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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Aces koz40 3 106
Golden Bears mjs22 15 72
Interns dmo0215 0 107
RED BUTCHERS bigdaddysalm 0 115
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Douchebags delhibengal 3 93
Little Rhodies bradriddell 1 59
Skillz skilly006 1 43
Titletowner's scotsmet 2 84
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Browns smotto 0 53
Knights kirstensdad 0 74
Lumber wrightstu86 0 23
Rockers bclantonump 5 162
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Angels pmart 0 15
Blizzard ucfro 0 69
Potato Farms slashtc 3 115
Trail Bloke 0 11
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Brewers whygo 2 30
Dead Bunnies sylemark 4 425
Les Nessman's johndish 1 88
Orange tdfactory 2 512
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Grays merott 11 85
Hard Eights mibrown2005 2 30
Midshipmen 43tj 0 15
Storm fhop0123 1 63
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Jiveturkeys ericschmidt 3 84
Privateers ukwildcats 0 74
Tomahawks tk_da_great 0 50
Yanigans blapo21 2 52
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Dirtbags trojansb 2 36
Loose Seals arcticlegend 8 140
Maple Leafs dshimoda 2 149
Speedballs jamesp469 3 65
World Chat
Oh yeah. Well i have Geraldo Rivera (CF) and he will make it to The Show someday. Mark my words.
Nope, 3 puts you over the deal.....
Does it count if they haven't won a championship in over 25 seasons? If no, then let's trade!
It's tough not to get attached. I'll be looking at a bit of a rebuild next season but I don't plan to part with Falu or Guillon as I want them both going in the hall with Jacksonville caps...
I just realized I have a Rookie Leaguer named Junior Manship (LF). That is all.
I mean, I have a chance (if I hang in there) to go from worst to first. I just hung in there for a rebuild.
Honestly my secret is not to be attached to players. Best time to trade a player is at the tail end of his MLB minimum salary years (3 years if you hold him down 21 days for the first one) Lotta value...
Downside Is I don’t get to enjoy 15+ years of a career and vote him into the hall but I’m typically pretty disciplined
which is why you see me cut so many 80 OVA+ arb guys who I can’t get anything for. There’s a few players off the top of my head i really wish I held onto honestly. I put a lot of money into the draft...
I get too attached to my players. That keeps me from ever being able to play that game.

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