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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Baseball mannytanner 0 66
Frozen Bovines Elagabalus 0 21
Spotted Cows brianplath 2 51
Yankees acesspade 5 76
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bull$ mbrake 4 182
Cubs dcinto 3 190
United mattysmitty 1 46
Whalers cpet96 0 29
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Braves oakman310 12 187
Fake Gnus sermonauthor 26 200
Merlins congobillie 0 56
Slobberknockers kenter16 7 95
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Avalanche wrecks 13 160
Dealers jceffali 7 128
North Shore Islanders davidlove 0 43
Smokes the_wacker 0 60
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Awatto tony23 1 325
Backyard Groove beamer88 1 128
Coat Factory a3morey 2 123
Pickles rjreynolds 0 15
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Monarchs Zbosco13 4 28
Patriots Feamster 17 509
Reds chase39 5 151
StreetCars sever22 0 133
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Big Willys chazbot_k 1 62
Heroes omegasupreme 1 42
Jaguars goober1967 0 95
Shakes kidcreeley 21 190
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Phantoms brianp87 14 68
Pilots broncojoe12 0 9
Ruby Red Slippers bobkordecki 4 222
Vikings loosecc 0 236
World Chat
I am trying so hard feam, I promise.
Is there no worse a team at tanking than Kansas City??? This is year two of their massive , burn to the ground rebuild and still they beat us handily...
That does suck but....
The first pitch was a strike on a slider down and away, the second was a changeup down the middle. I'd say you could split the 6.2 mil by putting a value of 4.9 mil on the slider and the balance o...
$6M for 2 pitches. Ouch....
Durham Bull$ vs. Augusta United Piper Colbert (P) Gives up infield single to the first batter he faces this season, then is injured on the play and out for the rest of the season...
...into the wall
And, we’re off and running...
FUN FACT:Each of the past 4 AL CY Young winners pitched regularly in the hitter's oasis of Santa Fe. Real Gnus!
Good luck to all. Remember to switch your levels from spring to regular season if you’re one of those types like me.

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