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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blue Jays mdymond 12 186
Tigers kevin17 1 114
Twins zbrent716 6 74
White Sox pfontaine 5 150
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Indians Tunaphysh 1 40
Orioles jcarver67 0 131
Red Sox Spistol 5 82
Yankees fsubwj 1 223
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Rangers toddemayer 3 80
Rays jthornton75 2 100
Royals grissom97 2 213
Sounds bperkins 1 50
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Angels kennedrj 9 200
Athletics ACEROTHSTEIN 9 138
Diamondbacks torrone 1 120
Mariners westolla 0 90
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Brewers AllSox 7 286
Cubs helop 0 49
Expos gerald007 4 196
Reds mattster24 9 78
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Mets z0601 2 85
Nationals chase39 5 153
Phillies tk21775 7 317
Pirates axtell 20 361
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Astros SimSoxs 0 120
Braves majnun 8 76
Cardinals ozsmith 0 1
Marlins FrozenK 1 65
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Dodgers DodgerBlue13 3 90
Giants gdmetz 10 73
Padres buddy996 2 81
Rockies grapeape 0 184
World Chat
I'd like to add a slugger if there is one available.
I think you may have accidentally dropped those wins in the division & we picked them up. I have no other explanation for our turnaround this season.
wtf is happening to this team? It went from 45 wins 2 years ago,
to 96 wins and loosing only in the league championship series last season, and now we are headed back to 45 wins again. This team has me questioning everything I thought I knew about this game...(wh...
Esteban Mateo (P) had a perfect game last season
Jimmie Velazquez (P) with a very tidy perfect game. Not that surprising after taking a look at his ratings.
And at a maximum?
Your predilection for bestiality is at a minimum disturbing
You're wrong gris. I can't read. I have one of those machines that reads written words to me. Works pretty good. Even deciphers your gibberish. And what's wrong with a You Porn addiction?

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