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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Mastodons agent_wart 1 62
Mighty Mice Foreigner82 0 0
reds joebabc 0 0
Terror gregor199 5 458
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bambino jasonbhag1 6 68
Batmen bxtxcx 6 139
Lumpies pitboss13 5 161
Railroaders Dufferman 0 278
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Braves tajohn 2 73
Creasy Bear johncreasy 3 117
Frozen Koreans FrozenK 1 90
Lastplace justinuv 6 109
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Liberty mbrake 4 216
Orcas SpC1165 2 17
Outlanders sneekes 10 201
Valkyries mwroberts 3 64
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Babacools macchiato 6 105
Booters boot2112 2 75
Burnt Ends KCMike84 0 2
White Sox croutons 2 125
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Angry Dragons jimmystick 9 75
Gothams rbedwell 38 352
Huguenots billhowell75 16 709
Renegades urbanjman 0 12
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bats wine22 12 123
Bluff Dwellers Thunderlipsi 0 29
Chili Peppers menofoctober 0 2
Madmen tmfran 9 711
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Rainbow Warriors warrior0510 0 272
Rourkes croninkin 1 47
Scrilla bbracey 5 82
Sun flbarons 0 191
World Chat
I will post details later, but I need to retool this team to put my own stamp on it, so all veteran players will be up for trade.
This is always the worst day of the season--that whole day that they make you wait from when the schedule is generated to when it actually starts.
Looking ahead, will have a few players available. Jade Walker (B) solid B wants ./Arb or ./yrs long term. Vet SS Mac Osich (SS) ./Arb, ./yrs long term, young plus COF Jhonny Reyes (LF) ./Arb, ./yr...
long term. SP Pat Wang (P) cheap at $., #/ rotation SP Alex Tamura (P) will look for prospects or consider Arb players that you are not willing to resign. Will also take on a contract with a plus...
I echo what tajohn said its a good world you'll have fun joe - happy thanksgiving to all of you amercs :) lets play some ball
gl one and all happy holidays stay safe please
let the fun begin
It's a good world. Welcome
tx for having me
Great job getting us going Jimmy

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