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American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Chaw Dawgs bxtxcx 4 120
Snowflakes kingkai53 0 176
Tigers peteskin 0 108
Twins Jessie35 0 5
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Battleships RubeRant 2 127
Brutality 363dp 1 67
Jacks meahsdaddy 5 89
Knights dawgfan1974 1 98
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Cervezas mcrobbyj 4 72
Oilers nesman 5 181
Outlaws kevmax100 2 207
Tea Baggers llajay2k 6 82
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Free Spirits jsn1642 2 48
Gamblers Bbeebe17 0 31
Giants putz37 0 27
Vagabond Strips jweatherman 1 57
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blue Sox stews_blues 0 43
Penguins patrickkm 4 136
Senators pimpbotlove 16 170
Steamers telecasting 2 46
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Braves tenaciousdx 2 131
Nightmares TheDirtyDog 1 78
Redmen goober1967 0 94
Stranglers ChiMatt 2 75
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Five jclmnop 0 60
Hound Dawgs dave23 1 104
New Awlins Crawdaddy’s luvdemcubs 0 24
Paper Bois gdmetz 10 69
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Coyotes dayte327 1 220
Meatheads scarpio 0 34
Monarchs bobellis75 0 20
Zoo mbriese 1 90
World Chat
I think the big issue my team is going to face this season is the complete and utter lack of talent
Has a team ever won the first game and then lost the next 161? Because that's what it feels like is going to happen here in Cinci...
I’ve found a stat I absolutely have to track throughout the year. After 9 games, my team has hit 18 HRs. Anyone want to take a stab at how many were solo shots? I’m just going to tell you. 17. That...
Robinson Collins (P) Money well spent so far :P
I was about to complain about the slow start for my team and I realized I still had spring training settings on for player rest, etc....oops....everyone leaving the game in like the 5th or 6th inning...
9 days for cramps? I would think he'd take a few virtual Midol's and he'd be good :)
time defending MVP Britt Maurer (B) misses his first game ever coming up due to a "forearm cramp". His injury rating was . Coild be one of those years for the gamblers
wow....already three extra inning games. Good series, San Diego...
Not the best start to a season...swept and only scored ONE run in all four games...pitching wasn’t bad, only gave up 2 runs in two games and 3 in another...smh
He’s a literal bowling ball!

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