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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
American Giants rbedwell 56 450
Huckleberries nicbase2 0 82
Irreconcilable Differences gorshar 13 298
Jagged Little Pills tlowster 15 140
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Express fencer024 0 99
Gangsters johnlarusso4 0 55
Jewells bphil5 0 8
Stars shiffy 1 196
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Amigos eric1214 2 322
Fuego chunkym 8 131
Ice slurie2001 3 164
Knight's obiewon777 16 332
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Keeper of the Plains Thunderlipsi 5 111
Outlaws pray4pro 8 50
Oystershuckers tycam99 0 65
Road Runners picc818 0 245
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Deercampers Frozenherd 2 185
Nerfherders gerald007 8 330
Panic jaylien1 3 163
Sons of Liberty nosirrommij2 3 202
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bison NY_Amazins 0 91
Cirrus bdrose 0 79
Rage Monsters goldgreen 6 159
Rich Men TXLnghrn 14 171
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Border Patrol tony23 1 475
Gamblers mattster24 13 135
Holdovers peoria 18 172
PoBoys djbradford 36 175
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Cougars purplehaze54 4 426
Impact HAWKEYEONE 5 398
Seals zoobaseball 2 94
Vanguards goldenboy00 6 123
World Chat
put some lower level prospects on trade block, could use cheap reliever
Cole Hendrickson (B) available for trade
I definitely like how my coach rehiring went this time. All minor league positions are filled, AND my fielding coach was also rehired. This will be the easiest in a long time.
Ramon Yoshii (C) anyone have a use?
Lisalverto Gil (P) anyone want a stud RP?
Bernie Johnson (RF) arb eligible up for grabs. Looking for a decent bullpen arm
Brian Gilbert (RF) or Brian Saitou (RF) are available in trade. Looking for P, SS, CF, or good prospect(s) in the high minors. Not looking to add big salaries.
Updated my trade block, will let you know the Arb or LT numbers if interested.
I have 3 high quality ml catchers and will trade one for a strong prospect
Harry Bibby (P) $.x or years available for vet hitter.

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