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Hello all, with all the new players coming to this game I figured that I would try and put together a basic guide to help get new coaches up to speed. I am by no means the most knowledgeable coach in this game and this is just my take on the game so far. This is solely ment to help first time coaches integrate into this game.
If you are a veteren coach and have an opinion on something I have posted here please feel free to make a comment, or site mail me and I can make a change, or add it in.
6/18/2010 12:55 PM
Selecting a country/world:
This is the first and possibly most important decision you make in this game. You need to decide what country you want your team to be based in and then subsequently what world you want that team to be in. On the main FC Dynasty page there are 2 small links on the lower right hand side of the page that are extremely useful. They are Countries and Worlds.
The Countries link will show you what countries are available in this game, as well as how many teams of that nationality currently exist and how many teams are waiting to be placed in a league. NOTE: there are 20 teams per league.
The Worlds link gives you a list of all existing worlds, what week they are on, what season they are in, and what countries are available in that world. You will notice that some countries such as USA, England, Italy, Republic of Ireland, Germany, Scotland, and Canada are in multiple worlds, while other countries like Japan, Greece, Romania, and Croatia are in only 1 world.
The week that the world is in will let you know how long you will have to wait to have your team placed in that world. There are 52 weeks (1 week in game time = 1 day in real time) per season with 2-3 extra days at the end to allow for maintenance before the world rolls to the next season. Countries are filled on a first come first serve basis. Keep this in mind when selecting your country, because if you don’t make it into the first available league you may have to wait a while to get into another.
After you create your team you must go to the League tab on your team page and click the join a league button. You will them be placed in the next available league. Set up some challenges and change the formation and position of the players on your team to get a better understanding of what works best for your team.
6/18/2010 1:03 PM (edited)
Your Stadium:
Building your stadium is critical to your future success in this game. Game revenue is based on stadium size. So the larger your stadium the more fans you can draw to your game and the more revenue you generate per game. Without that revenue it will make it hard to compete for quality free agents, and therefore compete for a league title.
You can start building your stadium in week 11, so pay attention to the money you spend on your initial free agents.. You should be able to build your stadium to 25K for about $2mil. Pay attention to the cost of building just seats because at about 15K it becomes cheaper to build standing room and then convert to seats. In order to build your stadium larger than 25K, all standing room must be converted to seats.
Since this game is primarily a money management game you must decide at what point do you stop building your stadium and start saving money for next season, to pay for salaries and buy free agents? Pay attention to the attendance of your home games, if you are not selling out your stadium there is no need to build it bigger. If you are selling it out, build it a little bigger and the reevaluate. In your first season, I would recommend not building your stadium bigger than 30K or stop building it by week 30, whichever comes first. Right now (season 11) we are seeing average attendance ranging from 35K to just over 40K depending on quality of your team and your league.
6/18/2010 12:57 PM
Starting a new season
Every season you receive a $4mil league payout, out of this money, plus whatever you have left from the previous season, your players salaries are paid for the entire year. With the remaining money you can buy free agents and build your stadium.
The maximum roster size is 26 players. Your initial team will have 20 players on it which means that you can sign up to 6 free agents. My suggestion is to sign 2 Def, 2 Mid’s, 1 F, and 1GK. This will give you a good core for your second season.
NOTE: Any players you want to resign for your second season must be resigned before week 38, or they will become free agents at the end of the season.
6/18/2010 12:57 PM
Roster Size:
There are a few things about the size of your roster that are very important. They are not a problem in your first season but may be a problem in your second so be prepared. First, the minimum roster size is 18 players. If you are below 18 players after week 10 the Sim will sign players to bring you up to 18. If you do not have enough money for the sim or yourself to sign an 18 man squad The SIM will release players from your team in order to sign enough players to get you to 18 total. You may only lose 1 player or you may lose more, and you get no say in what player you lose. You do not want this to happen, so if you are in this situation try and transfer some of your players, post in your league/world chat and send a sitemail to everyone in your world.
6/18/2010 12:58 PM
Player ratings:
The following ratings are considered core ratings for each position. Things may vary slightly depending on what formation you run, and how you want to build your team.
Forwards – Offensive Instinct, Corner Kick Offense, Free Kick Offense, Dribble, Passing, Ball Striking, Shooting, Receiving, Heading
Midfielders – All ratings except Goalkeeping Instinct and Goalkeeping
Defenders – Defensive Instinct, Corner Kick Defense, Free Kick Defense, Heading, Tackling, Player Marking, Zone Marking
Goalkeeper – Defensive Instinct, Goalkeeping Instinct, Corner Kick Defense, Free Kick Defense, Ball Striking, Goalkeeping
Stamina matters to all players, it affects both how many games a player can play per season and how well they perform at the end of the game, when they get tired.
Strength, Agility and Speed matter to all positions but is not know exactly how important they are.
6/18/2010 12:59 PM
Free Agents:
The only time new free agents are created is at the beginning of every season.
There are a lot of things to consider when looking at free agents.
  • Do I go young and try and build players?
  • Do I go for experience and maybe sacrifice some on the talent side?
  • What do I want my team to look like?
  • What is the philosophy of my team, Powerful offense, Strong defense…?
  • Player Growth.
    • Players will improve from 18 to approx 27 years of age.
    • Rate of growth depends on playing time. The more they play the more they grow.
    • Player growth also decreases as players get older.
    • You can expect approximately the following growth given maximum playing time (30+ games)
    • 18yo 6-7 overall
    • 19yo 5-6 overall
    • 20yo 4-5 overall
    • 21yo 3-4 overall
    • 22yo 2-3 overall
    • 23yo 1-2 overall
    • 24-27 0-1 overall
    • Around age 30 you can start to see some decline in players.
Experience bars allow a player to perform above their physical stats. If two players have equal ratings I always try and pick the player with more experience. Unless the other player is very young and can still improve substantially.
Now we can talk about actually signing players. In weeks 1-10 players will evaluate every offer before accepting one. Players will not sign until one cycle after the week 4 rollover. So, if your world rolls over at 2:00pm then free agents will start signing after the 5:00pm cycle on day 4.
There is an icon used let you know where you stand on signing a free agent. If the Icon is blank that means your bid has not yet been processed. If it has a ? in it that means you are not the highest bidder. If it has a 1 in it that means you are the top bidder. This process is completely blind; you will not know who you are bidding against or what they are bidding so bid appropriately. Offers update every 3 hours after your worlds roll over time.
Players will always accept the offer that is for the most money per season. When offering a bonus all bonus money offered is taken from your balance when the contract is signed, however, the bonus is split evenly over the entire length of the contract.
For example: you offer a player a 3 year contract with a base salary of 100,000 per season and a 900,000 signing bonus. This is equivalent to a 400,000 yearly salary. When you go to resign this player he will want a minimum base salary of 400,000. Now in season 2 and 3 this player will only cost you 100,000 for the season, because you paid the full bonus up front. I would not suggest offering bonuses as they are not really necessary until you get further into your dynasty, and that is still debatable.
After week 10 free agents will sign immediately if they accept the contract.
6/18/2010 12:59 PM
Player Settings:
There are a couple of thoughts about fatigue settings for you players. Some people set the Auto Rest setting on the player settings tab and go through the season letting the SIM make their subs for them. Others check their lineup daily and make changes based on the fatigue of their players, not letting them drop below 100%. Either way you go the default 80% Auto Rest should never be used. If you want to use the Auto Rest system my suggestion is to set it between 92-100%.
It is also standard practice to rest some of your better players (as necessary) in games leading up to big games, to allow them to be at their best.
6/18/2010 1:00 PM
Exhibition Games:
They are completely unaffected by league games and play no effect on league games.
Your players do not get tired playing in exhibition games. Fatigue is not a problem.
They can play injured, and do not have to sit out a game if they get a red card.
Their stats will not improve during exhibition games.
6/18/2010 1:00 PM
Nice work on this pajamainc
6/22/2010 7:11 AM
pajamainc, this is very helpful, thank you
6/22/2010 7:52 AM
Thanks.  Just signed up and this really helps
11/24/2010 8:39 PM
can i delete my team and make a new 1? I see the button but it won't let me select it
12/21/2010 3:31 PM

I believe that if you want to make a new team using your current ID then you will have to do one of 2 things.
First option, wait either 30 or 60 days (I can't remember witch) without siging in and the program will think your team is dead and remove it from the system, then you can create a new team.
I believe there is a second option, in which you can send in a ticket to customer service and ask then to delete your team completely, then you can create a new team.
I believe there is a thread that was started that kind of answers this question.

12/28/2010 4:57 PM
how do you resign a player, and what is the difference between resigning and free agency
2/17/2011 3:34 PM
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