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With each thread I create, please try to keep feedback limited to the page. We'll eventually have screens posted for each key page in the game.

Please ignore any spelling mistakes, data inconsistencies, etc. 

The purpose of this forum is to solicit feedback from all of you and to make sure we're not forgetting any key items or making any mistakes with the new pages.  You guys have always been a gold mine of creative ideas and ways to improve the game and we are very interested in your feedback.

6/1/2012 4:29 PM
Thanks for the improvements. Whoever is producing the mock pages must be a Cincinnati Reds fan. I hope with the new design that I will be able to get to the Team Page in one click from any other page. Currently, it takes two clicks to get there from the player search page.
6/5/2012 11:09 AM
Is there going to be a revamp to the live game engine with this update?
6/5/2012 1:01 PM
I am looking forward to seeing an attempt to produce a progressive league draft page that commishes can delete players from prior to draft....whatever is better.
6/5/2012 9:06 PM
Are you going to do anything about the ridiculous advantage deadball pitchers (and hitters, to a lesser degree) have?

Also, what about catchers with good arms where catcher is not their primary position? (They're Too cheap)

In addition, it seems to me that players with a fatigue level of about 70-80 don't perform as badly as they should.

The rest hierarchies don't seem to work as expected as well. (I'm talking asbout backup guys who actually aren't in the starting lineup, otherwise, it's understandable)
6/6/2012 5:20 PM
I forgot to mention

1) There are too many DPs

2) Too many guys are thrown out taking an extra base on a hit
6/6/2012 5:22 PM

One more:

A SP shouldn't be fully recovered on one game rest, unless they have 500 or so IP. This is taken advantage of like nobody's business, especially in the PS.

6/6/2012 5:25 PM
Yet again (minor)

The mouse-over regarding too many PAs seems to be off a little with regards to overuse calculations

I'm done !
6/6/2012 5:26 PM
In DH league why can't a pitcher hit if i want? or a pitcher PH?
6/6/2012 7:02 PM
Better marketing of your product or drop the price of a team. Leagues take way too long too fill. Which means lack of new owners or price.
6/6/2012 7:05 PM
I strongly believe that fatigue for pitchers should be adjusted.  Pitchers who pitched 40G, 150IP with 15 or so starts should be able to actually last longer than four innings.  Yes, I know that 1982 Dan Quisenberry used to be abused under the old settings, but how about if a guy started at least 10% of his games, he can be used for spot starts or something?  An entire category of pitchers is rendered essentially useless by current fatigue settings.
6/7/2012 9:54 AM
A baserunner who gets picked off base (and does not attempt to take the next base) is NOT charged with a caught stealing. I see this happen a lot. Also, I would like to be able to have players change positions when making defensive changes. For example, move a good CF to LF and bring in a better CF.
6/7/2012 1:53 PM
personally i'd like to see more control over the circumstances under which relievers are used.  valuable set-up guys tend to get thrown into blowouts.  there should be conditionality settings around each reliever to prevent this
6/8/2012 5:37 PM
1) Add a second playoff option to have two additional wild card teams in 20 team leagues; teams with best league records would get a bye in first round of playoffs. Should increase interest in 20 game progressive leagues where there is not enough talent to go with 24 teams.

2) Add Complete Games, Shutouts, Save Opportunities to career pitching statistics in progressives; add years to all career stats in addition to league number; add team(s) played for all career stats (career leaders included) in addition to team owner.

3) Factor in the HR/9 allowed by each pitcher for the types of ballparks they allowed HRs in real life. For example, someone who gave up a low amount of home runs in a home run hitters park, should have a better HR/9 rating than just what his real life numbers reflect.

4) Add an option for owners to vote for All-Star teams and Hall of Famers for retired players; SIM the All Star game with previous season's league champion owners managing it.

5) Add weather variables such as wind blowing in, out or across, wet grass (more difficult fielding, slower infield & outfield), hot weather (pitchers tire faster) or cold weather, rainouts for each game played outdoors.

6) Add a progressive draft interface with customized draft order options, where each owner can input their keepers, cuts, injured reserves, etc. Also, add an interface to keep track of trades pertaining to draft picks where teams would have picks added or deleted depending on trade.

7) Report attendance figures for each game depending on ballpark seating size and recent and historical success of team.

8) Add a mechanism where you can sign players to contracts for a certain number of seasons. Once player's contract expires, he should then be added to a newly developed free agent interface with an option of how long a player must be in the league prior to becoming a free agent. The amount of funds a team has to spend should be directly tied in to previous season's attendance and any remaining balances from prior seasons. Add financial bonuses to team budgets for teams which perform better.

9) Let all owners review the starting pitching rotation for upcoming games, for all teams, not just the upcoming opponent.

10) Add injuries and the disabled list where players who play over their real life numbers have a much greater chance of getting injured and missing games, without altering fatigue.

11) Add newspaper clippings summarizing each game and adding player of the month awards.

Although, many of these suggestions are not practical at this point, since they will involve an excessive amount of programming, they could be looked into for future updates.
6/15/2012 11:54 PM
I would like the ability (at some risk) to use pitchers as position players ie - move to rf or 1b - or use position players in pitching mop up (if they did so in their year/career). Obviously, P's in the field would have E+ skills (or better - Ankiel?).
6/18/2012 6:59 AM
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