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Below is a snapshot of what makes HBD the #1 baseball simulation game on any device.
World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Jersey Dogs wgrzybjr 0 13
Monarchs kujhawker 0 208
Saints goombas12 0 95
Winged Victory topoftheworl 20 181
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Demons koz40 2 87
Frackers dlrodriguez 5 85
Red Sox xatomsmasher 0 41
Rockers bclantonump 4 137
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Chew GoCubsGo0903 0 11
Sounds jbeavon 0 93
Tiger Sharks ihateunc 2 64
Wart Hogs hausenpfeffe 1 78
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blue Hawaiians Feamster 16 490
Lab Rats WiredTiger 14 127
Legends Reps 3 212
Spartans bagpipes28 2 184
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blue Shirts bigthrowsie 0 67
Coat Factory tony23 1 302
Raniers jnewton 0 44
Spuds spraybottle 0 124
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Crushers jbugg08 1 64
Llama Farmers wsdude 1 79
Northmen jgaloski 0 53
Razorbacks snedgolfer3 0 35
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Browns markbl 3 57
Hacks brando_m 3 33
Pike kitgb 0 104
Redbirds kirstensdad 0 65
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Earthquakes sever22 0 121
Harbor coneheads 0 158
Swarm bacchek 0 110
Volcanoes t_mcclure24 0 75
World Chat
I will start sending reminders to get those asterisks up. We have 1 confirmed spot to fill. If you do not plan to continue with us please let me know so I can post your team.
It’s been a long time since they did any type of update. Why this game is in decline
Yes it is, jnewton, and big series coming up.
When do you think WIS will update the stat options? If ever? I think it would be cool to have some more advanced stats or even more basic ones like BA with RISP. I really want to see WAR, FIP, xFIP, B...
What a great battle for the NL wildcard.
Yeah but now my guts are tired. ;)
What are you talking about? You have a 5 game winning streak against me.
what a brutal stretch... 14 out of 18 vs Portland or Dover.
Sent 17 batters to the plate!

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