-55, PA-47, MA-32, WI-23, OH-22, IL-22, TX-16, VA-15, NJ-14, MN-13, CA-12, IA-11, ME-11, MD-9, IN-8, MI-8, CT-7, NH-6, OR-6, MO-5, NC-5, VT-5, GA-4, RI-4, TN-4, WA-4, KY-3, AR-2, MS-2, DC-2, FL-1, AL-1, CO-1, DE-1, LA-1, NE-1, WV-1, (AK, AZ, HI, ID, KS, MT, ND, NM, NV, OK, PR, SC, SD, UT, WY = 0) 
D2  (276)
NC-20, PA-20, NY-15, WV-14, GA-13, CA-12, FL-12, SC-12, CO-11, MO-11, MN-10, TX-10, MI-9, AR-7, OK-7, AL-6, MA-6, TN-6, WA-5, CT-4, NI-4, IN-4, KS-4, KY-4, NE-4, NJ-4, OH-4, SD-4, VA-4, IL-3, NH-3, NM-3, PR-3, AK-2, DE-2, MD-2, ND-2, VT-2, AZ-1, DC-1, ID-1, MS-1, MT-1, OR-1, RI-1, WI-1 (IA, LA, ME, NV, UT, WY = 0)

D1  (324)
NY-22, CA-21, TX-19, NC-17, PA-14, LA-13, OH-13, VA-13, IL-12, TN-12, FL-11, AL-10, IN-10, SC-10, MD-9, CT-7, MI-7, NJ-7, GA-6, KY-6, MA-6, MS-6, MO-5, UT-5, AR-4, CO-4, DC-4, IA-4, OK-4, OR-4, WA-4, WI-4, AZ-3, ID-3, KS-3, RI-3, DE-2, MT-2, NE-2, NH-2, NM-2, NV-2, WV-2, HI-1, ME-1, MN-1, VT-1, WY-1 (AK, ND, PR, SD = 0)

D1  (baseline prestige A/B)
PA-6, CA-5, NC-5, OH-4, TX-4, FL-3, IL-3, IN-3, NY-3, TN-3, VA-3, WA-3, AL-2, AZ-2, DC-2, GA-2, IA-2, KS-2, KY-2, MA-2, MI-2, MO-2, MS-2, NJ-2, OK-2, OR-2, RI-2, SC-2, WI-2, AR-1, CO-1, CT-1, HI-1, LA-1, MD-1, MN-1, NE-1, NM-1, NV-1, UT-1, WV-1, (AK, DE, ID, ME, MT, ND, NH, PR, SD, VT, WY = 0)

D1  (baseline prestige C/D)
NY-19, CA-16, TX-15, LA-12, NC-12, VA-10, IL-9, OH-9, TN-9, AL-8, FL-8, MD-8, PA-8, SC-8, IN-7, CT-6, MI-5, NJ-5, GA-4, KY-4, MA-4, MS-4, UT-4, AR-3, CO-3, ID-3, MO-3, DC-2, DE-2, IA-2, MT-2, NH-2, OK-2, OR-2, WI-2, AZ-1, KS-1, ME-1, NE-1, NM-1, NV-1, RI-1, VT-1, WA-1, WV-1, WY-1, (AK, HI, MN, ND, PR, SD = 0)

7/15/2011 11:02 PM (edited)
7/16/2011 12:48 AM
Any info on Schools by States and Division? Topic

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