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Equal Opportunity League III.VI


I was doing some yardwork yesterday when I stubbed my toe on a metal box. One corner of the box was barely sticking out of the ground so I unearthed the rest of it. It was manuscripts by my boy Al Einstein from back in the day! Explaining space-time continuum and the pre-cursor to the super-string theory.
Anyhow, I've figued out how to manipulate the six dimensions that comprise our existence. I roamed back to nineteen twenty one and kid-napped Babe Ruth, then traveled to nineteen thirty five. In nineteen thirty five I poisoned the fat old Babe Ruth. Then the vibrant, sixty homer hitting Ruth, stepped into the Boston Braves line-up and led them to the World Series title!

I'm willing to share my knowledge of time travel with twenty three other competent owners. This league will be an all-time franchise league where you can use any season of any player who played in at least one game for your team. You can use any season of that player, regardless if the season you choose to use was with your franchise or not. All seasons of your franchise from eighteen eighty five to two thousand and ten (you can use Carl Crawford for the Red Sox since he signed there this off-season) are available.
Willie Mays stumbling in the outfield for the Mets will now be electric Willie Mays chasing down fly-balls for the Mets. Knock-knee'd and useless Brewer Hank Aaron, now becomes the greatest all around player in the history of the game representing the Brewers- Hank Aaron. You get the picture.
One other thing- through my complicated, space/time travel discovery, we can also venture into the future! All franchises whose existence isn't as storied as the old school teams with turn of the century studs (Yanks, BoSox, Pirates, Cards, Tigers, etc.), get to travel forward in time and use the studs of tommorrow(i.e. a six/four set of below average pick 'em. est. value -$14mil extra ).

(*)Next to team name below means AAA



1.) Pick a franchise. You get any player who appeared in at least one game on that team in the history of the team. But you can use any season for that player, regardless of whether they played for your team or not (http://www.baseball-reference.com/), any year of that player that you like. No clones.
2.) You must use a stadium from your franchise.
3.) You get $120 Mil to make your team, not the standard 80 mil.
4.) AAA allowed(6/4 below average pick 'em- est. value $14mil), eligible teams will be listed. WW yes (under same guidelines as drafting however); No DH; No Clones; Trades yes; H2H unlimited. Divisions aligned as close to actual divisions as possible.
5.) 40 Games live to qualify for playoffs.
6.) Must use current team name.

*200k players can be anyone to help ease roster creation. They must however not play in any game if they are not team linked. Subject to forfeitures.
11/18/2013 12:24 PM

Admin is going to kick a six pack to the owner with the most regular season wins combined after six seasons.

You do not have to use the same franchise each season, and you are not obligated to play any more than the season you paid for. This is just a little something extra to increase to value for those who are considering playing past season I.I.


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Yes, as long as at least half of the users participate in all 6 seasons.
We'll need a list of those users at the conclusion of season 6.

This8/**/2006 5:10:00 AM
arvidjosef wrote: I am commisioning a league. Its going to be a
progressive league, can admin give a six-pack the the owner with the
most regular season wins after the sixth season?



Equal Opportunity League

6-Pack Race Champions


6 pack race standing III.I-III.V  

obnyy- 505-305
arvidjosef- 460-350
frozen_rope- 468-342
dahsdebater- 455-355
kevo21- 355-293
The Taint- 322-326
The_Hodags- 305-343
gusv- 365-445
Yaz_Benders- 360-288
Sparkeroo- 359-289
A'sFan- 247-240
ConansDad- 219-267
4everasoxfan- 218-268
lawman_185- 175-149
theyard2- 168-155
indiancoach3- 162-162
chris_son- 157-167
dlrawson- 156-168
9ookoloo- 154-170
braveboy73- 226-260
kleinevoet- 138-186
joshkvt- 275-373
onubears4656- 133-191
leeelci- 129-195
wedhead36- 92-70
besterateam- 87-75
ballsweatsux- 87-75
hatchetman- 87-75
coyote522- 86-76
stlbombers- 86-77
steve9955- 85-77
harrelson- 84-78
gonzos- 82-80
southernc- 81-81
fla_dave- 79-83
szczubelek- 159-165
btillis- 79-83
sssbomb- 76-86
rob_infinite- 72-90
whivsiv- 72-90
nhohm- 71-91
matt13- 70-92
quagmire9000- 64-98
nickrbalz127- 61-101
verynice- 61-101
11kwyetman28- 128-196
blaisebbss8- 185-139
timothygroth- 138-186
dmoss- 88-74
mikepot53565- 65-97
koerdtr-  87-75
sweetnss355-  79-83
xygzreturns-  77-85
mvprookie5-  65-97
hurricane86-  72-90
12/10/2013 1:11 PM (edited)
League Champions

Season I.I
Chicago Cubs-obnyy
Season I.II
Seattle Mariners*-billyho1515
Season I.III
Seattle Mariners*-The Taint
Season I.IV
New York Giants-crazystengel
Season I.V
New York Mets*-Marty s
Season I.VI
New York Mets*-Marty s

Season II.I
Chicago White Sox-arvidjosef

Season II.II
New York Mets*- lawman_185
Season II.III
New York Mets*-billyho1515
Season II.IV
Kansas City Royals*- lawman_185

Season II.V
San Diego Padres*-lawman_185

Season II.VI
Atlanta Braves- Sparkeroo

Season III.I
Houston Astros-frozen_rope

Season III.II
New York Mets*-kevo21

Season III.III

Philadelphia Phillies-Sparkeroo

Season III.IV
San Diego Padres*-braveboy73

Season III.V
 San Francisco Giants- joshkvt
11/22/2013 11:17 AM (edited)
AL East

Baltimore-  bublooo

Boston-  arvidjosef

New York (AL)-  joshkvt

Toronto/Milwaukee*-  06gsp 
12/22/2013 5:35 PM (edited)
AL Central

Chicago-  blaisebbss8 

Cleveland-  dahsdebater 

Detroit-  11kwyetman28

Kansas City*-  kevo21

12/18/2013 12:09 PM (edited)
AL West

Oakland-  obnyy

Seattle*-  ratedpg_13


Anaheim/Texas*-  frozen_rope

Expansion 2 of 4 (Az/Col/Fla/Tb)* 
12/8/2013 3:19 PM (edited)
NL East

Atlanta-  11kwyetman28

Philadelphia-  blaisebbss8 

New York (NL)*-  kevo21


Expansion 2 of 4 (Az/Col/Fla/Tb)*-  tymonroe2
12/22/2013 3:51 AM (edited)
NL Central

Chicago (NL)-  gusv

Cincinnati-  quagmire9000

Pittsburgh-  szczubelek

St. Louis-  Sparkeroo
12/5/2013 8:22 PM (edited)
NL West

Los Angeles-  arvidjosef

San Diego*-  soxyanks12

San Francisco-  joshkvt

Expansion 2 of 4 (Az/Col/Fla/Tb)*- 
12/20/2013 5:33 AM (edited)
Give me Chicago AL and Philly again.
11/18/2013 1:34 PM
I'll take Chicago NL ... About time I tried the Cubbies ... 
11/18/2013 3:18 PM
11/18/2013 3:24 PM
I'll bring the Giants back to defend their title, and the Evil Empire.
11/18/2013 4:35 PM
I'll take the Rangers/Angels combo
11/18/2013 4:55 PM
I'll take the motorheads of Detroit
11/19/2013 5:57 AM
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Equal Opportunity League III.VI (23;96%) #107454 Topic

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